July 1999
07/31/99 Shining Force 3 Movies
07/31/99 New Zelda games on the way!
07/31/99 Breath of Fire 4 announced!
07/31/99 Picture Follow-ups
07/30/99 Hybrid Heaven Preview
07/29/99 Earthbound Revisited!
07/28/99 Ten New Reviews
07/28/99 Arc The Lad III Pictures
07/28/99 Don't count out these Systems yet!
07/27/99 An Interview with Game Arts!
07/26/99 A Bad Omen for Vagrant Story?
07/26/99 Growlanser Battle System Revealed!
07/26/99 Dew Prism & Mana Media
07/25/99 News from Japan!
07/25/99 Phantasy Star 4 Music
07/23/99 Tribute to Mana
07/22/99 Chrono Cross Preview!
07/20/99 Legend of Mana Movies
07/20/99 Legend of Mana Screen Shots!
07/20/99 Legend of Mana Music
07/19/99 Movies page stuff
07/19/99 Chrono Cross Storyline Info!
07/18/99 Grandia Music
07/18/99 Chrono Trigger on the PSX?
07/18/99 FF8 U.S. Packaging
07/17/99 The Father of RPGs
07/17/99 Chrono Cross Pics!!!
07/17/99 Chrono Cross movies!
07/16/99 Chrono Cross Info & Media
07/16/99 Pictures Galore!
07/16/99 Yasunori Mitsuda to score Chrono Cross
07/16/99 Thousand Arms extras!
07/15/99 Ys Eternal News!
07/15/99 RPGFan News!
07/15/99 Lunar Hyper PC Application!
07/14/99 Square's Plans for 2000
07/13/99 More Release Dates
07/13/99 Lunar Outtakes Galore!
07/13/99 Chatroom!
07/12/99 Breath of Fire 3 Music
07/11/99 A Multitude of Pics!
07/11/99 Server move almost completed!
07/11/99 Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Extras!
07/08/99 Jade Cocoon Pictures!
07/07/99 RPG Fan News!
07/07/99 Chrono Cross Confirmed!
07/06/99 Legend of Mana preview!
07/06/99 Pre-order FF8, win a car?
07/06/99 Hot FFA Rumor!!!
07/06/99 Growlanser
07/05/99 Langrisser Millennium Artwork
07/05/99 Ten More Reviews
07/05/99 Breath of Fire III Pictures
07/04/99 BIGTIME Lunar Series update!
07/04/99 2 New Editorial
07/03/99 Langrisser Dramatic Review
07/02/99 Saved Games Section Goes Up!
07/02/99 Lunar MIDIs!
07/02/99 Webrings and Petitions!
07/01/99 4 More Editorials


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