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Pictures Editor Application

The position of Picture Editor involves posting screenshots and artwork on RPGFan. This entails making the HTML for those pages, compressing the pictures if they are too big in file size, putting RPGFan's logo on pictures (when applicable), creating thumbnails, capturing pictures of RPGs using a capture device (if applicable), and other related tasks.

Answer all the following questions to the best of your ability and email them to Do not falsify or plagiarize any information. Your application will be judged on the quality and appropriateness of your answers.

Please note that none of the information submitted will be used for anything other than evaluation purposes. We will never sell any of your information, nor will any of it be retained unless you're hired.

Required Information
  • First and Last Name

  • e-mail address

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Country of Residence

  • Availability of Scanner/Other Image Capture Devices

  • Your experience working with and familiarity with image editing software

  • Your experience working with HTML

  • An Estimate of your time constraints/outside obligations

  • Prior Website Experience and/or URL of website

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