October 1999
10/31/99 Morrowind Interview
10/31/99 Packaging Pics!
10/31/99 Two Magic Knight Rayearth Reviews
10/29/99 Legend of Dragoon Interview!
10/29/99 Deus Ex Interview
10/28/99 Quick Dreamcast News
10/28/99 Oogami Makes His Reappearance Next September
10/27/99 Revenant Is Out Now!
10/27/99 Arcanum Interview
10/27/99 New Alundra 2 Gameplay Details
10/26/99 Eternal Arcadia Goes Fishing
10/26/99 Ultima IX Interview
10/26/99 Wheel of Time goes gold!
10/26/99 Grandia Is Finally Out!
10/25/99 AD Vision Acquires Arc the Lad Anime
10/25/99 RPG Maker U.S. Bound
10/25/99 New Alundra 2 Pics
10/25/99 Baldur's Gate On Playstation
10/25/99 Dew Prism Commercial!
10/24/99 Dragon Quest Soundtrack
10/24/99 PE1 and PE2 Trailers
10/23/99 Thousand Arms Revisited!
10/23/99 Alundra OST
10/23/99 Black Matrix AD Screens
10/23/99 New Escape System for Parasite Eve 2
10/22/99 Good news for Wild ARMs Music fans
10/22/99 A New Xenogears Game?
10/22/99 Enix U.S. Games Announced
10/22/99 Zelda Delayed
10/22/99 Zill O'll Update
10/22/99 All Alundra Movies (Intro and End)
10/22/99 Chrono Cross Demo Review
10/21/99 Millenium Event Postponed
10/20/99 US Grandia Sneak Preview
10/20/99 New Arc the Lad III Gameplay Info
10/20/99 Sakura Taisen 3 Artwork
10/20/99 Interview With Enix on Valkyrie Profile!
10/20/99 Evolution Nearly Ready
10/20/99 Valkyrie Profile Limited Edition
10/19/99 Falcom does Dreamcast
10/18/99 New Chrono Cross Trailer!
10/18/99 Two Quirky Rpg Releases On October 21
10/18/99 Valkyrie Profile Delayed
10/18/99 More Chrono Cross Characters
10/18/99 Enix Reemerges in the U.S.
10/18/99 Definite Date for Dragon Quest VII?
10/18/99 Details on Sakura Project 2000 Revealed!
10/17/99 All Five FF Anthology CG Movies
10/17/99 New Poll!
10/17/99 Phantasy Star Online Interview
10/16/99 New Information on Sakura Taisen 3
10/16/99 Weekend Picture Update!
10/16/99 Final Fantasy VIII Movies
10/15/99 Grandia Soundtracks
10/15/99 Release Dates Galore!
10/14/99 Dragon Quest VII Delayed Again!
10/14/99 Climax Landers Makes its Way Stateside
10/14/99 Activision Acquires Rights to Alundra 2
10/14/99 Black Isle Studios Announces Icewind Dale
10/14/99 Interview With Namco About Tales of Eternia!
10/14/99 Thousand Arms Released!
10/13/99 No More Lunar?
10/13/99 Dew Prism Pictures
10/13/99 Men at Work! Review and Pics
10/12/99 New Eve Game Headed Out For The Psx Console!
10/11/99 Volition Releases Info On Summoner
10/11/99 King's Field Developing Tool Revealed
10/11/99 New Zelda Title On Gameboy
10/11/99 Wild Arms Spins Off Into The Anime Realm
10/11/99 Valkyrie Profile Artwork!
10/11/99 Dragon Quest VII Revives Old System
10/11/99 Ys Books 1&2 Review
10/10/99 PSX Grandia Pics and Movies
10/09/99 From Software Reveals Ever Grace
10/08/99 Evolution 2 Artwork!
10/07/99 New Fan Art!
10/06/99 4 New Movies!
10/06/99 Suikoden II Ad
10/06/99 Chrono Cross Images!
10/05/99 RPG Soundtracks Update
10/05/99 Victor Ireland Speaks Out About Dreamcast Development
10/05/99 Final Fantasy Anthology Ships
10/05/99 The Legend of Dragoon Media
10/04/99 Sierra Announces New PC Rpg
10/04/99 Shining Force 3 Movie
10/04/99 Interview with Chunsoft Over Development of New N64 Action RPG!
10/04/99 New Chrono Cross Characters Revealed
10/04/99 Suikoden II movies!
10/03/99 New Movies!
10/03/99 New Growlanser Info
10/02/99 Koudelka Gameplay Info
10/02/99 Tribute to Tales of Destiny
10/01/99 All About RPG School GB
10/01/99 Nine Reviews and a Preview
10/01/99 Dragon Quest Characters: Tolneko's Big Adventure 2 ~The Mysterious Dungeon~ News!


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