July 2002
07/31/02 Pool of Radiance Editor Review
07/31/02 First Eternal Arcadia GC Details
07/30/02 Sonic Team Shuts Down DC PSO Servers
07/30/02 New Pia Carrot Game in the Works
07/30/02 Popolocrois Hajimari no Bouken OST Announced
07/30/02 Reader Review Update
07/30/02 New Kingdom Hearts Media and Impressions
07/30/02 Bugs Abound in Ragnarok Online
07/30/02 Freedom Force Patch Released
07/30/02 Lunar: Legend Gets US Publisher
07/30/02 Rockman EXE 3 Info & Screens
07/29/02 Dragon Quest Ballet to Appear on DVD
07/28/02 MIDIs Section Returns
07/27/02 Wild ARMs 3 Preview Update
07/27/02 New Torneko 3 Details
07/27/02 Summer of Shattered Galaxy Warming Up
07/27/02 Final Fantasy XI Trailer Screen Shots
07/26/02 Dragon Empires Announcements
07/26/02 South Korea Begins Dark Age of Camelot Beta Testing
07/26/02 Memorial Song Release Date and Info Announced
07/25/02 Shin Megami Tensei if... Website Up
07/25/02 More PlayOnline Problems Reported
07/24/02 Suikoden III Editor Review
07/24/02 Imperator Details
07/24/02 Atlus Talks Shin Megami Tensei
07/23/02 3 New Soundtrack Reviews
07/23/02 Lineage Episode 11 Released, Mac Client Update and More!
07/23/02 New Sakura Taisen Handheld Game Available
07/23/02 Castlevania: White Night Concerto Review
07/23/02 GBA Pokémon Info & Media Update
07/23/02 Star Ocean 3 High-Res Screens
07/23/02 Two New EverQuest Titles in the Works
07/22/02 Neverwinter Nights PC Review
07/22/02 Riviera Details
07/22/02 New Logfile Posted
07/22/02 Tomb of Hero Gains Popularity
07/22/02 Tales Weaver Closed Beta
07/22/02 More PS2 Magna Carta Details
07/21/02 Destiny-Online To Launch Next Week
07/20/02 Suikoden III Tops Weekly Charts
07/19/02 Enix Opens Two Official Sites
07/19/02 Sales Charts For First 1/2 of 2002
07/19/02 Dragon Empires Contest News
07/19/02 SOE Announces EverQuest for Mac
07/18/02 Lost Kingdoms Sweepstakes Winners
07/18/02 Asheron's Call 2 Contest Announced
07/17/02 More on Final Fantasy I and II for PSOne
07/17/02 New Details and Media on Venus and Braves
07/17/02 Himekishi Monogatari Announced
07/17/02 Ultima Online Expansion Announced
07/15/02 Atlus Announces Devil Children GBA
07/15/02 Logfile #10
07/15/02 Morrowind PC Utilities Released
07/15/02 D3 Announces New PS2 Dating Sim
07/14/02 World of Warcraft Preview
07/14/02 RPGMaker 2, Star Ocean 3 Japanese Release Dates Updates
07/14/02 WSC FFIII Vanishes, FFI-II Remake In The Works
07/13/02 Golden Sun: The Lost Age Preview
07/12/02 New Info On Project Venus
07/12/02 Destiny-Online Beta Launch Date Announced
07/12/02 PC Editor Review
07/12/02 Dokapon Headed for GC
07/12/02 Unlimited SaGa Website Is Up
07/12/02 Suikoden III Uses II Save
07/11/02 Retro Reader Review Update
07/11/02 PSO Episode I and II Pushed Back
07/11/02 NCsoft Picks Up Trade Wars
07/11/02 Destiny-Online Goes Public
07/11/02 Ragnarok English Beta 2 Delayed
07/10/02 7 Falcom Game Soundtrack Reviews
07/10/02 Editor Reviews for PC and GBA
07/10/02 Unlimited SaGa First Pictures
07/10/02 Square Announces Unlimited SaGa
07/09/02 RPGFan Store Hat Sale
07/09/02 Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien Delayed
07/09/02 Banpresto Teams Up with SoftMax
07/09/02 Happy Birthday Nexus
07/09/02 Final Fantasy XI Hit By First Cheat Attack
07/09/02 Fallout 2 Coming to Mac
07/09/02 Evolution Worlds Media Update
07/08/02 Kingdom Hearts Preview Update
07/08/02 Tales of Destiny 2 Unveiled
07/08/02 Tokyo Character Show 2002 Info
07/08/02 Square Stocks on the Move to Europe
07/08/02 Neverwinter Nights Editor Review
07/08/02 Genso Suikoden III Merchandise
07/07/02 Sakura Taisen 4 OST To Ship On Vinyl
07/07/02 Vananowar Details
07/07/02 New Info On Namco RPGs
07/06/02 Final Fantasy XI Upgrade
07/05/02 Neocron Offline Demo Available
07/05/02 Shenmue II Trailer Released
07/04/02 Picture Applications Being Accepted Now
07/04/02 Dragon Claw Announces Official FaitH Release
07/04/02 Neverwinter Nights Top Charts
07/04/02 Bethesda Denies PS2 Morrowind
07/04/02 Namco To Announce New Tales Soon
07/04/02 Logfile #9
07/04/02 Revenant and Sakura Taisen 4 Editor Reviews
07/03/02 Lyra Teams Up With Moonwolf
07/02/02 Lionheart and Car Battler Joe Previews
07/02/02 New Sakura Taisen Mobile Content
07/02/02 Project Majestic Mix Gold & Silver Edition Reviews
07/02/02 Online Gaming Study Results
07/02/02 New Character Introduced To Freedom Force
07/02/02 Management Reshuffle At SCEA
07/01/02 Zum Geburtstag viel Gluck!
07/01/02 Anarchy Online Recieves Patch - UPDATE
07/01/02 D3 Plans Release of Four Love Adventures
07/01/02 Sakura Taisen World Project: 7 New Sakura Taisen Games Announced
07/01/02 Suikoden III Media Update


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