Root Letter Review
12.04.16 | For those who like their novels to come with a controller.

Pokémon Sun & Moon Hands-On Preview
12.04.16 | Moon Over My Hammy?

Tyranny Review
12.03.16 | The Empire did nothing wrong.

Best Buy Leaks Apparent Dragon Quest Heroes II Localization
12.03.16 | I am so down for this.

Final Fantasy XV Prequel Novella Released, Future DLC Plans Outlined
12.03.16 | Ha, you didn't really think the XV news train would end, did you?

Dragon Quest Builders Gets A Licensing Deal With Langers Juice
12.03.16 | Yes, you read that correctly.

Danganronpa 1&2 Reload Gets Western Release Dates
12.03.16 | Mind-bending twists are migrating to the PS4!

Game Awards 2016: The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series - A New Frontier Revealed
12.03.16 | Season 3 coming very soon.

RPGFan Sunday Streaming: Final Fantasy XV
12.03.16 | Giving away a figure and a copy of the game!

RPGFan Music: The 30th Anniversary The Legend of Zelda Game Music Collection Review
12.02.16 | Five years later and a new music collection. Wonderful!

Game Awards 2016: Mass Effect: Andromeda Gets First Gameplay Trailer
12.02.16 | The final frontier has never looked so appealing.

Nier: Automata Forest Zone Gallery Update
12.02.16 | More pretty pictures.

Game Awards 2016: New Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Videos
12.02.16 | Double down.

Dragon Quest VIII 3DS Releases Story Trailer
12.02.16 | You can feel the game's grand scope just from the trailer.

Stardew Valley Coming to PS4 and XBox One This December
12.01.16 | Wii U version cancelled, coming to Switch instead.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to Appear at 2016 Game Awards
12.01.16 | Oh yeah, the Game Awards are today.

Final Fantasy XV Hands-On Preview
12.01.16 | We've been playing this game... probably too much. (Also, Twitch giveaways!)

Retro Encounter Bonus Round: RPG Confessional
11.30.16 | Brace yourself - it ain't good

Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ Review
11.30.16 | A visual novel by the developer known in the US for Neptunia.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Gets Help from Extra Developers
11.29.16 | Iga seems to have a lot of industry pull.

Star Ocean: Amamnesis Releases Animated Video
11.29.16 | This video is jam-packed with emotions!

Final Fantasy XV Launches Today: New Trailers and Collaborations Announced
11.29.16 | Celebrate FFXV day!

Kokurase Episode 1 Review
11.29.16 | This is the game review you've been waiting for all day, right?

RPGFan on Twitch: Final Fantasy XV
11.28.16 | Three streams with giveaways!

RPGFan Music: Ys VIII -Lacrimosa of DANA- OST Review
11.28.16 | Tearful are the days without this beauty.

AdventureX 2016: Lamplight City Preview
11.27.16 | Steampunk Holmes Consulting Detective.

AdventureX 2016: Four Last Things Preview
11.27.16 | Keys, Wallet, Spectacles... Smartphone?

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Root Letter Review
Root Letter
Pokémon Sun & Moon Preview
Pokémon Sun & Moon
Tyranny Review
The 30th Anniversary The Legend of Zelda Game Music Collection Review
The 30th Anniversary The Legend of Zelda Game Music Collection
Final Fantasy XV Preview
Final Fantasy XV
Hands-On Preview
Retro Encounter Bonus Round: RPG Confessional
Retro Encounter Bonus Round: RPG Confessional
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