RPGFan Music: I am Setsuna OST Review
07.22.16 | A fantastic encounter approaches!

I Am Setsuna Review
07.21.16 | Hey, you got your Chrono in my new release!

New Final Fantasy XV Info Details Ravus, Iris, And More
07.23.16 | Iris looks so much like Yuffie, it's unreal.

A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV Gets Official Trailer
07.23.16 | That's the Gamestop pre-order bonus, if you're not keeping track.

New Pokemon Sun and Moon Info Coming August 1st
07.23.16 | Just in case you forgot about the 3DS games.

Pokemon Global Link Service Ending for Current Gen, New Service to Start for Sun and Moon
07.23.16 | Refreshing for a new era of Pokemon.

Dragon Quest Builders Gets Day One Edition
07.22.16 | Only early purchasers can make blocks out of pure gold!

New Indie TRPG Tahira Channels The Banner Saga, but with Sci-Fi
07.22.16 | Everything is better when you add a little sci-fi.

World of Final Fantasy Collector's Editions Announced
07.22.16 | Super Kawaii!

I Am Setsuna Gets a Beautiful Launch Trailer
07.22.16 | Beautiful and its synonyms will be prevalent in this article.

Pokemon GO Is Helping GameStop Sell More Pokemon Merch
07.21.16 | Weren't smartphone games supposed to kill brick and mortar?

Square Enix Trumpets Japanese Success of Kingsglaive
07.21.16 | We'll see for ourselves next month.

Retro Encounter Bonus Round: Root Double
07.20.16 | Root Double: Before Crime * After Days

New Pokémon Sun and Moon Trailer Debuts Six New Pokemon
07.19.16 | I want to take Mimikyu home and give it a big hug.

Grandia III Receives ESRB Rating for PS4
07.19.16 | When you fly in the sky...

Darksiders Listed for Current Gen Consoles at Gamefly
07.19.16 | I know at least one person who's excited for this (spoiler, it's me).

New Character for Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade Will Be Revealed July 25th
07.19.16 | Will likely be another villain.

Take a Peek at Mary Skelter's Job and DLC Trailers
07.19.16 | Over 20 jobs to choose from.

NieR: Automata's Developer Blog Shows Off New Info
07.19.16 | Info dump ahead.

Check Out 13 Minutes of Black Rose Valkyrie Gameplay
07.19.16 | Oh, it's being played by one of the voice actors if that makes it any better.

Dark Fear Review
07.19.16 | Don't get caught in a fear trap!

Bungie Announce New Reveal Stream, Cutoff Date For Destiny End of Life on PS3 and Xbox 360
07.19.16 | Just...don't nerf fusion rifles. Please?

Tales of Berseria Gets New Japanese TV Spot and a Melon Gumi Trailer
07.19.16 | The focus, this time, is on Magilou.

Meet Akiba's Beat's Asahi Tachibana, Riyu Momose, and Yamato Hongo
07.19.16 | Feel the beat!

3DS Exclusive JRPG Dragonball Fusions Goes the Rap Way in Two Commercials
07.19.16 | Prillin will finally be playable!

World of Warcraft Getting Huge Patch in Preparation for Expansion
07.19.16 | Blizzard's still working tirelessly on this timeless game.

Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force Gets an Official English Trailer
07.19.16 | Also official: the game is due out July 26. The more you know!

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I am Setsuna OST Review
I am Setsuna OST
I am Setsuna Review
I am Setsuna
Retro Encounter Bonus Round: Root Double
Retro Encounter Bonus Round: Root Double
Dark Fear
Dark Fear
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