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03/30/15 Might & Magic Heroes VII Hands-On Preview
Wait, there's both might and magic in this game? I'm in!
03/30/15 Music of the Year 2014: Day One
It is time.
03/30/15 Mystery and Magic Central to Mevius Final Fantasy's Story and Combat
It wouldn't be Final Fantasy without them.
03/30/15 Big Update to Valdis Story Coming Soon
A new challenger approaches...
03/30/15 Meet the Xth Squad in New Operation Abyss Trailer
Grind fast or suffer the consequences.
03/30/15 Shiren the Wanderer 5 Plus Will Feature New Dungeons
Don't get lost in the fog of war!
03/30/15 Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory II's Scout System Explained
New HDD transformation screenies as well.
03/29/15 RPGFan Music: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD OST Review
It has arrived.
03/28/15 Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn - Patch 2.55 Screen Shots
Boy, that sure is a big dragon.
03/28/15 Square Enix Wants Your Feedback on Final Fantasy XV's Demo
Fill out the official Player Survey and share your thoughts!
03/28/15 The Legend of Zelda Wii U Pushed Back To 2016
Link is the Hero of Taking His Time
03/28/15 RPGFan Music: Kingdom Hearts Tribute Album Review
Obviously Stephen wrote this one.
03/28/15 Life is Strange: Episode 2 - Out of Time Review
You'll never guess which RPGFan editor reviewed yet another episodic adventure game.
03/27/15 Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim and Akiba's Trip Headed to Steam
Because you always need more XSEED! Now available in all five major food groups.
03/27/15 New Job, Minigames, and Gameplay Footage for Bravely Second
First cats, then pastries... now chariots. What will they think of next?
03/27/15 Disgaea 5 Video Reveals More Mechanics with Characteristic Flair
By which I mean bright lights and explosions.
03/27/15 Fate Ties Your Party Together in Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker
Not literally, that would make fighting really difficult.
03/27/15 Langrisser Re:Incarnation's Cast Grows by 2
The maid and the dandy.
03/27/15 Final Fantasy Grandmasters Announced
By Azura, do grandmasters also get adoring fans?
03/27/15 Tackle A Unique Monster in New Battle Footage From Xenoblade Chronicles 3D
Those Affinity Coins aren't going to earn themselves.
03/26/15 Pillars of Eternity Hands-On Preview
Come for the dialogue, stay for the corpse-riddled trees.
03/26/15 Final Fantasy: Record Keeper Launches Today - Read Our Review!
Does this latest mobile title deliver where others have failed?
03/25/15 Game of Thrones Episode 3 Review
The Sword in the Darkness.
03/25/15 Zenonia S Enters Closed Beta Today
Check out how to participate within.
03/25/15 First DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition Sneaks onto Xbox One
Battle an ancient god to save the world.
03/25/15 Final Fantasy: Record Keeper Studio Visit + Interview
We speak to the people behind the upcoming mobile FF game, and tour Tokyo while we're at it.
03/25/15 Telltale's Game of Thrones Episode 3 Out Now
Like one of the Faceless Men, these releases always seem to sneak up on you.
03/25/15 Mobile Card Battle RPG Hit Million Arthur Going Global
The Asian sensation is here, there, and everywhere.
03/25/15 First Free DLC For Dragon Quest Theatrhythm Looks Promising
They're pulling out the nostalgic big guns.
03/25/15 Break a Leg with Yosuke Hanamura in Persona 4: Dancing All Night
A rhythm game with a character that always wears headphones. That is so meta.
03/25/15 Take a First Look at Breath of Fire 6
Coming to smartphones near you! ...In Japan.
03/24/15 RPGFan Music: A Bird Story OST
Kan Gao returns to make you cry tears!
03/23/15 Bloodborne Review and Live Stream
Come watch Rob get angry! (How novel an experience.)
03/23/15 Tune in Tonight for our Bloodborne Review & Live Stream!
Turn off all the lights and join us...
03/23/15 Orcs will be Slaughtered in Dragon's Dogma Online
Watch a party of players protect the land from the Orc menace.
03/22/15 Break Out-of-Bounds, Find Titan in Final Fantasy XV Demo
This might not have been the way Noctis and company were expecting to meet Titan.
03/22/15 Square Enix Teases Final Fantasy Type-0 Sequel With Spectacular Artwork
They're calling it Type Next.
03/21/15 Life is Strange's New Trailer Shows Life Getting Just A Little Stranger
With great power, comes responsible teens.
03/21/15 New Challenges Await in Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory II
Hold on to your vending-machine panties.
03/20/15 Overload of New Bloodborne Information Just Days Before Release
Blogs, Blood Gems, and button-mapping, oh my!
03/20/15 Bravely Second's Developers Say Variety is Key to New Job Classes
Variety is the spice of life after all.
03/20/15 Etrian Mystery Dungeon's Wanderer Class and New DLC Revealed
Priced to move.
03/20/15 Steins;Gate Collector's Edition Detailed For Europe
The "El Psy Kongroo Edition" to be exact.
03/20/15 New Dragon Quest Heroes DLC Incoming
Oh, a Terry Sub-Story, you say?
03/20/15 Participate in a Real-Life Danganronpa Murder Mystery
What could possibly go wrong?
03/19/15 Come Watch Us Play Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae
Watch Rob try to stay focused with Bloodborne on the mind!
03/19/15 Check Out the Alien Species of Mira in Xenoblade Chronicles X
What manner of creatures await you on this mysterious planet?
03/19/15 New Langrisser for 3DS gets Official Name and Release Date
A reincarnation of a classic series is coming this summer in Japan.
03/19/15 Feel Real Emotion With Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call's New Songs
That's all I've got for "Real Emotion" jokes.
03/19/15 RPGFan Music: Final Symphony II to Premiere September 12
We've just given up on the whole 'final' actually meaning final, haven't we?
03/18/15 Nintendo & DeNA to Collaborate on Mobile Gaming Service
The power of the Mushroom in the palm of your hand.
03/18/15 Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae Has a Secret Movie
It's a secret to everyone... that didn't play the demo.
03/18/15 Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters Review
A bunch of Twilight Saga bots just followed me on Twitter. Ew.
03/17/15 Customize your Character in Sword Art Online: Lost Song
You can be a Cait Sith in this game! No, not that Cait Sith. No megaphones here.
03/17/15 Sega Glows Brightly In First Stella Glow Trailer
03/17/15 Knights of Pen & Paper 2 is Heading Your Way
Twice the bits, twice the fun.
03/17/15 Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae Impressions
And I've even avoided spoiling stuff!
03/17/15 Tales from the Borderlands: Episode Two (Atlas Mugged) Review
Let's hope this has as little to do Ayn Rand as possible.
03/16/15 Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Pre-Order Info
Gotta love those bonus swag items. Plus some info on 2.55!
