Zero Escape Volume 3 Announced
07.03.15 | Can you escape again?

E3 2015: An Interview With Final Fantasy XIV Producer Naoki Yoshida
07.02.15 | The guy is too adorable to NOT have a minion made of him. I'm just sayin'...

Come Meet Fire Emblem's Bi-Sexual Characters
07.04.15 | Gay marriage is legal in the U.S. and Shara and Zero are here to celebrate.

RPGFan Music: Valdis Story: Dark Side of the Abyss OST Review
07.03.15 | I peered into the Abyss of E3 and discovered more music!

E3 2015: Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition Hands-On Preview
07.03.15 | Old-school RPG strikes again!

E3 2015: Armikrog Spiritually Suceeds Classic Adventure Game X
07.03.15 | Claymation, the game.

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Confirmed For the West
07.03.15 | Three guesses as to what song I'm listening to right now.

New 7th Dragon Sequel Announced for 3DS
07.03.15 | Development is currently 77% complete. Fitting!

Steins;Gate gets US Release Date for PS3 and Vita
07.03.15 | Microwavable time travel is on its way.

Borderlands Humble Bundle Now Available
07.03.15 | Tons of Vault Hunter goodness.

E3 2015: Legends of Eisenwald Preview
07.02.15 | They've taken the hobbits to Eisenwald!

E3 2015: Corpse Party: Blood Drive Hands-On Preview
07.01.15 | I'll bring the refreshments!

Summon Night 5 Special Edition Comes with Lots of Goodies
07.01.15 | If they can get 6000 pledges.

New King's Quest Coming Late July, New Trailer Here Now
07.01.15 | Well, the first chapter at least.

New Tactical RPG Grand Kingdom Coming Soon to Japan
07.01.15 | Check out the trailer if this game flew under your radar.

Sneak a Peak at Dragon Quest VIII 3DS' New Content
07.01.15 | Including new characters, and monsters.

Final Fantasy's Distant Worlds Concert Series Gets Holiday Show in Chicago
07.01.15 | And special (Dragon)song!

Check Out the Trailer for the Third Episode of Tale from the Borderlands
07.01.15 | It's time to Catch a Ride.

Get $10 off Xenoblade Chronicles 3D
07.01.15 | That's 25% savings.

E3 2015: Mordheim: City of the Damned Preview
07.01.15 | If I asked you what sort of game Mordheim is... what would you say?

E3 2015: Star Wars: The Old Republic - Knights of the Fallen Empire Preview
06.30.15 | Or, as Mike put it, Knights of Too Many Subtitles.

Experience Deep Vision in a New Lost Dimension Trailer
06.30.15 | Who among you is the traitor?

Xenoblade Chronicles X Tops Digital Downloads In Japan
06.29.15 | Try to find news that is more unsurprising than this. I dare you.

Tokyo Xanadu Character Updates
06.29.15 | JRPGs are not complete without an idol group.

E3 2015: Moon Hunters Hands-On Preview
06.29.15 | Find the moon, become a legend.

E3 2015: Wasteland 2: Director's Cut Hands-On Preview
06.29.15 | It's like Fallout! No really!

Second Yo-Kai Watch Busters Trailer Arrives
06.29.15 | Cats vs Dogs?

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