August 1999
08/31/99 Chrono Cross Movies & Pictures
08/31/99 Front Mission 3 Preview
08/31/99 More Super Robot Wars 64 Info!
08/30/99 Gate Keepers Pictures
08/30/99 N64 RPG Details
08/29/99 More Evolution 2 Artwork
08/28/99 Nintendo Space World '99
08/28/99 Chrono Trigger re-release to include new demo of Chrono Cross!
08/28/99 Eternal Arcadia Pics
08/25/99 Thousand Arms Movies
08/25/99 Thousand Arms Pictures
08/25/99 Explanation of RPGFan's problems
08/22/99 More Zelda Gaiden news? You got it!
08/21/99 Wild Arms 2 Media
08/20/99 Preview of Zelda Gaiden!
08/20/99 Details about the new Zelda Gameboy Color games!
08/20/99 Two new Zeldas for N64?
08/20/99 Chrono Trigger for PSX Confirmed!
08/20/99 3 New Reviews
08/19/99 Shen Mue Pictures
08/19/99 News on Evolution's release
08/19/99 Persona 2 Pictures
08/18/99 Zelda Gaiden to use 4MB Expansion Pak
08/18/99 Final Fantasy VIII Map!
08/18/99 Grandia Music
08/17/99 Thousand Arms Movie
08/17/99 Legend of Mana Swedish?
08/17/99 New videos
08/16/99 Evolution 2 Pictures
08/16/99 What is Mother 3.5?
08/15/99 FFA U.S. Packaging!
08/15/99 Ultima IX: Ascension Pictures
08/15/99 Various FF8 News
08/14/99 File Updates!
08/14/99 Might and Magic 7 Review and Pictures
08/14/99 HUGE Chrono Cross update!
08/13/99 Thousand Arms: Loaded!
08/12/99 Three New Reviews
08/12/99 Working Designs and Dreamcast?
08/12/99 Valkyrie Profile Pictures
08/12/99 Growlanser Screenshots
08/11/99 Bernard Stolar no more?
08/11/99 Wild Arms 2 gameplay details
08/10/99 Evolution 2 Pictures
08/10/99 Black/Matrix Screenshots
08/10/99 Breath of Fire IV Pictures
08/09/99 Shining Force 3 Premium Disk Offer
08/08/99 Lunar Music
08/08/99 Vandal Hearts II Pictures!
08/07/99 Front Mission 3 Media
08/07/99 NCS to stock US Dreamcast consoles
08/06/99 Vagrant Story Media
08/05/99 Lunar Stuff
08/05/99 Super Robot Wars 64 and Link Battler!
08/05/99 New RPG from Enix and Tri-Ace on the way!
08/04/99 Pictures of Zelda Gaiden!!!
08/04/99 Four FF8 Ads!
08/04/99 Wild ARMs 2 Pictures
08/03/99 The return of a Japanese cult game title
08/03/99 Official Chrono Cross Media!
08/01/99 Enix Developing for Playstation 2?


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