03/16/15 Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Review
03/16/15 Danganronpa Creator Talks Series' Future and Possible RPG
I, for one, welcome our new robotic teddy bear overlords.
03/16/15 New The Awakened Fate Ultimatum Trailers Introduce Netherworld Crazies
And we have some new screenshots, too!
03/16/15 Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy Reveals Itself in New Screenshots
Take a look inside the ruined world.
03/16/15 Silence of the Sleep Sequel The Human Gallery Announced
This isn't your normal art gallery.
03/15/15 Teddie Teaches Us About Persona 4: Dancing All Night
It's so strange hearing him with a Japanese voice actor.
03/14/15 How Luminous Arc Infinity's Battle Systems Work
Chain song magic to create duets and boost attacks.
03/14/15 Clannad Is 25% Translated Into English
Sekai Project is keeping us in the know.
03/14/15 Summons Will Be a Part of Final Fantasy XV
Episode Duscae will even feature an iconic one! Potential Duscae spoilers.
03/14/15 Xenoblade Chronicles X Weapon Creation and Alien Race Details
If you want that shiny new weapon, then you better get a sponsor!
03/14/15 Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory II has More than Just Sexy CPUs
But of course there are still a lot of those.
03/14/15 Launch Trailer For Bloodborne Released
Take a quick look at the punishment you'll soon be receiving.
03/14/15 The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D Review
It looks just as you remember it, yet as it never was.
03/13/15 Introducing Disgaea 5's Character World
I wish I could get stronger by playing a board game.
03/13/15 Edge of Eternity Levels-Up With Help From Unity 5
The proof is in the computer generated pudding.
03/13/15 Rule Over Etrian Mystery Dungeon with the Sovereign
A paladin by any other name would fight just as sweetly.
03/13/15 Etrian Mystery Dungeon: Hands-On Preview
No chocobos, blue-haired merchants, or talking ferrets here.
03/13/15 Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker Spot and StreetPass Details
Take a walk to gain much needed skill bonuses and demons.
03/12/15 Take a Look at Xenoblade Chronicles X's Combat UI
A mix of new and familiar elements. Also, dat music.
03/12/15 Bravely Second's New Features Summed Up By Developers
Come get your YouTube Watcher's Asterisk.
03/12/15 RPGFan Music: Xenoblade Chronicles X Battle Theme on Official Site
You want to hear new Xenoblade music? Of course you do.
03/11/15 RPGFan Music: A Melancholy Tribute to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
That Ocarina came from the moon... which is falling. In the sequel.
03/11/15 Tri-Ace Will Continue Making Console Games
Maybe we will see Resonance of Fate 2 someday.
03/11/15 Learn About Destroyer Trillion's Roguelike Dungeons
And watch the opening movie. This one's going to take a lot of training...
03/11/15 Tales from the Borderlands is Back and Looks Better than Ever
Have you been hitting the gym, Telltale?
03/11/15 Lost Dimension Announced For North America, Europe
Atlus brings us another hidden gem from Japan.
03/10/15 Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae Footage Shows It's No Cakewalk
...Now I want cake.
03/10/15 Check Out the New English Trailer for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD
Watch on, wandering souls, and become the light.
03/10/15 New Screenshots and Box Art for PoPoLoCrois Farm Story
Take a trip to scenic Matthew Village. Just avoid the Black Beast. He gets cranky.
03/10/15 Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight Coming to North America
Altus brings the next upgraded 3DS Etrian Odyssey our way this summer.
03/10/15 Random Encounter - Episode 92
Say it! Say it!!!!!
03/09/15 Persona Magazine Interviews Persona 5, Persona 4: Dancing All Night Staff
Learn about how the developers are tackling both titles.
03/09/15 Psaro Joins the Fight in Dragon Quest Heroes DLC
Free DLC starring pointy-eared demon fencers? Count me in.
03/09/15 Kanami Joins Persona 4: Dancing All Night in This New Trailer
One more idol clocking in on the dance floor.
03/09/15 Tales From the Borderlands Episode 2 is Coming Soon
With the return of Handsome Jack.
03/08/15 Even More Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae Screens
In case you forgot the demo was out in 9 days!
03/08/15 Xenoblade Chronicles X Stream Shows Off Combat, Equipment, and Much More
The rest of the gameplay appears to be just as deep as the map exploration.
03/08/15 Mevius Final Fantasy Gets First Official Trailer
See our sensibly armored hero in action.
03/08/15 Geralt Hunts in PAX East Trailer for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
He even kills a Royal Wyvern.
03/07/15 Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Character Trailers Highlight More From Class Zero
The cadets of Class Zero would like to introduce themselves.
03/07/15 Atlus Spoils Us With Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker Launch Edition
If you're going to fight the Triangulum, you might as well do it in style.
03/07/15 Sony Details Bloodborne's Online Features
One shouldn't explore Yharnam by their lonesome. Who knows what could happen?
03/07/15 Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Release Date Announced
And take a glimpse at the Artifact 2 armor.
03/07/15 Langrisser 3DS Theme Song Artist and New Character Revealed
Not something you hear everyday: a Licorice with secrets!
03/07/15 Unraveled Hands-On Preview
Find your happy place in a harsh world.
03/06/15 Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory II First Gameplay Trailer, Gallery Update
Finally some gameplay!
03/06/15 Learn More About Disgaea 5's New Mechanics and Characters
And get sent off to the farm?
03/06/15 Terra Battle Gift Codes Available in Honor of Its Creator
An award to Hironobu Sakaguchi is a reward for us all. Get the code here!
03/05/15 Take a First Glimpse at Mevius Final Fantasy in Action
Straight from GDC in San Francisco.
03/05/15 Development Of Danganronpa 3 Has Begun
As long as it's not the murderous bears from Five Nights at Freddy's, then I am good.
03/05/15 Free Alena and Kiryl DLC Coming Soon to Dragon Quest Heroes
That's a price everyone can enjoy.
03/04/15 Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns Studio Visit Part 2
RPGFan Music brings you the theme song and more!
03/04/15 Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster on PS4 Release Date, Preorder Bonuses
Cross saves and original soundtrack options are coming with this return... return trip to Spira.
03/04/15 More Nier, SaGa, Chrono Trigger Coming to Final Fantasy Curtain Call
You thought you were done rocking out? You're never done rocking out!
03/04/15 Guess What Time It Is in a New Xenoblade Chronicles 3DS Trailer
It's the best time of the day!
03/04/15 Curse Wielding Hexers Join the Lineup in Etrian Mystery Dungeon
See them dish out the pain.
03/04/15 Persona 4: Dancing All Night Screens
It's time to bust some moves.
03/03/15 RPGFan Music: Okami Henkyokushuu Vol.2 Jazz Review
A wild Caitlin appears!
03/03/15 Catch a Glimpse of Xenoblade Chronicles X's Combat this Friday
I was beginning to worry that all you did in this game was wander open fields.
