April 2002
04/30/02 Hoshigami Sequel In The Works?
04/30/02 Anarchy Online Recieves an Expansion
04/30/02 Atelier Judie Release Date Set
04/30/02 RPGFan Debuts Logfile
04/29/02 Might and Magic IX Review
04/29/02 Final Fantasy XI Packaging
04/29/02 Shin Megami Tensei Nine Media
04/29/02 Atlus Localizing Dual Hearts?
04/29/02 Atelier Judie: The Alchemist of Gramnat Preview
04/28/02 Gothic Preview
04/28/02 Microsoft Conducts A Questionnaire
04/27/02 North American Release Date for Xenosaga?
04/27/02 Kingdom Hearts Media and Info
04/27/02 Black/Matrix Zero Announced
04/26/02 Development Progess From Japan
04/25/02 Project Venus Info
04/25/02 Fan Art Update. Booya.
04/25/02 Lost Kingdoms Info and Media
04/24/02 Kingdom Hearts Merchandise
04/23/02 RPGFan Gets a New Server
04/20/02 New Enix RPG Announced
04/20/02 New Star Ocean 3 Character Revealed
04/20/02 Icewind Dale II Collector's Edition Announced
04/20/02 King's Field: The Ancient City Reviews
04/19/02 Camelot Fan Meet Announced
04/19/02 First Evolutia Screens, Artwork
04/19/02 Morrowind Update
04/19/02 Nobunaga's Ambition Online Details
04/19/02 New Sakura Taisen Dolls
04/18/02 Memorial Song Announced
04/17/02 Sting Announces Shinki Sekai Evolutia
04/17/02 First Look At Pokémon GBA
04/17/02 Final Fantasy XI Manga Guide
04/17/02 Enix Announces Grandia Xtreme
04/16/02 The Fiend!
04/16/02 PSO GC to Be Released In October
04/16/02 New Bistro Cupid Info
04/16/02 Neocron In Development
04/16/02 Tokyo Game Show 2002 Dates Fixed
04/15/02 eSofnet Line-up
04/14/02 Dominus Online in Development
04/14/02 Disparate Reader Reviews
04/14/02 Illusion of the Evil Eyes Info
04/14/02 RPGFan Financial Update
04/14/02 Brave Knight Info and Media
04/14/02 Reader Reviews a'la Dezo
04/13/02 Uber Deer Update
04/11/02 Falcom Soundtrack Reviews
04/11/02 Innocent Tears Previews
04/11/02 Dragon Quest Monsters I & II
04/11/02 Evolution Worlds Preview
04/11/02 Summoner 2 Preview
04/10/02 A Revival of Sorts
04/10/02 City of Heroes Tidbits
04/10/02 Fan Art Updateth
04/10/02 Lunar Legend Media
04/10/02 Ruins of Silence: Estpolis Gaiden Screen Shots
04/10/02 Legend of the Sun In Development
04/10/02 Genso Suikoden III Release Date Announced
04/10/02 Dark Cloud 2 In Development
04/10/02 EverQuest Coming To PS2
04/09/02 Might and Magic IX Media Update
04/09/02 Dungeon Siege Released
04/09/02 Cross Gate Info and Media
04/08/02 Deus Ex Review
04/08/02 Escape from Monkey Island Review
04/08/02 Depth Fantasia Beta Test Details
04/08/02 New Final Fantasy XI Details
04/07/02 Welcome Back, Mr. Fiction
04/07/02 Sakura Taisen 4 Review
04/07/02 Sakura Taisen 4 Media Update
04/06/02 Xenosaga Episode 2 In Development
04/06/02 Ragnarok Online Servers Increase
04/05/02 Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance XBox Preview
04/05/02 Newest sales data from Japan
04/05/02 Ring Age Info
04/05/02 Summoner 2 Info and Media
04/05/02 Skies of Arcadia PS2 Port Postponed
04/04/02 Sega Previews
04/04/02 Final Fantasy XI OST Announced
04/04/02 April Fools Jokes Revealed
04/04/02 Astonishia Story R Media
04/03/02 New Star Ocean 3 Info
04/03/02 Popolocrois III SE Announced
04/03/02 Another War In Development
04/03/02 Chris Taylor to talk about Dungeon Siege
04/03/02 Astonia III Released
04/02/02 Dokapon Review
04/02/02 Reader Reviews
04/02/02 More Kingdom Hearts Details
04/02/02 Black/Matrix II Info and Media
04/02/02 Rhapsody & Puppet Princess Soundtrack Reviews
04/02/02 RPGFan gets a slight facelift
04/01/02 Square Announces Seiken Densetsu for GameCube
04/01/02 Monday's News Bits


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