E3 2019: Destiny Connect: Tick-Tock Travelers Preview
06.19.19 | The Y2K problem, but with time.

E3 2019: Arc of Alchemist Preview
06.19.19 | We do not love the desert; we love water and green trees. There is nothing in the desert. No one needs nothing.

Tetsuya Nomura Sheds More Light on Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind DLC
06.19.19 | Final Mix is coming, y'all.

Try Out Children of Morta Now with a Time-Limited Demo
06.19.19 | But don't delay!

Launch Trailer for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Released
06.19.19 | Iga-vania is back, baby!

New Final Fantasy VII Remake Details Include New Events, Honey Bee Inn and Dialogue Options
06.19.19 | Cross-dressing scene is confirmed to remain.

E3 2019: The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Preview
06.18.19 | Get egg-cited for this dreamy reimagining of a classic title!

Random Encounter 166 - The E3 2019 Show
06.18.19 | Get a bunch of people crammed around the mic and talk E3!

Meet the Heroes from Tales of Arise
06.18.19 | From the Tales Of Festival 2019.

Check Out A New Gameplay Trailer for Ys IX
06.18.19 | Hacking and slashing in a prison city.

Level-5 Releases Two Hours of Yo-kai Watch 4 Gameplay Footage
06.18.19 | Get an in-depth look at the next in the Yo-kai Watch series!

Retro Encounter 192: Honor Thy Mother and thy Father
06.18.19 | Hello muddah / Hello fadduh / Here I am in / A podcastuh

Persona 5 DLC Coming to Catherine: Full Body
06.17.19 | Stealing hearts all over again.

Crowdfunding Chronicles Volume 14 - 6/17/2019
06.17.19 | In which the ubiquitous slime strikes back!

E3 2019: Judgment Preview
06.17.19 | See Kamurocho from a different side very soon!

Coming This Week, 6/17/19
06.17.19 | Another E3 has come and gone.

The 30 Best RPG Dads
06.16.19 | Celebrate Father's Day with these 30 excellent fellas.

Pokemon Direct June 2019 Reaction
06.16.19 | Watch a big kid and little kid share excitement for Sword and Shield details!

E3 2019: Grandia HD Collection Preview
06.16.19 | It's going to be a Grand-ia time.

E3 2019: Empress: Tales of the Heart and Yokai Kitchen Preview
06.16.19 | Hands-on with two promising mobile titles from FriendTimes.

Twitch Sunday: Trials of Mana
06.16.19 | Getting this game in the West is basically a dream come true...

Yoshinori Kitase Releases Post-E3 Statement Regarding Final Fantasy VII Remake
06.15.19 | A summary of what we can expect from this exciting project.

E3 2019: Heroland Preview
06.15.19 | Is this real life, or is it just fantasy?

Phantasy Star Online 2 Coming to "All Platforms"
06.15.19 | Great news for Phantasy Star fans!

Persona 5 Royal Receives New Morgana Report Trailer
06.15.19 | A new look at Persona 5 Royal!

Torchlight 2 Coming to PS4 This Fall
06.15.19 | Along with an exclusive pet.

RPGFan Music: Psychedelica of the Ashen Hawk Theme Songs & Soundtrack Review
06.14.19 | You had me at "&".

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E3 2019 Complete Coverage

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Random Encounter 166 - The E3 2019 Show

Random Encounter 166 - The E3 2019 Show

Retro Encounter 192: Honor thy Mother and thy Father

Retro Encounter 192: Honor thy Mother and thy Father

Crowdfunding Chronicles Volume 14

Crowdfunding Chronicles Volume 14

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