September 1999
09/30/99 Square Products!
09/29/99 Soundtracks!
09/29/99 Zill O'll Info
09/28/99 Pictures!
09/28/99 The Legend of Dragoon Info
09/27/99 Chrono Trigger Remake Screens and Movies!
09/27/99 FromSoftware Media & News!
09/26/99 RPGFan's New Design!
09/24/99 Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Pictures
09/24/99 Phantasy Star Online!
09/23/99 Magazine Ads!
09/21/99 Wild Arms 2 Movie!
09/20/99 Valkyrie Profile Pictures
09/19/99 New Final Fantasy Video
09/18/99 Real Audio Update
09/18/99 TGS Pictures
09/18/99 Tokyo Game Show Coverage Continues!
09/18/99 New Details on Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross
09/17/99 Tokyo Game Show Coverage Continued!
09/17/99 Vagrant Story Pictures
09/17/99 Tokyo Game Show: Part 2
09/16/99 More Valkyrie Profile Pics
09/16/99 Tales of Eternia Pictures
09/15/99 Final Fantasy VIII Screenshots!
09/15/99 Zill O'll Pictures
09/15/99 Final Fantasy IX and X?
09/14/99 Super Robot Wars Alpha
09/14/99 Detonator Gauntlet and Lunar 2 Pictures
09/13/99 New Valkyrie Profile Media
09/13/99 Playstation 2 announced!
09/13/99 More Chrono Cross Pics
09/13/99 New Tales of Eternia Screen
09/12/99 Three Reviews and a Preview
09/11/99 New Release Dates
09/11/99 Alundra 2 Pictures
09/11/99 Tales of Eternia Art
09/11/99 Tales of Eternia
09/10/99 Langrisser Millennium, Black/Matrix and Phantasy Star Online!
09/10/99 Valkyrie Profile Pictures
09/10/99 More Evolution 2 Screens
09/09/99 Growlanser Products
09/09/99 More Hybrid Heaven Screens
09/09/99 New BOF4 Screens & Art
09/08/99 Vagrant Story Preview
09/08/99 Final Fantasy VIII Impressions
09/07/99 Tokyo Game Show Fall 1999!
09/07/99 Shining The Holy Ark Music
09/07/99 Tail Concerto Media!
09/05/99 Legend of Mana Products
09/05/99 New details for Breath of Fire 4
09/05/99 New RPG from Sony is on the way!
09/05/99 New chatroom!
09/05/99 Warcraft III Revealed
09/04/99 Sakura Taisen 3 and New Release Dates
09/04/99 Dew Prism Pictures
09/04/99 Koudelka exposed!
09/04/99 New Release Dates!
09/04/99 Detonator Gauntlet Pictures
09/03/99 Evolution 2 Screens
09/02/99 Words Worth Review
09/02/99 Dew Prism Interview
09/01/99 Wild Arms 2 Preview
09/01/99 Valkyrie Profile Info revealed!
09/01/99 Major Movie Update


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