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April 2000
04/30/00 Threads of Fate/Dew Prism Poll
04/30/00 Koudelka and Legend of Mana Ads!
04/29/00 Editorials Update
04/29/00 Project Majestic Mix Art Contest!
04/29/00 Breath of Fire IV Media
04/28/00 Friday News Part 2!
04/28/00 Zelda Media Update!
04/28/00 Friday News
04/27/00 Reader Review Update
04/26/00 Wednesday's News and Media
04/25/00 Final Fantasy 8 PC Patch!
04/25/00 Previews Update
04/25/00 News for Tuesday
04/24/00 Alundra 2 Editor Review
04/23/00 Sunday News
04/23/00 Enix Media
04/23/00 Two Editor Reviews
04/23/00 Enix America Poll
04/21/00 Persona 2 Real Audio
04/20/00 New Movies!
04/20/00 New Warcraft III Screens
04/20/00 Devil Children Pictures!
04/19/00 Vagrant Story U.S. packaging
04/19/00 Wednesday's Media Update!
04/19/00 News For a Wednesday
04/19/00 Enix Announces U.S. Line Up
04/18/00 New Release Dates Section!
04/18/00 Server Problems
04/18/00 Tuesday News
04/17/00 Misc. Packaging scans!
04/16/00 Previews News
04/16/00 Two Reader Reviews
04/16/00 Lufia GBC Poll
04/15/00 New Final Fantasy IX Character Descriptions!
04/15/00 Mailbag Update - Opinions Rule the Day
04/15/00 News for Saturday Morning
04/14/00 Innocent Tears Pictures
04/13/00 Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Pictures
04/13/00 Thursday Morning News
04/12/00 BOF4 Screens and Packaging
04/12/00 Lufia III GBC News
04/11/00 More Dragon Quest VII Pictures
04/11/00 Tuesday Update
04/10/00 Soundtracks Update
04/10/00 Sega's New Action RPG
04/09/00 TGS Poll
04/09/00 A Closer Look At One Fourth
04/09/00 Three New Editor Reviews
04/08/00 Early Saturday Morning News
04/07/00 Friday News
04/06/00 Thursday News Bits
04/06/00 Final Fantasy IX Coke Commercial
04/05/00 Tokyo Game Show Report (Part 2)
04/05/00 New FFIX Characters Unveiled! ...Sort Of
04/05/00 New Info on Pokémon X!
04/04/00 Assorted PS Packaging
04/04/00 Tokyo Game Show Report (Part 1)
04/03/00 Sakura Con 2000 Enix Report
04/02/00 RPGFan's April Fools!
04/02/00 Lunar 2 Preview
04/02/00 Portables Poll
04/01/00 Six new Reader Reviews
04/01/00 New RPGFan Format!
04/01/00 US Chrono Cross Screens and Box Art!


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