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Valkyria Chronicles (PC) Review
01.29.15 | Return to Gallia!

The Witcher 3 Hands-On Previews & Impressions
01.26.15 | That's right, we have not one, but two previews!

New Xenoblade Chronicles X Factions and Character Info
01.30.15 | Getting more info everyday!

Better Graphics Heading to Final Fantasy XIV on PC
01.30.15 | SO PRETTY!!!

Co-Op Mode Coming to Terra Battle
01.30.15 | Tactical gameplay with a friend!

World of Warcraft Introduces the S.E.L.F.I.E. Camera
01.29.15 | It's Linkstagram all over again.

Dragon's Dogma Online to Be Three times Larger than Predecessor
01.29.15 | Capcom evidently hopes to support this game for a while. Also, debut trailer!

Torchlight II Coming to Mac Next Week
01.29.15 | Better late than never.

Limited Edition of Hyperdevotion Noire Announced
01.29.15 | Does it come with a wall scroll? Why yes!

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Soundtrack Pre-Order Live
01.29.15 | Quick, somebody tell Stephen!

Dragon Age: Inquisition Tavern Songs Available for Free Download
01.29.15 | *hiccup*

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1 Suffers Slight Delay on Steam
01.28.15 | But very, very slight.

Fault - Milestone One Review
01.28.15 | The first episode in a science fantasy visual novel.

RPGFan Music: Persona 4 Arena OST Review
01.28.15 | The ultimate in Mayonaka review arenas.

Bravely Second's Demo Updated With New Class and More
01.28.15 | At this rate who needs to play the full game?

Xenoblade Chronicles X Promises Top Notch Sound
01.28.15 | BOOM! BIF! THWAP!

Noir RPG Rain of Reflections Makes Some Appealing Promises
01.28.15 | And has a trailer drenched with film noir attitude.

RPGFan Music: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Soundtrack Sample
01.28.15 | Straight from Ishimoto-san's SoundCloud!

Tales of Zestiria Alisha DLC Story Announced
01.28.15 | And it will be free for a limited time.

Final Fantasy XV Director Wants a Worldwide Release Date
01.27.15 | And learn about parrying and dodging enemy attacks.

Watch 14 Glorious Minutes of The Witcher 3
01.27.15 | *faints*

Dragon's Dogma Online Coming to PC, PS3 and PS4
01.27.15 | Get your pawns ready!

Xenoblade Chronicles 3DS Bundled With Mini-Soundtrack in Japan
01.27.15 | Ah, the sweet melodies of two giant dead robots.

See Dragon Fin Soup's Alpha Version Trailer
01.27.15 | How exactly does one prepare Dragon Fin Soup? Gathering the ingredients must be really tricky.

Silence: The Whispered World 2 Coming to PS4
01.27.15 | Keep all that pointing and clicking to a reasonable level of silence.

Summoning in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Comes With a Cost
01.26.15 | And we ain't talkin' gil or mana here.

New Character DLC Coming to Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel This Week
01.26.15 | And you thought you were done in Pandora.

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