03/03/15 Alphadia Genesis 2 Available Now For Android
More mobile gaming for your buck.
03/03/15 Purchase Game Time With Gold Through World of Warcraft's New Token System
Time is money after all.
03/03/15 Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns Studio Visit Part 1
Stephen infiltrated the ArenaNet HQ to take iPhone photos!
03/03/15 Newest Update Brings More to Final Fantasy XI
More things to do in the wide world of Vana'diel.
03/02/15 Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory II's Opening Movie Has Arrived
Get your daily dose of Idea Factory's sexy CPUs.
03/02/15 Cindermane Charger Introduced For World of Warcraft's Recruit-a-Friend
Refer a friend and get a flame pony.
03/01/15 Trails in the Sky SC Localization Reaches First Major Milestone
And it comes with some tantalizing promises.
03/01/15 World End Economica's 2nd Chapter Has Encountered Unforeseen Complications
Don't worry, you can always trade stocks in real life.
03/01/15 New Dungeon Crawler Ray Gigant Coming to Vita
Sounds like a sci-fi version of Attack on Titan. I'm game.
02/28/15 The Final Fantasy XV Hype Rocket Just Hit the Stratosphere
With this much media do you even need to play the game?
02/28/15 Of Moon Bases and Special Attacks in Bravely Second
That wizard did, indeed, come from the moon.
02/28/15 Download Your Eon Ticket For Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
Didn't get an Eon Ticket? Now's your chance!
02/28/15 Yu Narukami Stars in a New Persona 4: Dancing All Night Trailer
Yu'd rather dance than answer another of Funky Student’s riddles.
02/28/15 Fable Legends Will Be Free–To–Play
Play from beginning to end without spending a penny.
02/27/15 Mevius Final Fantasy Looks Like a Console Game in Your Pocket
02/27/15 New The Awakened Fate Ultimatum Trailer, Screenshots
What would you do if you became a god?
02/27/15 Run or Fight in Dreamfall Chapters' Book 2 Trailer
Kiss de girl.
02/27/15 Latest ToHeart2: Dungeon Travelers Trailer Showcases Ample Content
"ToHeart2" is almost a weird sort of palindrome.
02/27/15 Q&A Gives More Information on Final Fantasy XIV's Gold Saucer
Too bad no one asked, "How do I stop playing?"
02/27/15 RPGFan Music: Final Symphony Highlighted on Classic FM
It's the Album of the Week! And also fantastic.
02/27/15 RPGFan Music: Kingdom Hearts Tribute Album Samples Released
Get a sample of the upcoming SQEX Music tribute to Sora and friends!
02/27/15 More Evidence That Xenoblade Chronicles X is a Vast, Dynamic World
As if you weren't already convinced.
02/27/15 Falcom's Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure's PC Release Date Revealed
This is not a drill!
02/27/15 Dragon Quest Heroes Will Get a Gradual Roll Out of Additional Content
And it's freeeeeeeee!
02/26/15 A First Look at Mevius Final Fantasy
Mevius teaches Final Fantasy.
02/26/15 New Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Gameplay Overview Trailer
Also, some images from the secret movie!
02/26/15 Boogie Down With Persona 4: Dancing All Night's Song List
That Junes theme is my jam!
02/26/15 Final Fantasy: Record Keeper Announced For US Release
DeNA and Square team up for mobile goodness.
02/26/15 Expect Brutal Scenes in Final Fantasy XV
There will be blood! Because emotions!
02/26/15 First New Langrisser Game in 15 Years Coming to 3DS
Hopefully it has aged like a fine wine.
02/26/15 Dragon Quest Heroes Coming to North America, Europe
Slaughter some slimes!
02/25/15 Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan Hands-On Preview
The first game from Central Africa's first game developer.
02/25/15 Unraveled Kickstarter Seeks Funding; Aims for Hiroki Kikuta and Dale North Music
Love North and Kikuta's music? Check out this Kickstarter!
02/25/15 Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest Given HD Treatment [UPDATE: NOPE]
Nothing like a good mid-week hoax...
02/25/15 This March, Jump Into The Ancient Labyrinth in Lords of The Fallen
Whatever you do, don't get lost.
02/25/15 New Visual Novel By Clannad Artist Comes Out This Week
Check out the trailer within.
02/25/15 Ys Series Makes its Way to GOG and Humble
Red-haired adventurers everywhere, get ready.
02/25/15 RPGFan Music: Terra Battle Hits 1.7 Million, Adds Yoko Shimomura
02/24/15 New Puzzle-Solving, Ghost Hunting Screens for Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters
Who ya gonna call? Ugh, sorry. Just come look.
02/24/15 RPGFan Music: Final Symphony Review
A glorious orchestral performance of music from Final Fantasy VI, VII, and X.
02/24/15 New Theatrythm: Dragon Quest Song Details
Fan feedback will determine which DLC songs are added.
02/24/15 Dance to Victory in Etrian Mystery Dungeon
This is the natural evolution of the Lets Dance! franchise.
02/24/15 PoPoLoCrois Farm Story Will Explore Growth and Bonds
Maybe it should be called PoPoLoCrois Wall Street Story.
02/23/15 Even MORE Screens For Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae
Nearly 30 reasons to get your hands on that demo next month.
02/23/15 New Trailer Released For Persona 4: Dancing All Night
Dancing for one minute with Rise Kujikawa.
02/23/15 Check Out Dragon's Dogma Online's Story Trailer
Strength in numbers, Arisen.
02/23/15 Sword Art Online: Lost Song Introduces Svardalfheim, New Characters
Not to be confused with the place from Thor 2. This one's a lot more snowy.
02/22/15 J.U.L.I.A. Among the Stars Review
Introducing Jeremy Harnage, Reviews Editor.
02/22/15 New Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae Details
We don't get to drive the car just yet.
02/22/15 Take a Look at Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory II's Next Forms in Motion
So is this, like, Super Saiyan 3?
02/22/15 Tri-Ace Purchased by Mobile Compary Nepro
Well, there go my chances of seeing a Resonance of Fate 2...
02/22/15 Deep Down Still in Development
It apparently takes a long time to go Deep Down.
02/22/15 Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Featurettes for Jack, Seven, and Deuce
Crack that whip!
02/21/15 Prepare For Xenoblade Chronicles 3D With This New Trailer
Now it's Reyn time!
02/21/15 Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance to Hit Western Markets This Fall
We got an English logo and video to hold you over for now.
02/21/15 Check Out the Monsters That Will Kill You in Bloodborne
Queue controller-breaking inducing rage.
02/21/15 The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 Review
Enter the School for Wizardry and Witchcraft.
02/21/15 Final Fantasy Friday Media Part IV: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD
And we close the night on a high note.
02/21/15 Final Fantasy Friday Media Part III: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
All the shinies of patch 2.51's Manderville Gold Saucer, and more!
