August 2002
08/31/02 Enix Release Dates and Financial Projections
08/31/02 Summoner 2 Goes Gold
08/31/02 Fan Art - Five Regrets
08/30/02 GBA FFTactics New Info
08/29/02 Final Fantasy XI Preview Update
08/29/02 Final Fantasy Adventure Bible Details
08/29/02 Square's BB Units Sold Out!
08/28/02 GBA Seiken Densetsu A Remake?
08/27/02 Seven To Be Re-Released
08/27/02 Square Sells BB Units
08/27/02 More RPGFan Store Offers
08/26/02 Varanowar Comic Announced
08/26/02 Square Talks Projections
08/26/02 New Moon Soundtrack in the Works
08/26/02 Editor Review Update
08/26/02 Lunar Legend Officially Announced For US
08/26/02 TGS 2002 Exhibit List
08/26/02 Tales of the World Release Date
08/26/02 Lyra Studios Integrates Permanent Death Into Underlight
08/25/02 Fresh Arc The Lad Seiren no Tasogare Info
08/24/02 Fan Art - I Heart You
08/24/02 New Star Ocean 3 Details
08/24/02 New Info on Destiny-Online
08/23/02 Job Opening On The Dragon Empires Team
08/23/02 Dark Age of Camelot Expansion Site Opens
08/23/02 Microsoft Accepts More Testers For Asheron's Call 2
08/23/02 Dragon Empires Dev Chats To Be Held
08/23/02 Final Fantasy XI 2002 Art Box Details
08/23/02 MIDI Section Update
08/22/02 7 New Soundtrack Reviews
08/22/02 New Final Fantasy I and II OST Announced
08/22/02 Square Announces English Version of Hikari
08/22/02 Kingdom Hearts Final Mix Announced
08/21/02 Final Fantasy XI Update Plans
08/21/02 Dragon Live RPG Announced
08/20/02 Phantasy Star Collection and Dark Cloud 2 Previews
08/19/02 Kingdom Hearts Promotional Event Details and Pre-Launch Party
08/19/02 Ragnarok 2002 Conference Summer Report
08/18/02 New Tales of Destiny 2 Details
08/18/02 Shattered Galaxy Contest Coming Soon
08/18/02 Dungeon Siege Toolkit Released
08/18/02 Dragon Empires Story Competition Winner Announced
08/18/02 Destiny Online Launches
08/17/02 FF3 Remake Heading For GBA
08/17/02 Fan Art - I Grovel Now
08/17/02 HuneX Announces ThreadColors
08/17/02 RPGFan Store Sale
08/16/02 Xbox Shenmue 2 Shipping With Theatrical DVD
08/16/02 Sakura Taisen Complete Song Box Announced
08/16/02 Official Grandia Xtreme Website Opens
08/16/02 A Hot Summer and Slow Sales in Japan
08/16/02 Grandia Xtreme & Growlanser II Previews
08/15/02 New Underlight Patch Available
08/15/02 New Areas Added to Dark Ages
08/14/02 Studies Show Increase In Female Gamers
08/14/02 New PMM Pre-order Campaign
08/14/02 Westwood Annouces Earth & Beyond Pricing
08/14/02 PSO Episode I & II at Sega Game Party
08/14/02 FFXI 2002 Special Art Box Announced
08/14/02 New Sakura Taisen Cellphone Game
08/13/02 Xbox Live Launch Details Announced
08/13/02 A Tale in the Desert Chat
08/13/02 New Astonia 3 Patch
08/13/02 Square to Host Kingdom Hearts Consumer Demo Day
08/13/02 New Neverwinter Nights Module
08/13/02 Nexus TK Offers Player Status Pages
08/13/02 Evillusion Announces Eon of Tears
08/13/02 New Dragon Empires Dev Diary Available
08/13/02 Star Wars: KotOR Gets Delayed
08/13/02 Anarchy Online "Booster Pack" Announced
08/13/02 First TGS 2002 Details
08/12/02 VM Japan Upgrade in the Works
08/11/02 New Varanowar Details
08/10/02 New MIDIs
08/10/02 Oh, More Fan Art!
08/10/02 NEC Interchannel Event Info
08/10/02 Promo Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Movie
08/10/02 Prince Of Qin Demo Released
08/09/02 RPG Tsukuuru Advance Screen Shots
08/09/02 Huge .hack Media and Information Update
08/09/02 Final Fantasy I and II Official Website Opens
08/09/02 Lineage Event in Akihabara Announced
08/09/02 New Info on Square's Future Nintendo Games
08/09/02 4 New Soundtrack Reviews
08/08/02 Square Conducts FFXI Survey
08/08/02 GBA RPG Tsukuuru Announced
08/08/02 E3 2003 Dates Announced
08/08/02 Atelier Sales Promotion
08/08/02 Bandai At TGS
08/08/02 Square GBA Line-Up Announced
08/08/02 Breath of Fire V Details
08/08/02 Venus And Braves Media Update
08/07/02 .hack//SIGN Lead Appears In Game
08/07/02 New Tales of Destiny 2 Screens
08/07/02 Wild ARMs 3 US Release Date
08/07/02 Rune Sequel in Development
08/07/02 Disney Holds Kingdom Hearts Auctions on eBay
08/07/02 Two New Bioware Games in Development
08/07/02 Ragnarok Online Japanese Beta Begins
08/07/02 Chronicles In Development
08/07/02 Genius Sonority Opens
08/07/02 Ragnarok Online International Server Shuts Down
08/07/02 First Kiss Story II Releases Tomorrow
08/07/02 Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku Editor Review
08/07/02 Dark Age Of Camelot: Shrouded Isles Coming In Fall
08/07/02 Game Infinity At ECTS 2002
08/07/02 Icewind Dale II Goes Gold
08/06/02 Congress Invited To Play A Tale In The Desert
08/06/02 Grandia Xtreme Voice Roles
08/06/02 Kingdom Hearts Final Release Date
08/05/02 Dynasty Tactics Preview
08/05/02 Microsoft Game Studios Invades Gen Con
08/04/02 Unlimited SaGa Preview
08/03/02 Oh, so bountiful!
08/02/02 Eternal Ring Editor Review
08/01/02 Reader Review Update
08/01/02 PS2 Eternal Arcadia Cancelled


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