May 2002
05/31/02 Reader Reviews and a Farewell
05/31/02 Lost Kingdoms Contest
05/31/02 3 New Soundtrack Reviews
05/31/02 Post E3: The Seventh Seal: Lost Reminiscence Info and Impressions
05/30/02 Phantasy Star Online Card Battle Models Stolen
05/30/02 Arc the Lad: Twilight of Spirits New Info
05/30/02 Namco Talks Profit
05/30/02 Atelier Brand Products Announced
05/30/02 Post E3: Sony's Networking Strategy update
05/30/02 Post E3: Wild Arms 3 localization update
05/29/02 First Breath of Fire PS2 Info
05/28/02 Post E3: NCSoft On Mac OS X Support
05/28/02 Post E3: Gladius Impressions
05/28/02 Post E3: Megaman Battle Network 2 Media
05/28/02 Post E3: Legaia 2 Media and Info
05/28/02 Post E3: Robopon 2 Media
05/28/02 Post E3: Wild ARMs 3 English Screens
05/28/02 FFX Side Story Confirmed
05/28/02 Post E3: Dark Cloud 2 Pictures
05/28/02 Post E3: Evolution Worlds Hi-Res Screens
05/28/02 Post E3: Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Media
05/27/02 Post E3: Major Release Dates Update
05/27/02 Post E3: Dual Hearts Massive Media Update
05/27/02 Atelier Judie Delayed
05/27/02 Square Talks Future Games
05/27/02 Post E3: .hack Media Update
05/27/02 First Arc The Lad: Twilight of Spirits Details
05/26/02 Post E3: Atlus Speaks
05/26/02 Logfile #5
05/26/02 Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis Review
05/26/02 Star Wars Galaxies Ports Planned for Playstation 2 & XBox
05/26/02 E3: Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided Information
05/26/02 E3: Dragon Empires Information
05/25/02 Atlus Launches Official Robopon 2 Website
05/24/02 Final Fantasy XI Tops Japanese Charts
05/24/02 E3: Grandia Xtreme US Voice Actors Announced
05/24/02 E3: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Info
05/24/02 E3: Phantasy Star Collection Information
05/24/02 E3: Asheron's Call 2 Information
05/24/02 E3: Sega
05/24/02 E3: Dark Age of Camelot: Shrouded Isles Interview
05/24/02 E3: Anarchy Online: Shadowlands Expansion Pack Impressions
05/24/02 E3: Konami Talks Suikoden III
05/24/02 E3: A look into Deus Ex 2: Invisible War
05/24/02 E3: Ragnarok Online Interview
05/24/02 E3: Summoner 2 Impressions
05/24/02 E3: Dynasty Tactics Impressions
05/24/02 E3: World of Warcraft Hands-On Impressions
05/24/02 E3: NCSoft on Lineage I, II, and Cryptic studio's City of Heroes
05/24/02 E3: Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Media
05/24/02 E3: Shenmue II Xbox Media and Impressions
05/24/02 E3: PSO GC Media Update
05/24/02 E3: New Project Ego Media
05/24/02 E3: Breath of Fire V Screens and Artwork
05/23/02 E3: Neverwinter Nights Impressions
05/23/02 E3: RPGFan Talks With Square
05/23/02 E3: Updated Shadowbane Information
05/23/02 E3: Evolution Worlds Information
05/23/02 E3: Ragnarok Online makes a splash at E3!
05/23/02 E3: The Legend of Zelda Impressions & Info
05/23/02 E3: Grandia Xtreme Screens and Artwork
05/23/02 E3: Dynasty Tactics Media Update
05/23/02 E3: Info on Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II Mini-games
05/23/02 E3: Gothic headed to XBox Q4 2002
05/23/02 E3: Interplay's Product Lineup
05/23/02 E3: Interplay Announces Lionheart
05/23/02 E3: Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance Media
05/23/02 Fan Art Update
05/22/02 E3: Phantagram Showcases Action-RPG Duality
05/22/02 E3: Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance Impressions
05/22/02 E3: Official .hack Announcement
05/22/02 E3: Mistmare Information
05/22/02 E3: Working Designs to bring Growlanser Stateside
05/22/02 E3: Car Battler Joe Screens and Artwork
05/22/02 E3: Wizardry: Summoner Media Update
05/22/02 E3: Natsume Announces 4
05/22/02 E3: More News on Zelda
05/22/02 E3: More RPGs Heading for Xbox
05/22/02 E3: Deus Ex Sequel in Development
05/22/02 E3: Sony's PS2 Networking Package
05/22/02 Jill, My Valentine
05/21/02 E3: Zelda: A Link to the Past Announced for the GBA
05/21/02 E3: The Legend of Zelda First Look & Media
05/21/02 E3: Golden Sun: The Lost Age Media
05/21/02 Air PS2 Release Date Announced
05/21/02 Pre-E3: Capcom Announces Breath of Fire for PS2
05/20/02 Dark Chronicle Media Update
05/19/02 3 New Soundtrack Reviews
05/19/02 More Final Fantasy XI Problems Reported
05/19/02 Arc the Lad Collection Mega Review
05/18/02 Kimi ga Nozomu Eien Pushed Back
05/18/02 Baldur's Gate Xbox Bound
05/18/02 PlayOnline Service Free Until July
05/18/02 Project Entropia Launches Open Commercial Trial
05/18/02 Microsoft Links With Sigil Games Online
05/18/02 Vivendi Teams Up With Mythic
05/18/02 Sega's Transition Almost Complete
05/17/02 Shenmue III to be at E3?
