September 2001
09/30/01 RPGFanfiction - The Next Generation
09/30/01 Monkey Island 2 Review
09/30/01 Our First Story Arc
09/29/01 Massive PlayStation 2 RPG to be Shown at TGS
09/27/01 First Star Ocean 3 Screen Shots
09/27/01 Sakura Taisen Online Screen Shots
09/27/01 Growlanser III To Release In December
09/26/01 How do You Want to Die Today?
09/26/01 New Star Ocean 3 Info
09/26/01 Saiyuki Review
09/26/01 Sakura Taisen Online Details
09/26/01 Square Masterpieces Collection Unveiled
09/26/01 MMORPG Editor Reviews
09/25/01 Saiyuki English Screen Shots
09/24/01 Zwei Media
09/24/01 Jade Cocoon 2 Media
09/24/01 Poll: What do you think of RPGFan Illustrated?
09/23/01 They're Among Us
09/23/01 ICO Preview and Demo Review
09/22/01 Square Rumored to Make Xbox Announcement
09/22/01 Tokyo Game Show Fall 2001: Square's Line-up
09/21/01 Legend of Alon D'ar Preview
09/21/01 Draconus: Cult of the Wyrm Review
09/21/01 Reader Reviews A'Plenty
09/20/01 Pokemon Crystal Review
09/20/01 Namco Distributes New Enix Toys
09/20/01 Dragon Warrior VII Release Date
09/19/01 Oh GOD the Leevers!
09/19/01 Tales of Fandom Announced
09/19/01 Tales of Destiny II Preview
09/17/01 Xenosaga Delay Announced
09/17/01 Jade Cocoon 2 Interview
09/17/01 Growlanser III Media
09/16/01 More Square RPGs In The Works For The WonderSwan Color
09/16/01 Depth Fantasia News Update
09/16/01 Editorials Update
09/16/01 Square Witch Project
09/15/01 Secret of Monkey Island Review
09/15/01 Zelda Reader Reviews
09/14/01 Retro Reader Reviews
09/14/01 New Lufia for GBA Announced as a Gaiden
09/13/01 4 Dragon Quest Soundtrack Reviews
09/13/01 Dragon Quest IV Release Date Announced
09/13/01 New Super Robot Taisen Game Announced
09/13/01 Final Fantasy X Confirmed for January Stateside Release
09/13/01 Mailbag Update!
09/12/01 New comic
09/11/01 A Day of Mourning
09/10/01 Phantasy Star Online to See PC Release
09/10/01 Shadow Hearts Media Update
09/09/01 RPGFan Illustrated Debuts
09/09/01 Shadow Hearts to be Released in North America
09/09/01 Pokemon Crystal Reader Reviews
09/08/01 Dragon Quest IV Release Month Announced
09/07/01 Small List of TGS RPGs
09/06/01 CESA Announces First TGS Details
09/05/01 Three New Falcom Soundtrack Reviews
09/05/01 Immortal Reviews
09/05/01 Final Fantasy Chronicles Review
09/05/01 Shenmue II Localization Details
09/04/01 Official Tales of Destiny 2 Website Opens
09/04/01 Suikoden III Details, Release Date Announced
09/04/01 Shenmue II Garners Famitsu "Gold" Award
09/04/01 Golden Sun Preview
09/04/01 Blizzard Unveils World of Warcraft MMORPG
09/03/01 Magical Vacation Artwork & New Character Info
09/01/01 PlayStation Dragon Quest IV Screen Shots
09/01/01 Shin Megami Tensei II Media
09/01/01 Depth Fantasia Pictures


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The Swords of Ditto

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