November 1999
11/30/99 New Legend of Dragoon Characters
11/30/99 New Eternal Ring Info!
11/30/99 Ultima IX Patch Coming Soon
11/30/99 New Ever Grace Info
11/30/99 A LOT of movies! Yes, a LOT!
11/30/99 Square on the WonderSwan?
11/30/99 Koudelka Products
11/30/99 Saturn Pictures!
11/29/99 Atlus Boards Sony's Gravy Train
11/29/99 Enix Ramps Up Its Development
11/29/99 Final Fantasy IX Delayed.
11/29/99 More Import Packaging
11/27/99 Revive Introduction Movie
11/27/99 Sega Hopeful As Losses Exceed Forecast
11/27/99 Soundtrack Update
11/27/99 Mailbag Update
11/26/99 Konami Ads
11/26/99 News Bit On Another Sakura Taisen Spinoff
11/26/99 Soundtrack Update
11/25/99 CD2 & PE2 Packaging!
11/25/99 3 new movies and a new movie layout!
11/25/99 Square Products
11/24/99 Planescape: Torment Media!
11/24/99 Interview With Red About ST3!
11/23/99 Robin Hood NES Review
11/23/99 Square EA To Open An Online Store
11/23/99 Ultima IX Ships!
11/23/99 Neverwinter Nights Preview Trailer
11/22/99 Koudelka and Shin Megami Tensei Info
11/22/99 Hey! Waddaya know? MORE movies!
11/22/99 Alundra 2 Packaging
11/22/99 More Zill O'll Pictures!
11/21/99 New Shen Mue and Popolocrois II Info
11/21/99 Three New Reviews
11/21/99 Detonator Gauntlet Undergoes Name Change
11/21/99 Pictures From Interplay RPGs!
11/21/99 All the Chrono Trigger Movies you can handle!
11/19/99 RPGFan Mailbag Section Debut
11/19/99 New Sakura Taisen OVA Info!
11/19/99 New Legend of Dragoon Characters Revealed
11/18/99 2 new movies and some news about the site!
11/18/99 Front Mission 3 Here We Come!
11/18/99 A Final Dragon Quest VII Date?
11/18/99 Shen Mue back on track for '99
11/18/99 Evolution 2 Wallpaper!
11/18/99 Princess Mononoke expands its reaches
11/18/99 Release Date Madness
11/17/99 Ever Grace Takes A New Turn
11/17/99 Chrono Cross Survives Famitsuu
11/16/99 More Chrono Cross Characters
11/16/99 Tengai Makyo On Dreamcast?
11/15/99 Koudelka American Style
11/15/99 Final Fantasy VIII Demo On The Way
11/13/99 Info on Evolution 2 VMS Mini Game
11/12/99 The Full Sakura Project 2000 Release Schedule
11/12/99 New Tales of Eternia Pictures!
11/12/99 Two More News Bits
11/11/99 Miscellaneous News Bits A Plenty!
11/10/99 Baldur's Gate 2 In Development
11/10/99 Hironobu Sakaguchi Interview
11/10/99 Pokémon Movie Impressions
11/10/99 SaGa Frontier 2 U.S. Packaging
11/09/99 EverQuest Interview
11/09/99 Ultima IX has gone gold!
11/08/99 Saga Frontier 2 on the way to Europe
11/07/99 Interview with Richard Garriott
11/07/99 Three New Reviews
11/07/99 Ogre Battle Tribute!
11/06/99 Langrisser Movies up the Wazoo!
11/06/99 Tail Concerto Released!
11/05/99 Yet More Soundtracks
11/05/99 Ultima IX Media!
11/05/99 Alundra OST
11/04/99 Two New Interviews
11/04/99 Symphony of Light Playstation 2 Bound
11/04/99 Atlus Grabs Ogre Battle
11/04/99 First Look at Evergrace!
11/04/99 Langrisser Millennium Released
11/04/99 Chrono Trigger Anime Screens
11/04/99 Chrono Trigger Anime Screens
11/04/99 Chrono Trigger Anime Screens
11/03/99 CT PSX Packaging and Intro Movie!
11/03/99 New Vagrant Story Details
11/02/99 The Return of the Saturn?
11/02/99 Amano Interview
11/02/99 Growlanser Extras
11/02/99 Vagrant Story Trailer
11/02/99 New Chrono Cross Plot Info!
11/01/99 EverQuest Expands
11/01/99 Evolution Delayed!
11/01/99 Vagrant Story Pictures
11/01/99 Eternal Eye This December


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Crowdfunding Chronicles Volume 1

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Square Enix Reveals Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers

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