02/21/15 Final Fantasy Friday Media Part II: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call
Lower thine guard and thou'rt allowing the enemy in.
02/21/15 Final Fantasy Friday Media Part I: Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae
Fistbumps, behemoths, and Cidney's ample... goggles await thee.
02/20/15 Life is Strange: Episode 1 Review
And I can't think of anything stranger.
02/20/15 A Slew of Gadgets Will Help You Explore Xenoblade Chronicles X
Laser-beam your way to treasure and riches!
02/20/15 Different Special Moves Come With Weapon Types in Bravely Second
Magnolia has an axe (or sword or bow) to grind.
02/20/15 Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines Coming Westward in March
A gorgeous Vita-exclusive RPG is coming to the PSN very soon.
02/20/15 Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call to Receive a New Round of DLC
It even has an obscure Live A Live track!
02/19/15 Meet the Cast of Omega Quintet In Its Stylish Opening Video
Don't listen too much, or you won't be able to get the song out of your head.
02/19/15 Tales of Zestiria Shown on Steam For a Brief Moment
Is Bandai Namco being sneaky?
02/19/15 Get to Know Doctors Rose and Watts in New To The Moon DLC
For the low, low price of $0.
02/19/15 Operation Abyss Release Date is Slightly Delayed
Or "update," as the producers call it.
02/19/15 New Demons to Defeat in Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker
Get ready to save Tokyo from the Triangulum.
02/19/15 This is Your 2015 Edition of RPGFan
A refreshed design, new features, and an all-new Search tool!
02/18/15 Hand of Fate Review
Death? Oh yes. By starvation, curse, blade, and bone.
02/18/15 Edge of Eternity Kickstarter Campaign Wants You to Demo Their Game
And then fund the campaign, obviously.
02/18/15 Price Revealed for Massive Atelier Soundtrack
Better start saving! Or just turn lead into gold.
02/18/15 Heavenstrike Rivals Coming to iOS and Android Later This Month
Are you ready to climb the Sacred League?
02/18/15 Bloodborne Shows Us its Arsenal
These weapons won't keep you from dying many, many times.
02/18/15 Shadowrun: Hong Kong Successfully Funded on Kickstarter
We voted with our wallets and we're going to the Orient.
02/17/15 Random Encounter - Episode 91
*cue sappy music*
02/17/15 Go Camping and Fight a Behemoth in the Final Fantasy XV Demo
Episode Duscae will provide a taste of the next generation of Final Fantasy, and it tastes like monster flesh roasted on a fire.
02/17/15 Costumes, Story Mode and More Coming to Persona 4: Dancing All Night
Dance, Nanako! Dance!
02/17/15 Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Trailer Depicts the Horrors of War
Just because it's a fantasy war doesn't mean it's pretty.
02/16/15 Ghost Song Hands-On Preview
Sing us a song for Samus.
02/16/15 RPGFan Music: Terra Battle Reaches 1.6 Million, Adds Kenji Ito
Up next: Mitsuda and Shimomura!
02/16/15 Yo-Kai Watch Coming to North America Thanks to Level-5 And Hasbro Collaboration
A challenger arises to take on the monster mayhem monopoly that is Pokemon.
02/16/15 From Software Gets Crafty in Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin Gameplay
Wait, those enemies weren't there before! I call shenanigans!
02/16/15 New Details on the First Four Jobs Of Dragon's Dogma Online
That is a big shield.
02/16/15 New Skills and Class Revealed For Etrian Mystery Dungeon
I won't spoil it, but the class rhymes with "funner."
02/15/15 Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. Demo Preview
Do you like aliens in your steampunk?
02/15/15 Adventure Bar Story Coming to Nintendo 3DS eShop in North America
Cook up some fun on this month.
02/15/15 Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;birth 3: V Generation Coming to the West
The award for longest game title goes to...
02/15/15 Majora's Mask Created Because Aonuma Was Bored Working on Ocarina of Time's Dungeons
Some great trivia to be found here.
02/14/15 Criminal Girls: Invite Only Review
Happy Valentine's Day!
02/14/15 Square Enix's Arcade Game is a New Dissidia Final Fantasy
And it looks amazing.
02/14/15 More Details On Bravely Second's Guardian Job and Bloody Geist
Ok, the Bloody Geist guy is just freaky.
02/14/15 Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory II Gallery Update
Learn all abou Formation skills, too.
02/14/15 Cook Curry and Extreme Kick Enemies in Disgaea 5
Curry is a dish that even a Wererabbit could love.
02/14/15 Steal Back the Future With New Persona 5 Scans
Includes a first look at Arsene, the main character's initial Persona!
02/14/15 Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven Gallery Debut
Take a first look at this new title.
02/14/15 Videos Show Xenoblade Chronicles X's Dynamic Character Creation and Setting
Ever wanted to explore a sci-fi world as a samurai clown with short shorts? Well now you can.
02/14/15 See Three of the Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Cadets in Action
Triple Trailer!
02/13/15 XSEED Games Announces Lord of Magna English Release
I misread the title as Lord of Manga the first time, so don't feel bad if you made the same mistake!
02/13/15 Could a Final Fantasy Arcade Game Be in the Works?
Like Gold Saucer, but in real life!
02/13/15 Watch Eiji Aonuma Go Fishing In Majora's Mask 3D
The world's ending, so it seems like the logical thing to do, right? Also, the game is out today!
02/13/15 Grim Fandango Remastered Review
Scaramouche, scaramouche, will you do the fandango?
02/13/15 Rhythm Encounter 20 - Winter Warmer
We warm you up with some chill before Music of the Year.
02/13/15 New Final Fantasy XV Details Trickle In, More on the Way
Did FFXV take a page from Dark Souls?
02/13/15 Improvements Highlighted in this Final Fantasy Type-0 Video
Here's a shocker: games on the PS4 look better than on the PSP.
02/13/15 The Green Haired Half of Atelier Shallie Takes the Spotlight
She gets by with a little help from her friends.
02/13/15 Take a Tour of Yharnam in New Bloodborne Video
A glimpse of From Software's twisted city.
02/13/15 Get Ready for Persona 4: Dancing All Night with New Character and Game Info
Now I face out! I hold out! I think you know the rest.
02/12/15 World of Warcraft Charity Pet Raises $1.9M to Fight Ebola
The most good a space goat has ever done.
02/11/15 Thomas Böcker on Spielemusikkonzerte & Final Symphony
Another symphonic album on its way, and we talk to the producer (again!)
02/11/15 RPGFan Music: Persona 2: Eternal Punishment OST Review
Five discs of original and PSP arrangements!
02/11/15 BioWare Officially Cancels Shadow Realms
Does this mean it was banished to the Shadow Realm? Alright, no more Yu-gi-oh jokes, I promise.