05/17/02 New Shining Force In Development
05/17/02 Logfile #4
05/17/02 Skies of Arcadia PS2 Port Not Cancelled
05/17/02 VM Japan Release Details
05/17/02 FFXI and PlayOnline Launched
05/17/02 Castlevania: White Night Concerto Media
05/17/02 Star Ocean 3 US Bound
05/17/02 Copycat
05/16/02 SoA Talks Phantasy Star Online Xbox
05/16/02 Enix Announces Grandia Xtreme
05/16/02 Tastes Like Chicken
05/16/02 Dark Cloud Sequel Unveiled
05/16/02 Ultima Online: Lord Blackthorn's Revenge Review
05/16/02 Tsugunai Reader Review
05/16/02 Dark Age of Camelot Expansion Announced
05/16/02 Dungeon Siege Serves As Benchmark for PC Performance
05/16/02 NCSoft Reveals E3 Lineup
05/16/02 Star Wars Galaxies Media
05/16/02 Skip's GameCube RPG Recieves a Title
05/16/02 GameCube Zelda Delayed?
05/15/02 New From Software Action RPG in The Works
05/15/02 Euro FFX To Support 50hz Mode Only
05/15/02 Mistmare In Development
05/15/02 More Details on Kingdom Hearts' Voice Acting
05/14/02 Star Ocean 3 Media Update
05/14/02 Kameo Info and Media
05/14/02 MonolithSoft Developing GameCube RPG
05/14/02 Project Ego Preview
05/13/02 Xenosaga: Episode I Release Update
05/13/02 New GameCube Zelda In the Works?
05/13/02 Kingdom Hearts Voice Actors Announced
05/13/02 Lucas Arts Announces Gladius
05/13/02 GC PSO To Go Online This Fall
05/13/02 PlayStation Awards 2002 Announced
05/13/02 The After Media Update
05/12/02 Call Me Cletus
05/11/02 Dark Ages Gains A New Island
05/11/02 Dungeon Seige Editor Released
05/11/02 Dark Age of Camelot Passes 200,000 Mark
05/10/02 The After In Development
05/10/02 Square's Slowly But Surely Back on Track
05/10/02 New Kimi ga Nozomu Eien Info
05/10/02 Capcom to Publish Dark Age of Camelot
05/10/02 Genso Suikoden III Premium Pack Announced
05/10/02 Magna Carta: The Phantom of Avalanche Preview
05/09/02 20020220: Music From Final Fantasy Details
05/08/02 The Sound and the iPod
05/08/02 WonderSwan RPGs' Release Dates Announced
05/08/02 Fan Art At Your Right
05/08/02 Gamecube Tales Game First Pictures
05/08/02 Popolocrois Museum Release Date and Info
05/08/02 Forever Kingdom Review
05/08/02 Namco Partners With Nintendo
05/07/02 Kingdom Hearts Soundtrack Reviews
05/07/02 Short and Sweet
05/07/02 Breath of Fire II GBA Review
05/07/02 Kingdom of Chaos Goes Mobile
05/07/02 Hiring Call
05/07/02 The Fiend Revealed
05/07/02 EverQuest II Announced
05/06/02 PS2 Tokimeki Memorial Media
05/06/02 Konohana True Report Series Info and Media
05/05/02 Retro Reader Reviews
05/05/02 Grandia II PC Review
05/04/02 Sigil Games Online Gains New Art Director
05/04/02 Asheron's Call For Free
05/04/02 Depth Fantasia: Kingdom of Twilight Release Date
05/04/02 More GC RPGs In Development?
05/03/02 Yoichi Wada Talks FFXI
05/03/02 New Logfile Up!
05/03/02 Dark Age of Camelot Opens Beta In Korea
05/03/02 VM Japan Announced
05/03/02 New Phantasy Star Online Gamecube Media
05/02/02 Kingdom Hearts Media Update Redux
05/02/02 Illusion - Sanctuary of Eternity For DC Announced
05/02/02 E3 Is On the Horizon
05/01/02 Square Talks Of the Future
05/01/02 New Soundtrack Reviews


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