January 2000
01/31/00 Editorials Update
01/30/00 Square EA 2000 Releases
01/30/00 Ad Frenzy!
01/29/00 Mailbag Update - Deja Vu
01/29/00 Valkyrie Profile and More Reader Reviews
01/29/00 Arc The Lad III and Chrono Trigger Remix Editor Reviews
01/28/00 Final Fantasy is far from being final
01/28/00 Final Fantasy Saved Games
01/28/00 More characters from Grandia II revealed
01/27/00 Thursday's News Tidbits
01/27/00 Arc the Lad Collection Preview
01/27/00 Arc the Lad Collection Pictures
01/27/00 New Grandia II pictures and details!
01/26/00 Arc the Lad Series Headed to US!
01/26/00 New Ultima IX patch!...sorta.
01/26/00 Wednesday Picture Tidbits
01/26/00 Lunar 2: Eternal Blue News!
01/26/00 Wednesday Morning News Update
01/25/00 Four Reader Reviews
01/25/00 RPGFan News
01/23/00 RPGFan Problems!
01/23/00 Fanfiction Update!
01/23/00 Four new Reader Reviews
01/22/00 Mailbag Update
01/22/00 E.G.G. Media
01/22/00 Saturday's News Update
01/22/00 Sony Announces Two New RPG Titles in America!
01/21/00 Lots of Baroque Pictures
01/21/00 RPGFan Special: Interview for Project Majestic Mix!
01/20/00 SRW Compact 2!
01/20/00 Shen Mue Editor Review
01/20/00 Vagrant Story Wallpaper
01/20/00 New Grandia 2 Details!
01/19/00 Wednesday's News Update
01/19/00 Anime Dream Opens!
01/19/00 First Official U.S. SaGa 2 Screens!
01/19/00 Squaresoft Opens Official SaGa Frontier 2 Page!
01/18/00 Japanese Sales Chart
01/18/00 Septerra Core Editor Review
01/17/00 Shining Force 2 Music
01/17/00 Monday's News Update
01/17/00 Neverwinter Nights Interview
01/17/00 Evolution 2 Screens & More
01/16/00 Final Fantasy Saved Games
01/16/00 Weekend News Update
01/15/00 Evolution U.S. Packaging
01/15/00 Vandal Hearts 2 and Gameboy Editor Reviews
01/14/00 Kamurai: A Second Look
01/14/00 Six Reader Reviews
01/14/00 PlayStation 2 Preview
01/13/00 Another Alundra 2 Promo Video!
01/13/00 Alundra 2 Pictures
01/13/00 Final Fantasy VIII PC IS GOLD!
01/13/00 Square opens new Vagrant Story site
01/13/00 The Games of 1999
01/12/00 Dragon Warrior Returns to the U.S.
01/11/00 Soundtracks Update
01/10/00 Todd McFarlane and Ultima?!
01/10/00 Editorial Update
01/10/00 Breath of Fire IV Preview
01/10/00 Arc the Lad III Movies!
01/09/00 More BOF4 Media
01/08/00 A Chrono Cross and Some PC Reviews
01/07/00 Summoner Lands on the PS2
01/06/00 More Info on Icewind Dale
01/06/00 Chocobo World Downloadable to Try
01/05/00 Planescape: Torment Review
01/05/00 New Shen Mue info and more!
01/04/00 Best RPG of '99 Poll
01/04/00 Fan Fiction Update!
01/04/00 The Working Designs Bombshell
01/04/00 Millenium Movie Madness!!
01/04/00 RPG Tsukuul on Game Boy Color
01/04/00 Fire Emblem Media
01/04/00 FF8 Piano Collection Track List
01/02/00 RPGFan Announcements!


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The Swords of Ditto

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Retro Encounter 161