02/11/15 Final Fantasy Record Keeper Adds Early Boss Fight From Final Fantasy VIII
Is it weird that I really want to be called a "chicken-wuss" in 2D?
02/11/15 Gust Announces Enormous 44 Disc Atelier Soundtrack
Someone page the Music team!
02/11/15 PoPoLoCrois Farm Story's Japanese Release Date Set
Still hoping for a western announcement.
02/10/15 MAGFest 13: Beep Documentary Crew Interview
A discussion with the folks chronicling the history of game music. A must watch!
02/10/15 Come See the Sights and the... Well, the Sights of MAGFest 13
Dozens of photos chronicling the preeminent music and game festival.
02/10/15 Sword Art Online: Lost Song's Magic Runs the Elemental Gamut
Can't have fairy wings without magic.
02/10/15 RPGFan Music: Midgar Studio Taps Yasunori Mitsuda
He's done one or two things you might remember.
02/10/15 New Persona 5 Screens Feature Masks and Tight Leather
Will you break free?
02/10/15 Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory II Introduces "Next" Goddess Forms
Maybe this is their final form?
02/10/15 This Video Compares Xenoblade Chronicles 3D's Visuals to the Wii Version
How does the New 3DS Xenoblade fare against the Wii original?
02/09/15 Dungeonmans Review
Stephen likes his Dungeonmans more than the Pokeymans.
02/09/15 New Details Emerge on Persona 5's Gameplay and Story
The latest trailer makes a lot more sense now.
02/09/15 Read Your Journal With Alpacas in New Story of Seasons Screens
And get a weird rabbit plushie for pre-ordering it!
02/09/15 Fairune II Coming to Nintendo 3DS
8-bits are making a comeback.
02/09/15 Bravely Second's Full Title Announced
And holy cow, what happened to Tiz!
02/09/15 Obsidian Discusses Possible Pillars of Eternity Sequel
As the game nears release, its developers talk Kickstarter success and future possibilities.
02/08/15 First Ever Harvest Moon DLC Now Available
And some new romantically-themed DLC might be on the way...
02/08/15 Brandish: The Dark Revenant
Dela Delon dares to delve into dank dungeons.
02/08/15 The Medic is Here to Protect You in Etrian Mystery Dungeon
Have no fear, the medic is here!
02/08/15 Xenoblade Chronicles X Japanese Box Art Revealed
Ohhh purdy!
02/08/15 Hyperdimension Neptunia "Hypercollection" to Release in Europe
It comes with a sexy reversible cover, too.
02/07/15 North American Release Date Announced for Xenoblade Chronicles 3D
It'll be Reyn Time on the New 3DS in the near future!
02/07/15 Shields are in Bloodborne But Don’t Plan on Using Them
Translation: there is nowhere to hide; death will find you.
02/07/15 Citizens of Earth Review Extravaganza
Join the battle and become a true citizen!
02/07/15 Here's Everything You Want to Know From the Xenoblade Chronicles X Stream
It's big, and it's beautiful.
02/06/15 Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin Hands-On Preview
It's the Dark Souls of Dark Souls remasters.
02/06/15 Persona 5 Director Gives Insight on Characters and Themes
Students by day, thieves by night!
02/06/15 Miss Your Gold and Silver Starters? Pick Them Up in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
Catching them all has become a slightly easier (but still near impossible) task.
02/06/15 View the Xenoblade Chronicles X Live Stream Here
Is your body ready?
02/06/15 Bravely Second's Patissier Class and Edea's Barter Sub-Scenario Detailed
A new system will force difficult choices.
02/06/15 Count Pixels in this Darks Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin Comparison Video
Spoiler: More pixels = pretty picture.
02/06/15 Gold Saucer Opening Soon in Final Fantasy XIV
Oh, and you can dress up like Cloud!
02/05/15 Square Enix Catalog Discounted on Steam
You know what that means... cheap Final Fantasy!
02/05/15 A Bureaucrat Joins Xenoblade Chronicles X
Hopefully he's a party member who can use Gridlock. It would be super effective!
02/05/15 Watch Zelda Producer Struggle with a Majora's Mask Mini-Game
It's like watching Game Center CX!
02/05/15 Atlus Reveals First Gameplay Footage For Persona 5
Masks! Shoji Meguro! Cats? See Persona 5 in action for the first time.
02/05/15 Suikoden I and II are Back on the PS Vita in Europe
For a new generation to enjoy.
02/05/15 All Hope is Lost in Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin's New Trailer
Free patch with new content out today for Dark Souls II.
02/04/15 Darkest Dungeon Early Access Preview
The darkest dungeon, eh? Now that's a bold claim.
02/04/15 Dance Along With the Main Theme to Persona 4: Dancing All Night
All this energy's got us inspired now!
02/04/15 Signs Point to Hyperdevotion Noire Release on PC
Looks like Idea Factory are bringing even more of their games to Steam.
02/04/15 Missions Created By Players Coming are the Key to Celebrating in Everquest
Just in time for Erollisi Day!
02/04/15 Blackguards 2 Latest Patch Available Now
Read on to find out what's been fixed in Patch 2.0.
02/04/15 Watch the Ongoing Two Day Persona Live-Stream Here
Who's your Teddie?
02/04/15 Tales of Zesteria's Controversial DLC is not an Epilogue
But it is an "after-story," whatever that means.
02/03/15 Take Control of a Valkyrie in Kemco's New Valkyria Soul
Now on Android devices.
02/03/15 Legend of Mana, Nier and More Coming to Curtain Call
Now with 100% more Shimomura.
02/03/15 Legend of Heroes Evolution is More Than Just a Port
I suppose that is the very meaning of evolution.
02/03/15 Game of Thrones Episode 2 Review
The Lost Lords
02/03/15 Xenoblade Chronicles X so Big Developers Needed a Triple Digit Play-Clock
The better to compete for hours-played bragging rights.
02/03/15 Sword Art Online: Lost Song Trademarked in North America, Europe
Is a western release on the way?
02/03/15 Zelda Series Producer Races Dogs in New Majora's Mask 3D Video
...And fails. We love you anyway, Aonuma-san.
02/03/15 Multiplayer Returns to Borderlands on PS3
Once again, get that phat lewt with friends.
02/02/15 RPGFan Music: Cure SQ Review
And bonus discs, too!
02/02/15 Peer Into Darkness With 18 Minutes of Bloodborne Footage
Somebody is having a very bad day in the plague-ridden city of Yharnam.
02/02/15 New Xenoblade Chronicles 3DS Media
Shulk is really feeling it.
02/02/15 New Images from Telltale's Game of Thrones Second Episode
View our new screens for Episode 2: The Lost Lords.
02/02/15 50 Most Anticipated Games of 2015 ~ Part 2
Twenty five more games!
02/02/15 Tales Series Producer Responds to Fan Criticism of Zestiria
Tales of Zestiria spoilers ahead, you have been warned!
