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August 25th: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night w/Maxx
10am PDT/1pm EDT


Date TBA
Time TBA


Fire Emblem: Three Houses w/Kyle
6am PDT/9am EDT

Tales of Xillia 2 w/Scott
5pm PDT/8pm EDT


Tales of Xillia 2 w/Scott
5pm PDT/8pm EDT


Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers w/Scott
5pm PDT/8pm EDT


Fire Emblem: Three Houses w/Kyle
6am PDT/9am EDT

Variety Night w/Scott
5pm PDT/8pm EDT


Trails of Cold Steel II (Nightmare Mode) w/Scott
3pm PDT/6pm EDT

Random Encounter: MISSING!?!?

08.25.19 Fret not! It isn't!

Twitch Sunday: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

08.24.19 What is a man? *flings wine glass*

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Director Departs from Square Enix

08.24.19 More free content has been added to the game, as well.

Spirit Hunter: NG Coming This October

08.24.19 The horror continues with the second volume in the Spirit Hunter series.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Adds Trunks To Its Roster of Playable Heroes

08.23.19 Back from the future to wreck some fools.

RPGFan Music: Final Fantasy Mystic Quest: Remastered Soundtrack Review

08.23.19 Remastered Soundtrack: Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

Retro Encounter 202: RPG Villains: Luca Blight

08.22.19 No, not Doctor Blight, you're thinking of Captain Planet

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Coming To Consoles With 'Ultimate Edition'

08.21.19 Sailing across the Deadfire, wherever ye may be!

Experience 'A Day in Shenmue' With New Shenmue III Trailer

08.21.19 Activities, kung fu, and talks await.

The Alliance Alive HD Remastered Gets New Battle-Focused Trailer

08.21.19 Strategy paves the way to victory!

Dragon Quest XI S Demo Available Now

08.21.19 Playing the game also nets you Tockles spirits in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in the future!

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot To Feature Cell Saga, New Character

08.21.19 What can Mr. Perfect Cell do for you?

Face the Butterfly of Delirium in New Code Vein Trailer

08.21.19 This sure isn't the Moonlight Butterfly, no sir.

Oninaki Review

08.21.19 Is it third time lucky for Tokyo RPG Factory?

The Cyclops Serial Killer Claims Another Victim in Latest AI: The Somnium Files Screenshots

08.21.19 Warning: these screenshots might not be suitable for all ages.

Yakuza Remastered Collection Announced for PlayStation 4

08.21.19 Yakuza 3 is available right now in the PlayStation Store!

Code Vein Receives Demo on September 3rd

08.20.19 Try the game before it releases on September 27th!

Eliza Review

08.20.19 Actually based on a real program!

Cyberpunk 2077 Confirmed for Google Stadia Release

08.20.19 I wanna be the cyberpunk, like no cyberpunk ever was.

Explore a New Town in Latest Pokemon Sword and Shield Trailer

08.20.19 Hit the town with the game's director!

Best Friend Forever Officially Announced

08.19.19 A cute new dating sim with a special twist!
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