Undertale PS4/Vita Review

RPGFan Reader Survey 2017
08.14.17 | Share your thoughts, and win a free latte!*

RPGFan Music: WildStar OST Vol. 1 Review
08.14.17 | Wickey wild, wicky wicky wild WildStar.

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Coming to 3DS This November
08.14.17 | No objections here!

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III Special Edition PS4 Model Announced for Japan
08.14.17 | The model will launch alongside the game this fall.

Falcom Asks: Do You Want a Trails of Cold Steel I and II Remaster for PS4?
08.14.17 | They want to know!

Horizon Zero Dawn Funko POP! Figures Are Coming, Because of Course They Are
08.13.17 | This is the cutest Watcher you ever did see.

Tacoma Review
08.13.17 | An adventure "Full" of "Bright" Ideas! Ha ha, I'll see myself out.

Miitopia Review
08.13.17 | Mama miia, that's a spicy utopia!

RPGFan on Twitch: Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Beta
08.12.17 | It's beta weekend, come see what's coming next to Guild Wars 2.

Fallout 4: Game of the Year Edition to Release on September 26
08.12.17 | Return to the Commonwealth with every add-on since launch.

MidBoss Review
08.11.17 | Check please.

Week in Review, 8/16/2017
08.11.17 | Daddy, what's an Utawarerumono?

Ys SEVEN for PC Gets August 30th Release Date
08.11.17 | XSEED bringing the goods, as usual.

Be Seated, Class: It's Time for Danganronpa V3's Ultimate Roll Call
08.11.17 | Two trailers that introduce us to this cast of weirdos.

New Details on Dusk Form Lycanroc from Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Emerge
08.11.17 | But what is this game? Tell us, Game Freak!

Disgaea 5 Complete Sells 100,000 Copies Worldwide
08.11.17 | Pretty awesome, dood!

Playable Characters Revealed For Dissidia Final Fantasy NT's Closed Beta
08.11.17 | Covering all the bases.

Materia Collective Announces SPIRA: A Huge 100-Track, 2-Album Final Fantasy X Project
08.11.17 | Isn't it wonderful?

Retro Encounter Episode 95: Grim Fandango Part I
08.10.17 | You'll never think of balloon animals the same way ever again.

Final Fantasy XIV Now Has Over 10 Million Players
08.09.17 | Who'd have thunk it, back in 2010?

Several New Details Emerge for Persona 3 and Persona 5 Dancing Games
08.09.17 | Look forward to elements that couldn't be seen in the main games' stories.

The RPGFan Pokémon Moon Nuzlocke Challenge: Part Five
08.09.17 | Two more chapters roll out.

Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator Review
08.09.17 | Yep. We're going there.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Adding Jecht to Roster
08.08.17 | Father of the year. Hobbies include Blitzball and whale-watching.

Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception Review
08.08.17 | You bet I copy and pasted that title.

Bandai Namco Reveals Ni no Kuni II Special Editions, Season Pass
08.08.17 | Treasures befitting a king!

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RPGFan Reader Survey 2017
Reader Survey 2017
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Undertale Review
WildStar OST Vol. 1 Review
WildStar OST Vol. 1
Miitopia Review
Miitopia Review
MidBoss Review
Retro Encounter 95
Retro Encounter 95