02/02/15 Check Out Bravely Second's Exciting New Trailer
02/02/15 Square Enix and Namco are "Moe-fied" in Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory II
Check out what their respective characters look like!
02/02/15 Studio Behind The Banner Saga Holding Open Hiring Process
Can you draw like Eyvind Earle?
02/01/15 Wild Arms Creators Want to Continue the Series
Don't toy with me...
02/01/15 New Final Fantasy XV Locations Shown at the Taipei Game Show
More cats on the internet. Who would've thought?
02/01/15 New Sword Art Online: Lost Song Media, Trailer, and Details
They pulled out all the stops for this one.
02/01/15 The Awakened Fate Ultimatum Gets New Trailers
Just a normal day for a high schooler fighting against angels and demons.
02/01/15 RPGFan Music: Even More Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Tracks Available!
02/01/15 Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker Preview
What can we look forward to in this upcoming updated release?
01/31/15 Xenoblade Chronicles X Will Enable Off-TV Play On The Wii U GamePad
Now you can pilot giant mechs in the bathroom.
01/31/15 Tales of Zestiria Sales Data, Alisha DLC Clarification
Curious minds want to know, what's up with Alisha?
01/31/15 Etrian Mystery Dungeon Runemaster Class Detailed
Also, learn more about the mysterious D.O.E.s. They're like F.O.E.s, with a twist!
01/31/15 Code Name S.T.E.A.M. Demo Available in Europe and US
Your chance to defend London from Aliens with Abraham Lincoln.
01/31/15 BioWare Takes Players Into How Dragon Age: Inquisition Was Created
Just in case you're interested in making your own absolutely massive video game one day.
01/31/15 50 Most Anticipated Games of 2015 ~ Part 1
A look ahead at the many promising titles for the coming year.
01/30/15 30 Hour Persona Livestream Event Coming Early February
That's almost as long as a playthough.
01/30/15 MangaGamer Releases Visual Novel eden*
Through Steam and their online store.
01/30/15 RPGFan Music: Forever Today: Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of Adoulin OST PLUS Review
Winner of the 2015 Award for Most Colons In A Name!
01/30/15 New Xenoblade Chronicles X Factions and Character Info
Getting more info everyday!
01/30/15 Better Graphics Heading to Final Fantasy XIV on PC
01/30/15 Co-Op Mode Coming to Terra Battle
Tactical gameplay with a friend!
01/29/15 Valkyria Chronicles (PC) Review
Return to Gallia!
01/29/15 World of Warcraft Introduces the S.E.L.F.I.E. Camera
It's Linkstagram all over again.
01/29/15 Dragon's Dogma Online to Be Three times Larger than Predecessor
Capcom evidently hopes to support this game for a while. Also, debut trailer!
01/29/15 Torchlight II Coming to Mac Next Week
Better late than never.
01/29/15 Limited Edition of Hyperdevotion Noire Announced
Does it come with a wall scroll? Why yes!
01/29/15 Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Soundtrack Pre-Order Live
Quick, somebody tell Stephen!
01/29/15 Dragon Age: Inquisition Tavern Songs Available for Free Download
01/28/15 Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1 Suffers Slight Delay on Steam
But very, very slight.
01/28/15 Fault - Milestone One Review
The first episode in a science fantasy visual novel.
01/28/15 RPGFan Music: Persona 4 Arena OST Review
The ultimate in Mayonaka review arenas.
01/28/15 Bravely Second's Demo Updated With New Class and More
At this rate who needs to play the full game?
01/28/15 Xenoblade Chronicles X Promises Top Notch Sound
01/28/15 Noir RPG Rain of Reflections Makes Some Appealing Promises
And has a trailer drenched with film noir attitude.
01/28/15 RPGFan Music: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Soundtrack Sample
Straight from Ishimoto-san's SoundCloud!
01/28/15 Tales of Zestiria Alisha DLC Story Announced
And it will be free for a limited time.
01/27/15 Final Fantasy XV Director Wants a Worldwide Release Date
And learn about parrying and dodging enemy attacks.
01/27/15 Watch 14 Glorious Minutes of The Witcher 3
01/27/15 Dragon's Dogma Online Coming to PC, PS3 and PS4
Get your pawns ready!
01/27/15 Xenoblade Chronicles 3DS Bundled With Mini-Soundtrack in Japan
Ah, the sweet melodies of two giant dead robots.
01/27/15 See Dragon Fin Soup's Alpha Version Trailer
How exactly does one prepare Dragon Fin Soup? Gathering the ingredients must be really tricky.
01/27/15 Silence: The Whispered World 2 Coming to PS4
Keep all that pointing and clicking to a reasonable level of silence.
01/26/15 Summoning in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Comes With a Cost
And we ain't talkin' gil or mana here.
01/26/15 The Witcher 3 Hands-On Previews & Impressions
That's right, we have not one, but two previews!
01/26/15 New Character DLC Coming to Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel This Week
And you thought you were done in Pandora.
01/26/15 See Fault Milestone Two's Cryptic Teaser Trailer
Violins make everything more dramatic.
01/25/15 Etrian Mystery Dungeon Gets Launch-Edition Bonuses
Also the Protector class is here to keep your party alive.
01/25/15 Disgaea 5 Variety Show is Very Japanese
And learn about what role curry will play in the game.
01/25/15 High Profile Japanese Voice Cast Hired for Xenoblade Chronicles X
Hopefully the English voice cast gets the same treatment!
01/25/15 Guild Wars 2 First Expansion Announced
Be careful you don't prick yourself on the Heart of Thorns!
01/25/15 The Bard's Tale 4 Coming Out This Year
Just in time for the 30th anniversary of the original.
01/25/15 Neverwinter: Elemental Evil Expansion Coming Early 2015
New quests, increased level cap and new playable class incoming.
01/25/15 MangaGamer Wants You to Pick Which Visual Novels are Localized
Rock the polls with the power of your vote.
01/24/15 Final Fantasy XV Director Talks Episode Duscae, Summons, and Airships
Hajime Tabata sheds some light on what fans can expect in the FFXV demo.
01/24/15 Check Out This Majora's Mask 3D and N64 Side By Side Comparison
If only we all aged so well.
01/24/15 Hajime Tabata Answers Questions About Final Fantasy Type-0 HD
Also, see how the HD version stacks up against its PSP counterpart.
01/24/15 The World Ends With You DLC Added To Curtain Call
The encores never end!
01/24/15 See Atelier Shallie's Shallistera In Action
Media Overload!
01/23/15 Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 Coming to Steam Next Week
Time to reboot... again.
01/23/15 Explore Sword Art Online: Lost Song's World in New Screenshots
Along with a new trailer and details about combat.
01/23/15 The Enchanted Cave 2 Coming to Steam and Mobile in March
With more RPG elements than its predecessor!
