March 2002
03/31/02 Generation of Chaos Next Release Info and Media
03/30/02 Phantasy Star Online Episode I and II Announced
03/30/02 Virtua Fighter RPG Project Announced
03/30/02 Neverwinter Nights Music Composer Announced
03/30/02 Mimesis Online Info
03/30/02 Red Becomes Part of Sega
03/30/02 Sister Princess Premium Edition Announced
03/30/02 A Host of GBA Previews
03/30/02 Asheron's Call 2 Preview
03/30/02 Sakura Taisen To See US Release?
03/30/02 Card Of Destiny Media
03/29/02 Project Ego Media Update
03/29/02 Innocent Tears Details and Media
03/29/02 More PSOne Books Titles Released
03/29/02 Arc the Lad Collection Release Date Update
03/29/02 Pictures Section Back Online
03/28/02 Citizen Zero Media Update
03/28/02 Fan Art II: The Returning
03/28/02 Phantasy Star Online GC Cancelled?
03/27/02 Final Fantasy IV & V Get European Release
03/27/02 Phantasy Star Collection GBA Bound
03/27/02 Matsuno Comments on FFT for the GBA
03/27/02 Arc The Lad Pocket Watches Delayed
03/26/02 Anarchy Online Review
03/26/02 Reader Review Hotpot
03/25/02 Second Official Kingdom Hearts Website Opened
03/25/02 New Release Date for DQ Monsters 1 and 2
03/25/02 Game Developer Choice Award Winners Crowned
03/25/02 Five New FFXI Jobs Announced
03/25/02 Final Fantasy IV WSC To Ship With Goodies
03/25/02 Icewind Dale II Preview
03/23/02 Lost Kingdoms Preview
03/22/02 Dungeon Siege Preview
03/22/02 PS2 Editor Reviews
03/21/02 Fire Emblem: The Sealed Sword Media
03/21/02 Fire Emblem Release Details
03/21/02 Activision Announces Lost Kingdoms
03/21/02 Dungeon Siege Goes Gold
03/21/02 Titus Converts Interplay Stocks
03/21/02 Sony Comments on Square-Nintendo Deal
03/21/02 Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale Stay With Interplay
03/21/02 Super Robot Taisen A Media Update
03/20/02 The Irish Never Quit
03/19/02 Tokimeki Memorial: Girl's Side First Tidbits
03/19/02 Love Hina Advance Media Update
03/19/02 Castlevania White Night Concerto Events Announced
03/18/02 Europe to get FFX International
03/18/02 Xenosaga Review
03/17/02 Xenosaga Soundtrack Reviews
03/17/02 Christmas In March?
03/17/02 Editor Retro Reviews
03/16/02 Star Wars Previews
03/16/02 EA Inks FFX International Deal
03/15/02 New Sakura Taisen Merchandise
03/15/02 Final Fantasy XI Beta Test Coming to An End
03/15/02 Natsume Announces Medabots GBA
03/15/02 Yet another batch of Final Fantasy XI details
03/14/02 Castlevania: White Night Concerto Preview
03/13/02 Skies of Arcadia GameCube Developer Announced
03/13/02 Baldur's Gate Heads To XBox
03/12/02 Lowered Expectations
03/12/02 New Final Fantasy XI Details
03/12/02 Working Designs to Release Growlanser II
03/12/02 .hack Preview
03/12/02 Ex-Chaser Preview
03/12/02 New WildARMS Advanced Details and Media
03/12/02 New Sakura Taisen 4 Info
03/12/02 Dark Age of Camelot Fastest Selling MMORPG in Europe
03/11/02 DQ Monsters 1 and 2 Delayed
03/11/02 Final Fantasy Tactics Goes GBA
03/11/02 SegaNet Free-For-All-Weekend Announced
03/10/02 Editorials Update
03/10/02 Xenosaga Tops Japanese Sales Charts
03/10/02 Light Shed On Xenosaga Episode 2
03/10/02 Lunar Legend Update
03/09/02 Tsugunai and Shadow Hearts Soundtrack Reviews
03/09/02 Lufia Gaiden Details
03/09/02 Square Comments on New Ties With Nintendo
03/09/02 Xenosaga Episode 2 Online?
03/09/02 How much more can you take?
03/09/02 Square Hiring Game Masters
03/09/02 Further Info on the Nintendo-Square Deal
03/08/02 Square and Nintendo Make Up
03/08/02 Sakura Taisen 4 Commercials
03/07/02 Judie no Atelier Delayed
03/07/02 Sakura Taisen 4 Talk Show
03/06/02 The RPGFan Store Is Open!
03/06/02 GBA Previews Ala Third
03/06/02 US Release Dates of Three Big RPGs
03/06/02 Grandia II PC Goes Gold
03/06/02 Zone of the Enders: The Fist of Mars Review
03/05/02 Narsillion Media
03/05/02 New Soundtracks Announced
03/05/02 AIAS Award Winners Announced
03/05/02 Public Relations
03/04/02 Dragon Quest Monsters 1-2, Devil Children Black Book - Red Book Release Dates Set
03/04/02 More Sakura Taisen Merchandise
03/03/02 CG-ARTS Honors Sega, Square
03/03/02 Lufia Gaiden Media
03/03/02 Rhapsody of Zephyr Info and Media
03/02/02 Fan Fiction Update Numero Deux
03/02/02 Shining Soul Update
03/02/02 Asheron's Call 2 Media
03/01/02 Asheron's Call 2 Announced
03/01/02 Star Wars: KOTOR Release Info And Media
03/01/02 Magna Carta for PS2?


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