Application for Position of Fan Art Editor
The Fan Art Editor's main job will be to accurately update the Fan Art section and indexes with current submissions. Knowledge of HTML is required for this position.

Answer all the following questions to the best of your ability. Do not falsify any information. Your application will be judged on the quality and appropriateness of your answers. Certain questions are optional: answering them can only help the status of your application, not hinder it.

Please note that none of the information submitted will be used for anything other than evaluation purposes. We will never sell any of your information, nor will any of it be retained unless you're hired.

Personal Information & Qualifications

E-mail address

If you have any previous experience with Fan Art, please describe it:

If you have any previous experience writing for a website, describe your position and experience; including the e-mail address of the webmaster:

If your writing has ever been published professionally, list all pertinent publication and project information:

If you have any experience working in an environment that requires a lot of teamwork, professional or otherwise, describe the circumstance and your personal role:

If you are fluent in any languages other than English, list which ones:

How did you find out about RPGFan and how long have you been reading the site?

How often do you read RPGFan?

Why do you want to work at RPGFan as a Fan Art Editor?

How many hours per week would you be able/willing to devote to RPGFan-related work?

What are your real life responsibilities, (extra curricular activities, jobs, family duties) and how do you think they would affect your working at RPGFan?

If you have a working knowledge of HTML, CGI, Javascript or another programming language, describe it as precisely as possible:

Games & Consoles

Which consoles do you own?

Which of them, if any, are able to play import titles/beta versions?

Give a concise history of your experience with video games, RPGs in particular. When you started playing them, how many you've played, etc.:

If you play import RPGs, how many do you play?

If you play PC RPGs, how many do you play?

What specific area of RPGs are you most comfortable playing/reviewing (PC, PlayStation 2, Imports, etc.)?

Optional Questions
The following questions are not required, or a major consideration in qualification for the Review Editor position. We will use them to evaluate your general knowledge and willingness to do other kinds of work at RPGFan if necessary.

Would you be willing to help out in other areas of the site (picture updates, editorials, HTML work, etc.) if necessary?

Terms of Employment
Applicants hired by RPGFan will undergo a 3 month trial period as a Contributing Editor, during which time they will be assigned to update Fan Art as necessary. Quantity can range from 1 to 3 updates per month. Fan Art Updates must be completed promptly as assigned and be deemed acceptable by the Webmaster.

At the end of the 3-month trial period, the Contributing Editor's status will be reevaluated, based on successful achievement of the criteria stated above, at which point RPGFan will either decide to promote the Contributing Editor to Official Editor status, keep the Contributing Editor on in the capacity of Contributing Editor, or end the tenure of said Contributing Editor. RPGFan has the right to end the Contributing Editor's tenure AT ANY TIME without a hearing.

Both Contributing Editor and Official Editor status are on a voluntary basis, there is no monetary compensation. All solicited work submitted to RPGFan chief section editors for the express purpose of being published on RPGFan becomes property of RPGFan with all rights reserved. We ask that any volunteer who wishes to reproduce their work elsewhere to send a written request to the senior staff for our records. RPGFan will not deny any formal request for republication of a volunteer's work with the exception of solicited work for a company (i.e. a reviewable/previewable). Completion of this application process requires acceptance of this clause. As a non-profit publication we expect professionalism both in work and conduct.

Plagiarism Policy
RPGFan has no tolerance for those who steal the work of others. All works contributed to the site must be your own; if we discover they came from someone else, you will be fired immediately.

Things that will be considered plagiarism include: passing off another person's review, preview, editorial, artwork, MIDIs, fanfiction, or other content as your own, as well as not properly sourcing news and pictures.

For more detailed information on RPGFan's Plagiarism Policy, examples of plagiarism, and a definition of the term, you may view the documentation located here.

By filling out and submitting this application, you agree to follow the terms stated above.

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