December 1999
12/31/99 Time Stalkers Pictures
12/31/99 Mailbag Update
12/31/99 New Game in Gundam Series!
12/31/99 E.G.G. hits store shelves everywhere!
12/31/99 The Last Release Dates Update Ever?
12/29/99 New Magazine Ads!
12/29/99 Anime Dream Makes a Fashionably Late Entrance
12/28/99 Previews Update
12/28/99 Ever Grace and Eternal Ring become launch titles!
12/28/99 Evolution Pictures
12/27/99 Miscellaneous Portable RPG News
12/27/99 Picture Explosion!
12/27/99 MORE Movies!!
12/26/99 Eternal Ring & Evergrace Pics
12/26/99 Two New Videos.
12/25/99 Eve Zero Special Edition!
12/24/99 The Christmas Review Update
12/24/99 Valkyrie Profile Wrap-Up
12/24/99 The history of RPG Fan and LunarNET
12/23/99 Miscellaneous Update
12/23/99 Warcraft III Screens
12/23/99 Ogre Battle 64 Preview
12/23/99 Import Saturn Pictures
12/23/99 Finally, an Ultima IX Patch!
12/22/99 Legend of Dragoon Review and Others
12/22/99 Seven billion for Shen Mue?
12/21/99 Square Products
12/21/99 A whole bunch of new videos
12/21/99 Chocobo's Dungeon 2 Intro Movie!
12/21/99 Lunar on the PC!
12/20/99 Crystalis and Shen Mue info
12/20/99 The First Star Ocean Will be Ported!
12/20/99 Tales of Eternia Darkens
12/20/99 Legend of Dragoon Pictures
12/20/99 Editorials Update
12/19/99 New Poll!
12/18/99 Two New Previews
12/18/99 FromSoftware RPGs
12/17/99 Valkyrie Profile Calendar & More
12/17/99 Another New RPG From Capcom?
12/16/99 Vagrant Story and Ogre Battle Info
12/16/99 Previews Update
12/16/99 Five More Reviews & Pics
12/16/99 Neverwinter Nights Progress
12/16/99 Final Fantasy VIII Might Get its Own "Piano Collection"
12/16/99 Valkyrie Profile Packaging
12/15/99 Valkyrie Profile Pictures
12/15/99 5 New Movies
12/15/99 Squaresoft's Year 2000 Product List
12/15/99 Is There Hope For Ultima IX?
12/15/99 Editorials Update
12/15/99 Saved Games Updated
12/14/99 Asheron's Call Event on the way
12/14/99 Eternal Arcadia Preview
12/14/99 Soundtracks Update
12/14/99 Anime Dream Nears Completion
12/14/99 Final Fantasy VIII Sells 6 Million
12/14/99 The Next Zelda Five Years Away?
12/13/99 Harvest Moon PSX
12/13/99 Square Millennium News
12/13/99 Six More Reviews
12/13/99 Is Shen Mue already a best seller?
12/13/99 Editorial Update
12/13/99 Final Fantasy VIII PC gets an official release date!
12/13/99 Previews Update
12/12/99 Diablo II Pictures
12/12/99 Dreamcast RPG News
12/11/99 Soul Hackers Intro
12/11/99 Planescape: Torment Ships to Retail!
12/10/99 Growlanser Intro Movies!
12/10/99 Icewind Dale and Planescape Info
12/10/99 Septerra Core and Ys Eternal Reviews
12/09/99 Final Fantasy VIII Hits One Million
12/08/99 U.S. Grandia Ad
12/08/99 BOF4 Media
12/08/99 Seven More Reader Reviews
12/07/99 Final Fantasy VIII Demo
12/07/99 Breath of Fire 4 and Everquest Info
12/06/99 Shen Mue Prelaunch Promotions
12/06/99 Kamurai: A first Look!
12/06/99 Dragon Valor Intro Movie
12/05/99 Tempest Media!
12/04/99 Review Update
12/03/99 Chrono Trigger & Chrono Cross Packaging
12/03/99 Selling out Pokemon for a good cause
12/03/99 The God RPG has a name
12/03/99 Squaresoft Opens Online Store
12/02/99 Koudelka Packaging
12/02/99 Final Fantasy on the WonderSwan Official
12/02/99 Fan-Made Music!
12/01/99 Miscellaneous Updates
12/01/99 The God RPG?
12/01/99 Editorials!


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Retro Encounter 184: Ys: The Oath in Felghana Part II

Retro Encounter 184: Ys: The Oath in Felghana Part II

Edge of Eternity Preview

Edge of Eternity

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Zanki Zero: Last Beginning

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