Blackguards 2 Review
04.20.15 | Why do you always have to be such a blackguard?

Idea Factory International Event
04.18.15 | Boozing with Omega Quintet.

New Details and Screenshots of Star Ocean 5
04.20.15 | You've never seen a spaceship? What kind of backwater planet are you from? Feycreed?

Dragon's Dogma Online Screens Show Classes and Skills
04.20.15 | Use the priest to guard your bits.

Luminous Arc Infinity Heroine Introductions and Combat Details
04.20.15 | 8 of the 12 heroines to light up your day.

Dungeon Travelers 2 Heading to North America, Europe
04.20.15 | Is it just me, or are there a lot of first-person dungeon-crawlers lately?

Dragon Blaze Preview
04.18.15 | Another free-to-play RPG on mobile.

Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim Gets PC Release Date
04.18.15 | Take up arms with Adol once again.

Stella Glow Characters and Combat Detailed in New Trailer
04.18.15 | Song magic is a-go!

Moe Chronicle Arriving This May With English Subtitles
04.18.15 | Via the Asia release.

Get Down With Persona 4: Dancing All Night's Newest Trailer
04.18.15 | It's time for your daily dancing break.

Humble Bundle RPG Sale This Weekend
04.18.15 | Help out a charity and get some cheap RPGs, it's win-win!

Bravely Second's Fencer and Bishop Job Spotlight
04.18.15 | A few jobs from Bravely Default are returning as well.

Dissidia Final Fantasy May Feature Team Ninja Tech
04.18.15 | The "Soft Engine" might add more... life to the new Dissidia game. Also, tutorials!

Dress Up Your Dolls in Xenoblade Chronicles X
04.17.15 | Jeez, they're giant mechs, get it right!

Could Mana's 25th Anniversary Mean a New Flagship Title?
04.17.15 | Square Enix execs are being coy.

Take a Longer Look at Trails in the Sky Evolution
04.17.15 | The PS Vita version of this Legend of Heroes is looking spiffy.

Play Fault Milestone Two Demo Now
04.17.15 | Like right now.

European Release of Steins;Gate Next Month
04.17.15 | Somebody at Amazon let it slip.

Theatrhythm Dragon Quest Gets Second DLC Update
04.17.15 | Free songs!

RPGFan Music: Final Fantasy Explorers OST Review
04.17.15 | I think I can ride this chocobo.

Check Out The Full English Dragon Quest Heroes Name And Logo
04.17.15 | Dragon Quest Heroes: Unsurprisingly Long Title

The Witch and Hundred Knight Revival Teased by Nippon Ichi
04.17.15 | But what platform will it be for?

Omega Quintet Harmonic System and Gallery Update
04.17.15 | Harmonics have never been this deadly.

New Trailer Shows Highlights of Final Fantasy XV Demo
04.17.15 | Didn't get Episode Duscae? Here's what you've been missing.

Random Encounter - Episode 93
04.16.15 | So... much... blood!

New English Tales of Zestiria Trailer Introduces Characters and Story
04.16.15 | Learn how to pronounce Sorey's name.

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