01/23/15 Final Fantasy Type-0 HD's Latest Trailer Details its Combat System
Special attacks, magic, summons, and more.
01/23/15 Watch Tales of Zestiria's Animated Opening Movie
Plus, check out a bunch of other gameplay and costume DLC trailers.
01/22/15 Download Unova Starters' Evolutions For Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire
Emboar is clearly the Serperior choice, though. I mean, come on.
01/22/15 Dragon Quest V Now Available on iOS and Android
Now you can get married on your phone.
01/22/15 The Cast of Xenoblade Chronicles X Fills Out With Two New Characters
The Muscles from Brussels has bulked up a bit.
01/22/15 New Trailer For Telltale's Game of Thrones Episode 2: The Lost Lords
Pretty sweet, but I really just want book 6.
01/22/15 Legacy Sessions: GAME Generation 5 Debuts, Features Live PSone & N64 Music
You know, if you're into music from Final Fantasy VII & IX, Chrono Cross, Grandia, and more.
01/22/15 ToHeart 2: Dungeon Travelers Remake Coming to Vita
Gotta collect all them girls!
01/21/15 The Elder Scrolls Online Gets Console Release Date
Plus no more subscription fees, so you can explore Tamriel to your heart's content.
01/21/15 Third Dragon Age: Inquisition Patch Almost Ready for PC
I'm kind of going to miss those awkward silences.
01/21/15 Random Encounter - Episode 90
No, not the Kingdom Hearts song!!!
01/21/15 Enter the Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Twitter Battle
Yup, you read that right. Also, a brief look at Episode Duscae!
01/20/15 NIS America Announce Operation Abyss on Vita
Check out the all-new details and first trailer!
01/20/15 Kemco's Android Sale Has Begun
You have until the end of the month to buy games for just 99 cents.
01/20/15 Edea Lee Will Return in Bravely Second
And she is here to judge everyone.
01/20/15 More Tales of Zestiria Gameplay Videos
Only a few more days, Japan!
01/19/15 Xenoblade Chronicles X Localization Underway
Tweet from developer confirms localization is in progress.
01/19/15 New Trailer Heralds the Impending Release of Blackguards 2
Also inside, an in-depth look at Cassia.
01/19/15 RPGFan Music: Final Fantasy VII Remastered Tracks - Volume II Review
Schafianski strikes again!
01/19/15 New Criminal Girls: Invite Only Screens Are Not At All Suggestive
Smack the Temptations!
01/19/15 New Atelier Rorona Combat Overview
The cutest battle system you've ever seen is up and running.
01/19/15 A Closer Look at Marth, Lucina, Robin, and Ike in Code Name: S.T.E.A.M
Images of the Fire Emblem cast members both in-game and in real-world amiibo form.
01/19/15 Dark Souls Data Transfer Gets Deadline
Time is running out, so act fast.
01/18/15 Blizzard Sending a Special Gift to 10 Year WoW Veterans
Apparently the traditional gift for a 10 year anniversary is tin or aluminum.
01/18/15 Rebel Galaxy Coming To Xbox One And Mac
Wii U owners will have to settle for Mario Galaxy 2 on digital download.
01/18/15 Editorial: Hidden Machines, or How Tauros Learned to Surf
What do you do with HM and TM discs anyway? Insert them somewhere...?
01/18/15 Launch Day Discounts For Citizens Of Earth
Atlus would like to remind us that "discounts are awesome."
01/18/15 Idea Factory International Launches Online Store
With one only game... and it's a preorder.
01/17/15 New Tales of Zestiria Field, Combat, Event and DLC Info
So many scans! And guess who from Tales of Abyss is putting in an appearance!
01/17/15 Diablo 3 Get Ancient Items
Wait... there’s something better than a legendary item?
01/17/15 Dark Souls 2 Get Free Update in Preparation for Expansion
Attention Dark Souls 2 fans, prepare to die even more.
01/17/15 ArenaNet Teases More Guild Wars 2, Details New Patch
What is the Heart of Thorns? We'll find out soon.
01/16/15 New Info on the Characters of Xenoblade Chronicles X
A great day for Xenophiles.
01/16/15 Check Out New Screenshots Of Xenoblade Chronicles 3D
Is that a Monado in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
01/16/15 Bravely Second Gets Pastry Chef Job
Best job ever! Sorry, Time Mage.
01/16/15 Fire Emblem Characters Join the Fight in Codename S.T.E.A.M.
Abraham Lincoln can team up with Marth. Game of the Year?
01/16/15 Destiny's Crota's End Get Hard Mode Next Week
You'll want to re-run the raid to get all this new loot.
01/16/15 Gallery Debut for New Fire Emblem Title
First still shots of the still-untitled 3DS strategy RPG.
01/16/15 The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D Gallery Update
See the creepy moon, the creepy Skullkid, and the (not so) creepy touch screen UI.
01/15/15 A Look at Etrian Mystery Dungeon's Landsknecht
Oh yeah, and the game has a release date too.
01/15/15 New Media for Atelier Ayesha Plus: The Alchemist of Dusk
It's still Ayesha, but on a portable screen and in more adorable outfits.
01/15/15 Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Patch 2.4 - Dreams of Ice Review
Does Shiva's milkshake bring all the boys to the yard?
01/15/15 Take a Video Tour Around Majora's Mask 3D's Clock Town
Commentary spoken by series producer, Eiji Aonuma.
01/15/15 New Bravely Archive: D's Report Combat Trailer
The fight is on!
01/15/15 Kemco's Dead Dragons Now on iOS
Another traditional RPG to play on the go.
01/15/15 Samurai Job Class Joins Final Fantasy Explorers Roster
My favorite kind of DLC: free.
01/15/15 RPGFan Music: Chrono Trigger: Jazz Arrange Version EP Review
Schafijazzski continues!
01/15/15 Xenoblade Chronicles X Release Date & New Trailer, New 3DS Xenoblade Details
I'm really feeling it (the excitement, that is)!
01/15/15 More Details on Legendary Pokemon Hoopa
The donut-munching djinn has a new trailer.
01/15/15 Watch the First Trailer For Final Fantasy Legends: Space-Time Crystal
We need more time traveling RPGs!
01/15/15 Pillars of Eternity to Release in March
The spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate is almost here!
01/15/15 Grim Fandango Remake Out This Month
Time to replay a classic!
01/15/15 New Trailer For Story of Seasons
Maybe Neal will like this next one better.
01/14/15 New Fire Emblem Announced for 3DS
Long-running strategy-RPG series gets a new lease on life!
01/14/15 Majora's Mask Release Date Announced, Themed 3DS XL Coming in February
Suddenly my old 3DS XL is looking rather shabby...
01/14/15 Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 2 Release Date Changed
Plus a batch of screenshots!
01/14/15 Shadowrun Hong Kong Kickstarter Now Live
Return to this cyberpunk series for a third time this summer.
