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RPGFan Music: Project Destati: LIGHT Review
12.17.14 | My Hearts will go on.

NIS America Announces Three for North America & Europe
12.17.14 | Disgaea 5, Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy, The Awakened Fate Ultimatum are all on the way!

A New Trailer for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Approaches
12.17.14 | Would you like to know more?

Previous Final Fantasy Titles May Be Heading to PlayStation 4 Soon
12.17.14 | Just in case you have a PS4 and 5,000 hours to spare.

New Info on the Thief and Alchemist Classes in Final Fantasy Explorers
12.17.14 | I'm guessing the thief will steal stuff. Just a hunch.

Steins;Gate Coming to PlayStation 3, Vita in North America and Europe
12.17.14 | Insert Back to the Future reference here. Get it? Because time travel... I'll show myself out.

Divinity: Original Sin Coming To Store Shelves
12.17.14 | Some phat loot just in time for the holiday season.

Anima - Gate of Memories Gets a New Gameplay Trailer
12.17.14 | Protect mankind from darkness while exploring Gaia.

Release Date For Brandish: The Dark Revenant Pushed Back to Early 2015
12.16.14 | Yet another reason 2015 needs to hurry up and get here.

Fault - Milestone One Released on Steam
12.16.14 | A visual novel that is an homage to 80’s science fiction.

Cosmic Star Heroine Impresses with New Gameplay Footage
12.16.14 | Even in its early stages there is plenty to be excited about.

Listen To The English VA for Final Fantasy XV
12.16.14 | Noctis says it himself! Been a long time... too long... not much longer.

Two New SaGa Games Announced
12.16.14 | Beautiful 2D sprites are sure to be inbound.

More Xenoblade Chronicles X Artist Announcements
12.16.14 | Just because it has giant robots doesn't mean it's all about sci-fi.

RPGFan Music: Project Destati: Awakening Review
12.15.14 | Kingdom Hearts week begins!

CD Projekt Details The Witcher 3's Second Playable Character
12.15.14 | I'm sure fans of the books figured this out a while ago…

Limited Edition Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 2 Announced
12.15.14 | ...along with a slight delay in Europe.

New Characters Revealed for Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker
12.15.14 | And one of 'ems a chef!

Escha and Logy Are All Dressed Up in a New Atelier Plus Trailer
12.14.14 | New costumes and bosses.

See The Banner Saga in Action on PS4, Vita
12.14.14 | On handheld? Awesome.

NIS America Reveals Limited Edition for Atelier Shallie
12.13.14 | What would a NIS release be without an extensive LE?

NIS America Downplays Closure Stories Relating to Disgaea 5 Sales
12.13.14 | Glad this got cleared up.

A New Update for Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of Adoulin Approaches
12.13.14 | Yup, you read that right!

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Collector's Edition Unveiled
12.13.14 | *hyperventilates*

Silence of the Sleep Review
12.12.14 | Some aren't so silent when they sleep.

Joe Dever's Lone Wolf: Act IV Review
12.12.14 | This isn't over yet?

Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms Review
12.12.14 | Life is about more than left clicks.

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