January 2002
01/31/02 New Lunar: Legend Pictures
01/30/02 The last Mailbag EVER!
01/30/02 Final Fantasy X Sales Figures Update
01/30/02 Konami takes a bite out of Genki.
01/29/02 Grandia II Ships
01/29/02 Popolocrois III Release Date Announced
01/29/02 So That's Why He Wanted the Glasses
01/28/02 New Chrono and SaGa games forthcoming
01/28/02 MMORPG Redmoon to be released in Latin America
01/28/02 Dark Age Hits 200,000
01/28/02 New Dungeon Siege Site Opens
01/28/02 Gameboy Advance Editor Reviews
01/27/02 Save RPGFan
01/27/02 The History of RPGFan
01/27/02 New GBA RPG Announced
01/27/02 Tactics Ogre Gaiden gets a US release date, name change
01/27/02 Megaman Battle Network Anime, Sequel News
01/27/02 Generation of Chaos Next: The Anime!
01/27/02 Square Sounds Re-Integrated
01/25/02 Eidos Announces New Localization Division
01/25/02 Retro Reader Reviews
01/25/02 New RPG Coming from Bandai
01/25/02 Xenosaga To Ship On One DVD
01/25/02 Summoner 2 Announced!
01/24/02 Neverwinter Nights Finds a New Publisher
01/23/02 Welcome to Kanno-101
01/22/02 Capcom Announces Black Black
01/21/02 Jade Cocoon 2 and Shadow Hearts Reviews
01/21/02 Editorials Update
01/21/02 Poll: Should game companies offer more game-related merchandise outside of Japan?
01/20/02 First Look At Dragon Quest Monsters 1-2
01/20/02 RPG Tsukuru 5 Details
01/20/02 Xenosaga Pre-Order Info, Contest
01/20/02 First Final Fantasy XI Merchandise
01/19/02 But It's So Cozy!
01/19/02 Shadowbane Enters Closed Beta Test
01/19/02 New Xenosaga Info
01/19/02 Angélique In Wonderland Screens
01/18/02 Huge Xenosaga Media Update
01/18/02 Dragon Quest Monsters Headed To The PlayStation
01/18/02 Microsoft Seeks More Japanese Support
01/18/02 New Final Fantasy XI Online Wallpaper
01/17/02 New RPG Soundtracks Coming Soon
01/17/02 Romancing SaGa 4 Revealed
01/17/02 New Info on Grandia Xtreme
01/17/02 Dark Age of Camelot Review
01/17/02 Koei Announces Magical Houshin
01/16/02 Mailbag Update!
01/16/02 Legend of Alon D'ar Review
01/15/02 Arc the Lad Pre-order Campaign Takes Off
01/15/02 Yet More Square RPGs Join Sony's PSone Books Collection
01/15/02 Hoshigami Finally Gets A Japanese Release Date
01/14/02 Atlus Announces Devil Children: Black Book - Red Book
01/12/02 A New Success-ful RPG
01/12/02 The Best-Selling RPGs of 2001
01/12/02 Investors Honor FFX's Success
01/11/02 Final Fantasy X Review Update
01/11/02 A New Year, A New Xenosaga Game
01/11/02 New Super Robot Wars in Development
01/11/02 Resolutions
01/10/02 New Additions To The PSOne Books Series
01/10/02 Lunar PC Cancelled, Lunar PS Re-release Details
01/10/02 Kingdom Hearts To Feature Utada Hikaru Song
01/10/02 Enix, Square, Chunsoft and Namco VIPs Talk About 2002
01/10/02 New Dragon Quest Music Collection
01/10/02 Ports of Baldur's Gate In the Making
01/09/02 Sakura Taisen 4 Screenshots, Artwork, New Info
01/09/02 Sakura Taisen Memorial Packs Goods
01/09/02 New Sakura Taisen Complete Box Details, Pictures
01/08/02 First Xenosaga Single Info
01/08/02 Tsugunai Soundtrack Sees Release
01/08/02 Kingdom Hearts Release Date Announced
01/08/02 Sakura Taisen 4 Release Date, Limited Edition Info
01/07/02 Old School Reader Reviews
01/07/02 Phantasy Star Online Gamecube, PC Previews
01/07/02 Poll: Are you excited about Final Fantasy XI (Online)?
01/06/02 La Pucelle Media Update
01/06/02 PSO for GC Gets Date
01/05/02 Dual Hearts Preview
01/04/02 Suikoden III Media Update
01/04/02 PlayOnline To Be Free of Charge
01/04/02 RPGFan's Games of 2001 Feature
01/04/02 Shin Megami Tensei II Remake Pushed Back
01/03/02 New Final Fantasy XI Details
01/03/02 New Xenosaga Artwork, Info
01/02/02 New Sakura Taisen 4 Screenshots


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