November 2001
11/30/01 Sakura Taisen News
11/30/01 Sakura Taisen Memorial Packs Announced
11/30/01 Jade Cocoon 2 Goes Gold
11/30/01 Dragon Quest IV Outsells the Competiton
11/30/01 Retro PSX Reader Reviews
11/29/01 Shining Soul Preview
11/28/01 Legaia: Duel Saga Media Extravaganza
11/28/01 New Final Fantasy XI Online Media
11/28/01 SCEJ Announces Dual Hearts
11/28/01 New Lunar Legend Pictures
11/28/01 Square EA LLC Comments on Early FFX Release
11/27/01 Legend of Alon D'Ar Goes Gold
11/27/01 Fuurai no Shiren Gaiden Delayed
11/27/01 Poll: What are your feelings toward Lunar Legend?
11/27/01 Massive Final Fantasy Series Media Update
11/26/01 FOOM!
11/26/01 Magical Vacation Preview
11/26/01 Management Reshuffle At Square
11/26/01 Okage: Shadow King Media
11/25/01 Day One
11/25/01 Final Fantasy X Impressions, Media Update
11/23/01 Okage: Shadow King Review
11/23/01 Dragon Warrior VII Reader Review
11/23/01 New Info on Final Fantasy XI
11/23/01 Three Square Classics to be Re-released
11/22/01 Namco Expects Xenosaga to Sell Well in Japan
11/21/01 Happy Thanksgiving!
11/21/01 Final Fantasy X Release Date Confirmed
11/20/01 Mailbag Update!
11/20/01 Grandia Xtreme Preview
11/20/01 Final Fantasy XI Website and Event
11/19/01 Final Fantasy X to Release Early?
11/19/01 Tsugunai: Atonement Contest
11/19/01 Legend of Alon D'Ar Contest Winners!
11/19/01 News on PlayStation 2 Grandia Games
11/18/01 Tsugunai Preview
11/18/01 Arcturus Preview
11/18/01 Xenosaga Preview Update
11/18/01 Shadowbane Info And Images
11/17/01 New Kingdom Hearts Info
11/17/01 Special Edition FF DVD Extras
11/17/01 Nintendo Announces Tomato Adventure for GBA
11/16/01 Lunar: Legend Media, New Info
11/16/01 Two New Soundtrack Reviews
11/16/01 Suikoden Wallpaper Extravaganza
11/16/01 More King's Field IV Media
11/16/01 New Dragon Quest Screens
11/15/01 Black Moon Chronicles Closed Beta
11/15/01 RPGFan Radio Launches
11/14/01 Wizardry 8 Media
11/14/01 More Shining Soul Info
11/14/01 The Future of Asheron's Call
11/14/01 Lunar: SSSC American Re-Release
11/13/01 Cured?
11/13/01 Suikoden III Preview
11/13/01 Star Ocean 3 Preview
11/13/01 King's Field IV Preview
11/13/01 Forever Kingdom Preview
11/13/01 Retro Editor Reviews
11/12/01 Huge Evergrace 2 Media Update
11/12/01 Star Ocean 3 To Release By The End of March 2002
11/12/01 PlayStation 2 RPGs Media Update
11/12/01 Wild Arms 3 Premium Box Announced
11/12/01 Enix Shares Tumble in Tokyo
11/12/01 King's Field IV Wallpaper
11/11/01 Shenmue II Editor Review
11/10/01 Abarenbou Princess Nears Release
11/10/01 Final Fantasy Orchestrated
11/10/01 Black Moon Chronicles Release Revealed
11/10/01 More Phantasy Star Online Gamecube Media
11/10/01 Final Fantasy X International Announced
11/10/01 Shenmue III Development Confirmed
11/10/01 Suikoden III Delayed
11/09/01 New PS2 Grandia II Ads, Wallpaper
11/09/01 Redmoon Adds New Features
11/09/01 Poll: What is your preferred battle system?
11/09/01 Mailbag Update!
11/09/01 Breath of Fire II GBA Media
11/09/01 Tokimeki Memorial Madness
11/08/01 Release Dates Update
11/08/01 Xenosaga Localization Confirmed
11/08/01 RPGFan: The Cereal
11/08/01 Kingdom Hearts Artwork
11/08/01 Free EverQuest!
11/08/01 Final Fantasy X US Soundtrack Confirmed
11/08/01 Black Moon Chronicles Media
11/08/01 Sakura Taisen 2 Coming to Chinese and Taiwanese PCs
11/07/01 Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 Media Fest
11/07/01 Arc the Lad Collection's November Release Questionable
11/07/01 Lunar: Legend Announced For GBA
11/07/01 Enix Holds Contest to Name the New Dragon Quest Website
11/06/01 Square Director Talks PlayOnline
11/06/01 Square Posts Losses
11/05/01 The Intervention
11/05/01 Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 Editor Reviews
11/05/01 Yasumi Matsuno Doesn't Rule Out Sequel to Final Fantasy Tactics
11/05/01 New Phantasy Star Online Gamecube Media
11/05/01 Tsugunai OST to be Released Under the Procyon-Studio Label
11/05/01 PlayStation 2 Grandia II Battle Media
11/05/01 New Jade Cocoon English Screen Shots
11/05/01 Legend of Alon D'ar Media Update
11/04/01 Xenosaga Media & Info Update
11/04/01 Fanfiction Update
11/02/01 Xenosaga Premium Box Pictures
11/02/01 Dungeon Siege To Ship In April 2002
11/01/01 Dark Editor Reviews
11/01/01 The New Tunes with the Old
11/01/01 Editor Retro Review
11/01/01 The Legend of Alon D'ar Contest Revisions
11/01/01 Dragon Warrior VII hits America
11/01/01 Legend of Alon D'Ar Contest
11/01/01 Happy Candy Day


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