October 2002
10/31/02 Breath of Fire V Soundtrack Details Announced
10/31/02 Shin Megami Tensei if... Release Details
10/31/02 Sakura Taisen Atsuki Chishio Ni Release Details
10/31/02 Summon Night 3 Story Info
10/31/02 Summon Night Heads To GBA
10/30/02 Sweet Legacy Announced
10/30/02 Asheron's Call 2: Fallen Kings End-of-Beta Episode Announced
10/30/02 Small Skies of Arcadia Legends Media Update
10/30/02 Evolution Worlds Screens & Artwork
10/30/02 Final Fantasy I-II Preview
10/29/02 Phantasy Star Online Episode I and II Media and Information
10/29/02 Phantasy Star Online Episode I and II Ships
10/28/02 Three New Unlimited SaGa Characters Revealed
10/28/02 Torneko 3 Promotion Campaign Announced
10/28/02 CESA Game Award Winners Announced
10/28/02 Breath of Fire V Website Updates
10/27/02 Breath of Fire V: Dragon Quarter Screens & Art
10/27/02 Dark Cloud 2 Media Update
10/27/02 Shenmue II Media Update
10/27/02 Lufia: The Ruins of Lore Announced
10/27/02 Sega DC Budget Series Updated
10/26/02 Final Fantasy X-2 Preview and Wallpapers
10/25/02 RPGFan Presents the Wild Arms 3 Rodeo!
10/25/02 New Gust RPG in the Works for PS2
10/25/02 Final Fantasy X-2 Website Opens Its Doors
10/25/02 Fan Art - Bagel!
10/25/02 Kameo: Elements of Power Media
10/25/02 Fan Fiction - Three's A Charm
10/24/02 Sega Announces Promotional Events
10/24/02 Triangle Again 2 Heading for Xbox
10/24/02 New Final Fantasy X-2 Details
10/24/02 Famitsu Rates Four RPGs
10/23/02 New Sakura Taisen Cell Phone Game Announced
10/23/02 Super Robot Taisen Festival
10/23/02 Shiren Goes Windows
10/22/02 Bandai Posts Strong Financial Results
10/22/02 EverQuest Expansion Pack Ships To Stores
10/22/02 Square Meeting 2002 Autumn Report
10/22/02 Final Fantasy X-2 Media Update
10/22/02 Dynasty Tactics Editor Review
10/22/02 Suikoden III Sweepstakes Winners
10/22/02 Suikoden III Editor Review and Gallery Update
10/22/02 Square Meeting 2002 Autumn Report
10/21/02 Tokimeki Memorial Event Announced
10/21/02 Wild Arms 3 Editor Review
10/21/02 2 New Soundtrack Reviews
10/21/02 Marie, Elie, Anice no Atelier GBA Announced
10/21/02 Fresh Rune II Details
10/20/02 Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht Preview
10/20/02 Grandia Xtreme Giveaway Winners
10/19/02 First .hack Volume 3 Details
10/19/02 Fan Fiction - Itís alive... ALIVE!
10/18/02 Final Fantasy X-2 Revealed
10/18/02 Dragon Empires Beta Details Announced
10/18/02 Asheron's Call 2 Fallen Kings Pre-Order Campaigns
10/18/02 Toontown Online Announced
10/17/02 ICO Joins PS2 The Best
10/17/02 Sakura Taisen Sumire Kanzaki DVDs in the Works
10/17/02 Final Fantasy XI PC GamePad Announced
10/17/02 Evolution Worlds Details
10/17/02 New Moon OST Delayed
10/17/02 Mythic Entertainment To Appear on Technology Fast 500 List
10/17/02 Konami Posts Strong Financial Results
10/17/02 Breath of Fire V Pre-Order Campaign
10/17/02 Square's i-mode Service Details
10/17/02 New Simple 2000 Series Games Announced
10/16/02 EverQuest is Heading for Japan
10/16/02 Final Fantasy Tactics Merchandise Media
10/16/02 Star Ocean 3 Media Update
10/16/02 Icewind Dale II Editor Review
10/16/02 Arx Fatalis Hands-on Impressions & Media Gallery
10/15/02 Rockman EXE on WonderSwan?
10/15/02 Zelda GameCube Receives Official Title
10/15/02 Eternal Arcadia Legend Delayed in Japan
10/15/02 Suikoden III Sweepstakes
10/14/02 Phantasy Star Online Episode I and II Guides Announced
10/14/02 .Hack Vol. 1 Release Delayed
10/14/02 Square Talks Future Online Games
10/13/02 Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Merchandise
10/12/02 Features Page Updated
10/12/02 Official Nobuo Uematsu Fan Club
10/12/02 BAFTA Award Winners Announced
10/12/02 Xenosaga Audio Drama CD
10/11/02 New Sakura Taisen Merchandise Avaialable
10/11/02 Tenerezza Xbox and PC-Bound
10/11/02 Fan Art - We are like a Shaaadows...
10/10/02 Sudeki Media Update
10/10/02 Dark Age of Camelot Celebrates 1st Birthday
10/10/02 Final Fantasy XI for Windows Presentation
10/10/02 MIDI Section Update
10/09/02 Final Fantasy X Vocal Collection Revealed
10/09/02 Sakura Taisen - Atsuki Chishio Ni Online Talk
10/09/02 2 New Soundtrack Reviews
10/09/02 Editorials Update
10/09/02 Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Delayed
10/08/02 Nobunaga's Ambition Online Beta Test Delayed
10/08/02 Wild ARMS Advanced 3rd To Join PS2 The Best Series
10/08/02 RPGFan's Grandia Xtreme Giveaway!
10/08/02 Summon Night 3 Heading for PS2
10/08/02 Shin Megami Tensei Devil Children Pre-Order Campaign
10/08/02 ShadowFlare Editor Review
10/07/02 Release Dates +
10/06/02 Happi-Buri-Dingu Heading for PS2, DC
10/05/02 New PSO GC Media Update
10/04/02 Sakura Taisen Christmas Parties Announced
10/04/02 New Unlimited SaGa Characters Revealed
10/04/02 Dragon Quest Complete CD Box Announced
10/04/02 Tales of the World Campaign Announced
10/04/02 New Tokimeki Memorial artbook announced
10/04/02 Fan Art - Teh Squirrels!
10/03/02 Kidou Shinsengumi Moeyo Ken Back on Track
10/03/02 Capcom Announces Chaos Legion
10/03/02 EverQuest Goes Europe
10/03/02 Square Plans Strategy Meeting
10/02/02 Square To Release FFVIII RV for PC
10/02/02 PSO GC Release Details Announced
10/02/02 Yasumi Matsuno Talks Current Projects
10/02/02 Final Fantasy XI October Update Details
10/02/02 Breath of Fire V Event Announced
10/02/02 Dungeon Siege Editor Review


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