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Sept. 15: Golden Sun: The Lost Age w/Kat
10am PDT/1pm EDT


Golden Sun: The Lost Age w/Kat
4pm PDT/7pm EDT


Fire Emblem: Three Houses w/Kyle
6am PDT/9am EDT

Dragon Quest VIII w/Scott
5pm PDT/8pm EDT


Dragon Quest VIII w/Scott
5pm PDT/8pm EDT


Dragon Quest VIII w/Scott
5pm PDT/8pm EDT


Fire Emblem: Three Houses w/Kyle
6am PDT/9am EDT

Variety Night w/Scott
5pm PDT/8pm EDT


TBA w/Scott
3pm PDT/6pm EDT

Noctis Returns to Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia

09.18.19 With Kingly Rainment, to boot!

New Pokémon Sirfetch'd Revealed in Latest Sword and Shield Trailer

09.18.19 After decades, Farfetch'd gets another chance to shine upon evolution.

Taste Steel in Tales of Crestoria's "Battle Visuals" Trailer

09.17.19 A look at the game's combat animations.

Watch The TGS 2019 Trailer for Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls

09.17.19 That's Grimoire Weiss, you uncivilized swine! Er, wrong series.

Trails of Cold Steel III Demo Now Available for PlayStation 4

09.17.19 An early taste of Class VII's latest adventure!

Ni no Kuni Remastered Gets New Launch Trailer

09.16.19 Let's go back to another world.

Project Sakura Wars Dazzles at Tokyo Game Show 2019 with New Characters and Trailers

09.16.19 Check out the anime opening movie, gameplay, and more!

Dragon Quest I, II, and III Heading West on the Nintendo Switch

09.16.19 Own the complete Erdrick Trilogy on the Switch!

Coming This Week, 9/16/19

09.16.19 I'll just be here humming Ballad of the Wind Fish.

The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan is a Promising Start to This Horror Anthology

09.15.19 This is one game you definitely need to pick up for Halloween.

Atelier Dusk Trilogy Deluxe Pack Announced

09.15.19 Gust transmutes more JRPG goodness onto modern consoles.

Check Out the Latest Gameplay of Code Vein from TGS 2019

09.15.19 Anime Souls is looking pretty sharp!

Tales of Arise Gets New Trailer from Tokyo Game Show

09.15.19 Plus some information on Astral Energy.

Twitch Sunday & Mondays - Golden Sun: The Lost Age

09.14.19 Return to Weyard with Kat!

Additional Final Fantasy VII Remake Gameplay Shown at TGS 2019 Special Stage

09.14.19 Classic turn-based combat will remain as an option.

Atelier Ryza Gets TGS 2019 Story Trailer and Gameplay Video

09.14.19 From Gust's stage event at Tokyo Game Show.

Check Out New "Raising & Training" Trailer for Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition

09.13.19 Raise and train your Digimon, and be ready for any challenge.

Random Encounter 170 - Who Has the Time?

09.13.19 Across 4 timezones we discuss the MANY games we can expect on our loaded plates!

Retro Encounter 204: DS Encounter

09.12.19 Retro Encounter: Discussion Scintillation

Check Out Some Brand-New Nioh 2 Gameplay from TGS 2019

09.12.19 More Samurai/Souls-a-like action!

Raging Loop Receives New Trailer, Official Release Date

09.12.19 A spooky visual novel for a spooky month!
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