October 2001
10/31/01 Editorials Update
10/31/01 Soundtrack News Part II
10/31/01 New Konami Soundtracks Announced
10/30/01 Kessen II Review
10/30/01 Retro Editor Reviews
10/30/01 Atlus Acquires Career Soft
10/29/01 Phantasy Star Online Gets BAFTA Award
10/29/01 Sly Like a Fox-Hound
10/29/01 New Castlevania Game For PS2
10/28/01 Elemental Saga On Indefinite Hold
10/28/01 Huge Square Masterpieces Media Update
10/28/01 Depth Fantasia Release Date Confirmed
10/28/01 First Jade Cocoon 2 English Screen Shots
10/27/01 Mailbag Update!
10/26/01 Torneko Announced For GBA
10/26/01 Wizardry: Tale of the Forsaken Land Media
10/26/01 Busin: Wizardry Alternative Review
10/26/01 New Xenosaga Trailer Info, Screen Shots
10/26/01 More Reader Reviews
10/26/01 Modern Reader Reviews
10/26/01 Asheron's Call: Dark Majesty Available
10/25/01 Final Fantasy X Soundtracks
10/25/01 Legend of Alon D'ar Info and Media Update
10/25/01 More Final Fantasy XI Details Surface
10/25/01 Shadow Hearts Coming To North America
10/24/01 Sega Outlines Future SegaNet Plans
10/24/01 RPG Maker Gets a Next-Gen Facelift
10/24/01 Square President Admits Past Mistakes
10/23/01 Innocent Tears Back On Track, Receives System Change
10/23/01 Hoshigami Staff Explains Delays
10/23/01 New Info on Nihon Falcom's Zwei
10/23/01 Poll: What do you think of the upcoming Square/Disney RPG Kingdom Hearts?
10/22/01 Kingdom Hearts Preview
10/21/01 What's That? I've Got A Bandanna In My Ear...
10/21/01 Rune Wallpaper
10/20/01 First Final Fantasy XI Story Details
10/20/01 "Style Changes" to be Introduced in Rockman EXE 2
10/20/01 New Grandia Games' Release Dates Set
10/20/01 Ubi Soft Launches Official Alon D'Ar Website
10/20/01 Big Blue Box Releases Project Ego Screens
10/20/01 Ex-Chaser Info And Media
10/19/01 Today's Joke...
10/19/01 Eternal Eyes Back From the Dead
10/18/01 Atlus Packaging Update
10/17/01 More Reviewing Goodness in Soundtracks
10/17/01 Sakura Taisen Song Show on DVD
10/17/01 Dragon Warrior VII English Screens
10/17/01 Shattered Galaxy Review
10/16/01 Dragon Warrior VII to Allow Party Conversations
10/16/01 [TGS] From Software To Extend Xbox Support
10/16/01 PSO coming to North American PCs
10/15/01 Lufia: The Legend Returns Review
10/14/01 Curse of Monkey Island Review
10/14/01 An Offer They Couldn't Refuse
10/14/01 Arcturus Joins Ragnarok
10/14/01 [TGS] Show Floor Pictures
10/13/01 [TGS] Konami Announces New PlayStation RPG
10/12/01 [TGS] Sakura Taisen 4 Unveiled
10/12/01 Arc of the Lad Collection Preorder Goodies
10/12/01 Poll: What RPGFan Merchandise would you want to buy?
10/12/01 Final Fantasy Tribute Album
10/12/01 Skies of Arcadia to See PS2 and Gamecube Release
10/12/01 Sega Pledges Even More Xbox Support at TGS
10/12/01 [TGS] FFIV Announced for WonderSwan Color, First Front Mission Screen
10/11/01 First Shining Soul Screens Revealed
10/11/01 Fanfiction Strikes Back
10/11/01 The Importance of Good Driving
10/10/01 Dark Age of Camelot Now in Stores
10/10/01 New Everquest Server to be Deployed
10/10/01 New "Shining" Game to be Shown at TGS
10/09/01 Sony Throws Big Money at Square
10/09/01 Genso Suikoden III to ship on December 20th
10/08/01 Okage: Shadow King Releases Today
10/08/01 ICO Editor Review
10/08/01 Tales of Destiny II Editor Review
10/07/01 To the GBAs!
10/07/01 Mailbag Update!
10/06/01 Heart to Heart - 3 New Reviews in Soundtracks
10/06/01 Retro Reader Reviews
10/06/01 Shenmue Editor Review
10/05/01 Atlus USA Readies Three RPGs for Holiday Season
10/05/01 Reader PSX Reviews
10/05/01 Spring TGS Given the Axe
10/04/01 The Man They Call "Bill"
10/04/01 Grandia Extreme First Screen Shots, More Info
10/03/01 New Information On Grandia Extreme
10/03/01 Final Fantasy Unlimited Game Series
10/02/01 Dreamcast Fuurai no Shiren Announced
10/02/01 More Tokyo Game Show Fall Announcements
10/01/01 Arc the Lad Collection Package Announced
10/01/01 Ragnarok Online Creates A Buzz
10/01/01 Suikoden III US Bound
10/01/01 New Sakura taisen online Info, Screens
10/01/01 Gamecube Nabs Evolution Worlds
10/01/01 Poll: Will You Be Purchasing Phantasy Star Online Version 2?
10/01/01 Pool of Radiance Uninstall Bug


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