September 2002
09/30/02 Sega and D3 Found 3D Ages
09/30/02 Enix Ships Grandia Xtreme
09/30/02 Magna Carta English Website Opens
09/30/02 ShadowFlare: Episode I Preview and Media Gallery
09/30/02 Grandia Xtreme Editor Review
09/30/02 Gladius Preview and Media Gallery
09/28/02 Kouichi Sugiyama Event Held in Japan
09/28/02 Arc The Lad PS2 To Feature Two Main Characters
09/28/02 MIDI Section Update
09/27/02 Kid Announces Iris
09/27/02 Takuyo's Dreamcast Games Receive Release Dates
09/27/02 Tenjouhi Beta-Test Announced
09/27/02 Torneko 3 Campaigns Announced
09/27/02 Lunar: Legend Preview
09/26/02 ThreadColors Pushed Back
09/26/02 Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien PS2 Release Date Set
09/26/02 .hack Vol. 2 Tops Japanese Sales Charts
09/26/02 Kingdom Hearts Editor Review
09/26/02 Project Ego Renamed
09/25/02 Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance Goes Gold
09/25/02 Arx Fatalis Goes Gold
09/25/02 New Cross Gate Add-On Announced
09/25/02 Nihon Falcom Announces Dinosaur Resurrection
09/25/02 Nippon Ichi Announces Makaisenki Disgaia
09/25/02 First Triangle Again Information
09/25/02 Sudeki Announced At X02
09/25/02 Morrowind T-shirts Now Available!
09/24/02 Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire Preview
09/24/02 Klonoa Action RPG Announced
09/24/02 Lord Of The Rings Goes Online
09/24/02 Dell Japan to Offer FFXI PCs
09/23/02 3 New Soundtrack Reviews
09/22/02 Oukoku Geist Info
09/22/02 TGS - Sakura Taisen Event
09/22/02 Onimusha Tactics for GBA Announced
09/22/02 TGS - First Details on Wind -a change of heart-
09/22/02 TGS - First FF:Crystal Chronicle Concept Art
09/22/02 Grandia Xtreme Strategy Guide Announced
09/22/02 Atlus USA Ships Dual Hearts
09/21/02 Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance Heads To GameCube
09/20/02 TGS - Galaxy Angel Heading for Xbox
09/20/02 Interlude Release Date Set
09/20/02 Wind -a breath of heart- Announced
09/20/02 New Star Ocean 3 Character Revealed
09/20/02 TGS - Square Booth Report
09/20/02 Project Ego Pics Update
09/20/02 TGS - Ouji Produces N.U.D.E. for Xbox
09/20/02 TGS - Xbox Live To Take Off in January 2003
09/20/02 Fan Art - Click Here
09/20/02 New Roomate Asami Game Coming to DC
09/20/02 Gakuen Toshi Varanowar Pre-Order Incentive
09/20/02 Atlus Opens Shin Megami Tensei III Official Website
09/20/02 Animal Crossing Ships
09/20/02 MIDI Section Update
09/19/02 Dual Hearts Editor Review
09/19/02 Reader Review Update
09/19/02 Square Confirms TGS Line-Up
09/19/02 OneUp Studios to Release "Time & Space"
09/18/02 First Hanjuku Hero Tai 3D Details
09/18/02 Final Fantasy XI PC Release Date Set
09/18/02 MISIA To Perform Star Ocean 3 Theme Song
09/18/02 Grandia Xtreme Goes Gold
09/18/02 Unlimited SaGa Release Date Set
09/17/02 Atlus TGS Event Program Announced
09/17/02 PS2 Gets Taiwanese 3rd Party Support
09/17/02 Kingdom Hearts Ships
09/17/02 New Rockman EXE Game To Appear On GameCube
09/17/02 First True Fantasy Live Online Details and Screenshots
09/17/02 Official FFT Advance and Hanjuku Sites Up
09/17/02 Throne of Darkness Editor Review
09/16/02 New Sakura Taisen Atsuki Chishio Ni Screenshots
09/16/02 Yukigatari Coming to DC
09/16/02 Skies of Arcadia Legends Release Date and Pics
09/16/02 Shadow Hearts Editor Review
09/16/02 Phantasy Star Online: Episode I & II Preview Update
09/15/02 Dungeon Siege Coming to Mac
09/13/02 Square Announces Hanjuku Hero VS 3D
09/13/02 Zelda GC Gets Japanese Release Date
09/13/02 Two Harvest Moon Games Confirmed For Nintendo Systems
09/12/02 Suikoden III Preview Update
09/12/02 The Legend of Zelda for GameCube Preview
09/12/02 Kingdom Hearts Final Mix Website Opened
09/12/02 Project Majestic Mix Gold Availability Status
09/12/02 True Fantasy Life Online Announced
09/12/02 Sega's TGS Line-Up Announced
09/11/02 Crimson Sea Release Date Set
09/10/02 Sakura Taisen Soundtrack Reviews
09/10/02 MIDI Section Update
09/10/02 Bandai to Distribute .hack DVD at TGS
09/09/02 Mai Kuraki to Sing Tales of Destiny 2 Theme Song
09/09/02 Breath of Fire V Composers & Singer Announced
09/08/02 New Art Developer's Diary At The Dragon Empires Site
09/08/02 Fan Art - Wishes
09/08/02 Shin Megami Tensei NINE Release Date Announced
09/08/02 Koei Announces TGS Line-Up
09/08/02 New Super Robot Taisen Game Coming To GBA
09/08/02 Morrowind Expansion Announced
09/08/02 New Moon OST's Release Date Set
09/08/02 NEC Offers Wireless LAN Units for PlayOnline
09/06/02 Kingdom Hearts Editor Review
09/05/02 MIDI Section Update
09/05/02 FFT Advance Characters & Classes Info
09/05/02 Tales of Destiny 2 Release Date
09/05/02 Official Asheron's Call 2 Site Now Open
09/04/02 Shin Megami Tensei 3 Heading for PS2
09/04/02 RPGfan: The Software Store
09/04/02 Dark Age of Camelot: Shrouded Isles Preview
09/04/02 Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Preview Update
09/04/02 TGS Program Announced
09/04/02 Kingdom Hearts Media and Event Pics
09/03/02 New Sakura Taisen Cellphone Application
09/03/02 Atlus Announces TGS Line-Up
09/02/02 Dragon Quest Monsters Go J-Phone
09/02/02 Final Fantasy Themes Available For Cellphones
09/02/02 New Shadowbane War Journal Available
09/02/02 Housing Added To Nexus TK
09/02/02 Shadowbane Preorder Disc Ships
09/01/02 New PSO Episode II Map Announced


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