Advertising Info

RPGFan encourages individual representation of products by virtue of our media brand without the over-saturation of advertising networks. We offer tailored, client-centered representation of products throughout our online publication without the middleman. As such, we limit our clientele to publishers/developers of products that fall within our media coverage. This guarantee's our clients an impression saturation of their targeted audience at a competitive price. By handling all advertisement contracts in-house, RPGFan offers flexible pricing plans based on a client budget, their advertising needs, and the aesthetic needs of our audience.

We realize that different companies have different budgets and advertising goals. In order to best serve our clients, we deal with each potential partner personally, in hopes of fostering a mutually beneficial relationship. We encourage potential clients to contact our business operations representative to discuss outlining individual advertising contracts. Specific pricing plans will be based on the results of these negotiations.

RPGFan has specifically catered to consumers of role-playing (RPG) video games for all consoles and computer platforms since 1997. We provide comprehensive coverage of import and domestic RPG and RPG-related products via news articles, media, previews, product reviews and features. We are also home to an active message board community. As an independent online publication, our coverage is unbiased and thorough, earning the respect of our audience.