01/14/15 The Stranger of the Village Get Trailer for Vita
Now on handheld but no less impressive.
01/14/15 Images for All That's New in Final Fantasy XIV Patch 2.5 (Part One)
Come inside to see Odin, new dungeons, some familiar FFIII faces, and much more.
01/14/15 Complete Every Quest With an Improved Bomber's Notebook in Majora's Mask 3D
It'll be easier than ever to keep track of all the things you can do in 3 days. Over, and over again.
01/13/15 Atelier Ayesha Plus Out in North America Now
Revisit the Dusk Sea.
01/13/15 RPGFan Music: Fairy Fencer F OST Review
FFFFFFFFFFFFF-- starring Uematsu and friends!
01/13/15 Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley Review
May it remain lost forever.
01/13/15 New Media And Details For Bravely Archive
Not your grandmother's librarian.
01/13/15 Final Fantasy XIV Patch 2.5 (Part One) Trailer
Time to occupy yourself outside of Final Coil.
01/13/15 Legend of Legacy Director: "There Won't Be a Single Piece of DLC"
That's certainly against the grain.
01/13/15 Dress Up as Cecil, Bartz, and Lightning in Final Fantasy Explorers
Not only can you transform into iconic Final Fantasy characters, you can also nick their outfits!
01/13/15 Sci-Fi Point-and-Click Incoming with Technobabylon
Now, where are those electric sheep?
01/12/15 Tales of Zestiria To Have Unlocks With Previous Tales Save Data
More adorable plush doll attachments.
01/12/15 Atelier Escha & Logy Plus: The Alchemist of the Dusk Sky New Playable Character Info and Gallery Update
Ladles are the best weapon.
01/11/15 Destiny: The Dark Below Review
Discover the darkness lurking beneath Bungie's greed.
01/11/15 New Legendary Pokémon Hoopa Revealed
You kids these days with your Hoopas and your Primal Reversions...
01/11/15 New Bravely Second Info, Producer Hints at Localization
New and familiar faces are coming to the land of Luxendarc. Mrgrgr!
01/11/15 Morrowind Remake in Skyrim Shows Off Sheogorad
Get prepared to explore Vvardenfell again.
01/11/15 Durarara Characters Obtainable in Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker
Seems like it's about time I got around to watching this show!
01/11/15 Shadowrun Hong Kong Coming to Kickstarter
Leaving Seattle for the Pearl of the Orient.
01/10/15 RPGFan Music: NieR: Jazz Arrange Version Review
We're definitely not NieRing critical mass on NieR arrangements!
01/10/15 Atelier Arland Trilogy Pack Heading to Europe
That's quite the value!
01/10/15 Broken Age Set to Hit Retail
Here's hoping we get some awesome box art to go along with it!
01/10/15 Physical Editions of Clannad in English May Become Available
Even for non-Kickstarter backers. Just tell everyone you helped the cause.
01/09/15 SaGa Designer Came Up With Legend of Legacy's Mapping System
The more I read about this game, the more appealing it sounds!
01/09/15 New Gameplay Trailers for Etrian Mystery Dungeon Revealed
Wander and the turn-based combat.
01/09/15 Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart Gets Release Date
Take a break from CPU battles and buy some new furniture!
01/09/15 Watch Disgaea 5's Animated Opening
It really gets that blood boiling!
01/09/15 Brandish: The Dark Revenant Gets A North American Release Date
That sweet Nihon Falcom music is almost here.
01/09/15 Mega Man Battle Network 2 Now Available For Virtual Console
Remember when there used to be too many Mega Man games? Those were good times...
01/09/15 Guild Wars 2’s Point of No Return Gets Teaser Trailer
With Glint’s egg missing, there will be war.
01/08/15 New Baldur's Gate in the Works
And it's using the Infinity Engine.
01/08/15 Games of the Year 2014 Awards
It's time again to honor this year's best. In a year with so many strong contenders, what comes out on top?
01/08/15 Square Enix Says Goofy Goofed on Kingdom Hearts III Release Date
But did he?
01/08/15 RPGFan Music: Luxendarc Daikikou / Linked Horizons Reviews
They're the Bravely Default live albums, if you're curious.
01/08/15 Matsuura Wants to Hit You Right in the Nostalgia With Legend of Legacy
Don't worry, it won't hurt much.
01/08/15 Voice Actor Says Kingdom Hearts III to Arrive in 2015
I really, really, REALLY hope Goofy is a credible source.
01/08/15 Series Director Says More Dragon Quest Projects Are in the Works
Say it ain't so!
01/08/15 The Witcher 3 System Requirements Revealed
And, surprisingly, they aren't too bad!
01/07/15 Hyrule Warriors Design to Influence Next Zelda Game
Hope you like big bosses and open worlds.
01/07/15 New Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call DLC Tracks Coming This Week
It even has a Xenogears track in it!
01/06/15 The Character World Returns in Disgaea 5
And completely overhauled.
01/06/15 Alphadia Genesis For Steam Gets Release Date
More Kemco?
01/06/15 Get a Skull Kid Figurine With Majora's Mask 3D Special Edition
Proximity to this adorably creepy figurine will hopefully not lead to demonic possession.
01/06/15 New Kemco RPG Grace of Letoile Now Available
No indication that one of these time-travelling dolls is named Chucky.
01/06/15 Fault - Milestone 2 Currently Being Localized
Continue your journey back to your homeland.
01/06/15 RPGFan Music: Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Super Music Complete
I can't decide if I'd rather own an omega ruby or an alpha sapphire.
01/06/15 SaGa 2015 to Have a New Battle System
Lots of changes coming to the popular series.
01/05/15 Tales of Zestiria Media Showcases the World and Characters
Looks like a Tales game alright.
01/05/15 Pathfinder Online Early Enrollment Process Has Started
And new information will be coming soon.
01/04/15 The Dream Machine Chapter 5 Review
Almost there.
01/03/15 More Details On Disgaea 5 Job Classes And Monsters
Pirates and Grizzlies and Imps, oh my!
01/03/15 Atelier Escha and Logy Plus Gets Snazzy Limited Edition
Some alchemic goodies to go with the game!
01/03/15 Square Enix Says Mevius Final Fantasy Will Be A "Full-Scale, High-Quality RPG"
"A new era of gaming is here"
01/03/15 New Details On Dragon Quest Heroes
Kamekameha! Wait, wrong Akira Toriyama universe.
01/01/15 RPGFan Games of the Year 2014: Reader's Choice Voting
It's award season, and once again, we want to know what your favorites were.
01/01/15 Persona 5 Producer Hints at Theme for Game
Only as a group can you break entrapment.
01/01/15 Capcom Files Trademark for Dragon Dogma Online
Step one: boring legal stuff. Step two: game.
01/01/15 RPGFan Music: From Astral to Umbral: Final Fantasy XIV Band & Piano Review

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