Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns Studio Visit Part 1
03.03.15 | Stephen infiltrated the ArenaNet HQ to take iPhone photos!

Final Fantasy: Record Keeper Announced For US Release
02.26.15 | DeNA and Square team up for mobile goodness.

Persona 4: Dancing All Night Screens
03.04.15 | It's time to bust some moves.

RPGFan Music: Okami Henkyokushuu Vol.2 Jazz Review
03.03.15 | A wild Caitlin appears!

Catch a Glimpse of Xenoblade Chronicles X's Combat this Friday
03.03.15 | I was beginning to worry that all you did in this game was wander open fields.

Alphadia Genesis 2 Available Now For Android
03.03.15 | More mobile gaming for your buck.

Purchase Game Time With Gold in World of Warcraft's New Token System
03.03.15 | Time is money after all.

Newest Update Brings More to Final Fantasy XI
03.03.15 | More things to do in the wide world of Vana'diel.

Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory II's Opening Movie Has Arrived
03.02.15 | Get your daily dose of Idea Factory's sexy CPUs.

Cindermane Charger Introduced For World of Warcraft's Recruit-a-Friend
03.02.15 | Refer a friend and get a flame pony.

Trails in the Sky SC Localization Reaches First Major Milestone
03.01.15 | And it comes with some tantalizing promises.

World End Economica Part 2 Has Encountered Unforeseen Complications
03.01.15 | Don't worry, you can always trade stocks in real life.

New Dungeon Crawler Ray Gigant Coming to Vita
03.01.15 | Sounds like a sci-fi version of Attack on Titan. I'm game.

The Final Fantasy XV Hype Rocket Just Hit the Stratosphere
02.28.15 | With this much media do you even need to play the game?

Of Moon Bases and Special Attacks in Bravely Second
02.28.15 | That wizard did, indeed, come from the moon.

Download Your Eon Ticket For Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
02.28.15 | Didn't get an Eon Ticket? Now's your chance!

Yu Narukami Stars in a New Persona 4: Dancing All Night Trailer
02.28.15 | Yu'd rather dance than answer another of Funky Student’s riddles.

Fable Legends Will Be Free–To–Play
02.28.15 | Play from beginning to end without spending a penny.

Mevius Final Fantasy Looks Like a Console Game in Your Pocket
02.27.15 | Shiny!

New The Awakened Fate Ultimatum Trailer, Screenshots
02.27.15 | What would you do if you became a god?

Run or Fight in Dreamfall Chapters' Book 2 Trailer
02.27.15 | Kiss de girl.

Latest ToHeart2: Dungeon Travelers Trailer Showcases Ample Content
02.27.15 | "ToHeart2" is almost a weird sort of palindrome.

Q&A Gives More Information on Final Fantasy XIV's Gold Saucer
02.27.15 | Too bad no one asked, "How do I stop playing?"

RPGFan Music: Final Symphony Highlighted on Classic FM
02.27.15 | It's the Album of the Week! And also fantastic.

RPGFan Music: Kingdom Hearts Tribute Album Samples Released
02.27.15 | Get a sample of the upcoming SQEX Music tribute to Sora and friends!

More Evidence That Xenoblade Chronicles X Has a Vast, Dynamic World
02.27.15 | As if you weren't already convinced.

Falcom's Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure's PC Release Date Revealed
02.27.15 | This is not a drill!

Dragon Quest Heroes Will Get a Gradual Roll Out of Additional Content
02.27.15 | And it's freeeeeeeee!

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