May 1999
05/29/99 Lunar Wallpaper & More!
05/28/99 Anachronox Pics & Artwork
05/28/99 Dew Prism
05/28/99 Lunar Shipping Correction!
05/28/99 Six New Editor Reviews
05/27/99 Zelda galleries get facelift!
05/27/99 Lunar Shipped!
05/27/99 Zelda 64 Part 2?
05/26/99 Square demo revealed
05/26/99 FAQs update and more!
05/25/99 Lunar 2 Real Audio Update
05/25/99 Final Fantasy IX?
05/25/99 Crazy Square Rumor
05/24/99 Real Audio Update
05/23/99 Victor Ireland Interview
05/22/99 Lunar 2: Eternal Blue
05/22/99 Legend of Legaia Review
05/22/99 Release Dates Update
05/19/99 Legend of Mana demo Review
05/18/99 Mystery RPG: The Full Story
05/17/99 A New Tool
05/17/99 Rudo's HUGE E3 Report
05/17/99 Rudo's E3 News Tidbits
05/17/99 Lunar SSS NOT on PC
05/15/99 Last E3 Update!
05/15/99 E3: Day Three
05/15/99 E3: Day Two
05/14/99 More E3 Goodies!
05/13/99 Various E3 News
05/13/99 Working Designs E3 Lineup!
05/13/99 Vandal Hearts II Info
05/13/99 Dragon Quest Characters: Toruneko's Mysterious Dungeons 2
05/13/99 Enix Officially Joins PSY
05/13/99 Pocketstation Cancelled in the US
05/13/99 Dreamcast To Include Modem
05/13/99 Climax Landers Delayed
05/13/99 Nintendo's New System Unveiled
05/12/99 E3 news!
05/12/99 More Real Audio
05/09/99 Real Audio Update
05/09/99 Movies page update.
05/09/99 Final Fantasy II Art
05/09/99 Guardian's Crusade Review!
05/08/99 Lunar Files and News!
05/08/99 Final Fantasy VI & Shenmue Movies
05/08/99 US Dreamcast RPG Revealed
05/08/99 FF Flashback!
05/07/99 50 New MIDIs!
05/06/99 Another Final Fantasy VIII review!
05/05/99 Breath of Fire IV Confirmed!
05/05/99 New Masaya Strategy RPG
05/05/99 Startling Odyssey Series Ported to PSX
05/05/99 Ogre Battle 3 Release Date
05/05/99 More Real Audio
05/04/99 Movies page updates and alterations
05/03/99 New poll!
05/03/99 Real Audio Update
05/03/99 Message Boards are back!!
05/01/99 Lunar: SSS Complete Approved by Sony
05/01/99 Dragon Quest VII Delayed
05/01/99 Shadow Madness Delayed


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