December 2002
12/31/02 A Colorful Surprise
12/31/02 Ys I and II Eternal Story Media Update
12/31/02 Shin Megami Tensei III Media Update
12/30/02 Arx Fatalis Editor Review
12/30/02 Growlanser III: The Dual Darkness Preview
12/30/02 Drag-on Dragoon Media Update
12/29/02 Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Media
12/28/02 New Star Ocean: Till The End of Time Details
12/28/02 Fresh Drag-on Dragoon Details
12/28/02 Lores: Your Beginning
12/28/02 Shinyaku Seiken Densetsu Image Gallery
12/27/02 Ys I and II Eternal Story PS2 Details
12/26/02 Unlimited SaGa Enters the Charts at Spot 3
12/26/02 Drag-on Dragoon Staff Information
12/26/02 New Titles To Join Sega Budget Series
12/26/02 Ragnarok Online Hands-on Impressions
12/25/02 Final Fantasy XII Staff Information
12/25/02 Final Fantasy X-2 New Media and Tidbits
12/25/02 Zelda: A Link to The Past & Four Swords Delayed In Japan
12/25/02 Star Ocean 3 Release Date Set
12/24/02 Kingdom Hearts Sells A Million
12/23/02 Xenosaga Ep. I Hands-on Impressions and Gallery Update
12/22/02 Star Wars Galaxies Release Date Announced
12/21/02 New Shinyaku Seiken Densetsu Details
12/21/02 Dark Age of Camelot: Shrouded Isles Outsells Competiton
12/21/02 More Final Fantasy X-2 Details
12/21/02 JUMP Festa 2003 Report
12/21/02 Xenosaga Episode I Official English Site Opens
12/21/02 Dark Ages: Medenia Launches With a Free Trial
12/21/02 Lores: As Promised
12/20/02 Sega Announces New Pre-Order Campaign
12/20/02 Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Goes Radio
12/20/02 Arc The Lad: Seirei no Tasogare Receives Release Date
12/19/02 Namco Edits US Release of Xenosaga
12/19/02 RPGFan Lores - Early Bird
12/19/02 Square's Second BroadBand Unit Sale Ends
12/19/02 Zelda Tops Japanese Charts
12/19/02 Import Editor Review
12/18/02 Shinyaku Seiken Densetsu Development Team Details
12/18/02 Final Fantasy X-2 Theme Songs Revealed
12/18/02 New Tales Of The World Game In Development For GBA.
12/17/02 The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Promotion Confirmed
12/17/02 Square Announces Complete JUMP Festa Line-Up
12/17/02 NEC Interchannel Fan Event Announced
12/16/02 Idea Factory Announces Generation of Chaos 3
12/16/02 Simple 2000 Series Vol. 21 Announced
12/16/02 Sangokushi Senki 2 Announced
12/14/02 Introducing RPGFan Lores
12/14/02 Even More FF Crystal Chronicle and Shinyaku Seiken Densetsu Details
12/14/02 Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Summons Revealed
12/14/02 First Dragon Quest Monsters Caravan Heart Details Surface
12/14/02 New Information on Marie, Elie and Anis no Atelier
12/14/02 Final Fantasy X-2's Third Main Character Revealed
12/14/02 New FF Crystal Chronicle and Shinyaku Seiken Densetsu Details
12/13/02 KAMEX 2002 Report
12/13/02 New Tales Game to be Revealed at JUMP Festa
12/12/02 Bandai Reveals English Names For .hack Series
12/12/02 PlayOnline Breaks Even
12/12/02 New Final Fantasy X-2 Details
12/12/02 Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal Editor Review
12/11/02 Two New Enix Games in The Works
12/11/02 Famitsu Rates Zelda: The Wind Waker and Unlimited SaGa
12/11/02 Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II Editor Review
12/11/02 Big European Release Date Update
12/11/02 Datam Polystar Announces Guardian Angel
12/11/02 Arc The Lad Seiren no Tasogare Pre-Order Campaign Announced
12/11/02 ShadowFlare: Episode Two Release Released
12/10/02 PC Editor Reviews Update
12/10/02 Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Pushed Back
12/09/02 RPG Tsukuru Advance Delayed
12/09/02 Iris Release Details Announced
12/09/02 Legaia 2: Duel Saga Reviews
12/07/02 Game Show 2002 Osaka Report
12/07/02 Fresh Star Ocean: Till The End of Time Story Details
12/06/02 Happy Breeding and Kaitou Apricot Delayed
12/06/02 Tales of Destiny 2 Tops Japanese Sales Charts
12/06/02 Square PS2 Broadband Adapter Sale Part 2
12/05/02 Square Announces JUMP Festa 2003 Line-Up
12/05/02 Venus and Braves Pre-Order Campaign Announced
12/05/02 New Titles Join PS One and PS2 Budget Series
12/05/02 Shin Megami Tensei NINE Release Event
12/05/02 Good and Bad Zelda News, Huge Gallery Update
12/05/02 Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire US Release Date Announced
12/04/02 Neverwinter Nights Expansion Announced
12/04/02 Famitsu Rates Three
12/04/02 Summoner: The Prophecy Coming to GameCube
12/03/02 Lunar: Legend US Packaging
12/03/02 PlayStation Party Report
12/03/02 Evolution Worlds Sweepstakes Winners
12/03/02 Sega Announces Phantasy Star Re-Releases
12/03/02 Inon Zur Interview
12/02/02 Nobunaga's Ambition Online Beta Release Date Set
12/02/02 Shiren Gaiden PC Pre-Order Campaign Announced
12/02/02 Idea Factory's Xbox Action RPG Resurfaces
12/02/02 Fan Fiction - Conclusions
12/02/02 Zelda GC Gets An English Title
12/01/02 Editorials Update
12/01/02 Tales of Destiny 2 Event Held in Tokyo
12/01/02 Final Fantasy X-2 Release Date Set
12/01/02 Memories Off To Appear on PS2 Next Year


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