March 2003
03/31/03 Star Ocean Online Announced
03/31/03 Arx Fatalis Announced For Xbox
03/31/03 Official Square Enix Website Opens
03/31/03 Tales Studio Founded
03/31/03 Square Shares Receive Upgrade
03/31/03 Square Enix Logo Revealed
03/31/03 Golden Sun: The Lost Age Media
03/30/03 Wish Announced
03/30/03 Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Coming to the US
03/30/03 RPGFan - Kappa
03/29/03 New Final Fantasy XI: Jirat No Genei Info
03/29/03 Official Elder Scrolls Website Updated
03/29/03 Akitoshi Kawazu Speaks
03/29/03 Atelier 5 Receives Official Title
03/28/03 Sales Update from Japan
03/28/03 Bethesda Announces Pirates of the Caribbean
03/28/03 PSO Free Hunter's License Campaign Extended
03/28/03 SCE Hiring Drive
03/28/03 Sakura Taisen Atsuki Chishio Ni Editor Review
03/27/03 Arc The Lad: Twilight of Spirits Announced For North America
03/27/03 Atlus and Takara Announce Business Partnership
03/27/03 Dark Ages Medenia Editor Review
03/26/03 Ubi Soft Ships Shadowbane
03/26/03 Konami Sells 20 Million Units of Software Worldwide
03/26/03 Second FF Tactics Advance Drama CD Announced
03/26/03 PlayStation Festival 2003 Spring Announced
03/25/03 Second Depth Fantasia Add-On Disc Announced
03/25/03 Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II Announced
03/24/03 Marvelous Interactive Formed
03/24/03 Nihon Falcom Classics To Be Re-Released
03/24/03 .hack//Infection Editor Review
03/24/03 Creator's Talk - Part 2
03/23/03 Video Game Music Live Concert Pushed Back to 2004
03/23/03 Triangle Again 2 Heading for PS2
03/23/03 Takuyo Announces WIZ Diary PJ
03/22/03 Sakura Matsuri Held in Japan
03/22/03 Hanjuku Hero VS 3D Details
03/22/03 Konami To Post Red Numbers
03/22/03 Atlus To Post Lower Than Expected Profit
03/20/03 Shining Soul II Receives Definite Release Date
03/20/03 Square Back in the Black
03/20/03 Final Fantasy X-2 Dominates Japanese Sales Charts
03/20/03 More Final Fantasy X-2 Media?
03/19/03 New Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken Details
03/19/03 7 New Soundtrack Reviews
03/19/03 Ragnarok Online Original Soundtrack Announced
03/18/03 Hanjuku Hero VS 3D Soundtrack Details
03/18/03 Tales of Phantasia GBA-Bound
03/18/03 Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken First Print Details
03/18/03 Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Release Date Set
03/17/03 Nvidia to Cooperate with NCSoft
03/17/03 New Final Fantasy XI Servers Added
03/17/03 Final Fantasy Origins Gallery Update
03/16/03 EverQuest Online Adventures Event
03/16/03 Lost Kingdoms II Media Update
03/15/03 Weekly Japanese Sales Chart Update
03/15/03 Skies of Arcadia Sequel Forthcoming
03/14/03 News Tales Game To Be Announced Next Week
03/14/03 Final Fantasy X-2 Breaks Platinum Mark on Day One
03/14/03 New Dragon Quest Monsters: Caravan Heart Details Announced
03/14/03 Biglobe Offering All-in-One Final Fantasy XI Set
03/13/03 G.A.N.G. Awards Ceremony Report
03/13/03 Sakura Taisen Chronicle Box Announced
03/13/03 Kimi ga Nozumu Eien Receives Release Date
03/13/03 Duo of Metal Max Games Receive Release Dates
03/13/03 Final Fantasy X-2 Media Blowout
03/13/03 The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Breaks Pre-Order Records
03/13/03 Square Ships 1.8 Million Copies of Final Fantasy X-2
03/12/03 Hanjuku Hero VS 3D Receives Release Date
03/12/03 Final Fantasy X-2 Countdown Event Announced
03/12/03 EVE Burst Error Heading For PS2
03/12/03 Japanese Developers Talk FFXII and Sakura Taisen 5
03/12/03 Sakura Taisen 4 Soundtrack Receives Award
03/11/03 Morrowind Reaches Platinum Hits Status
03/11/03 Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Preview
03/10/03 Atlus Seeks New Talent for Next Project
03/10/03 Lost Kingdoms II and Giftpia Receive Japanese Release Dates
03/08/03 EverQuest Fan Faire Information Announced
03/08/03 Shadowbane Goes Gold
03/08/03 Xenosaga Episode I US Packaging
03/08/03 Square Announces Final Fantasy Origins Sweepstakes
03/08/03 New Final Fantasy X-2 Details
03/07/03 SoE Reports Continuing Growth of EverQuest
03/07/03 Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Gets Delayed
03/07/03 Drag-On Dragoon Preview
03/07/03 Kingdom Hearts II Confirmed To Be In Development
03/06/03 Weekly Japanese Sales Charts Update
03/06/03 Xenosaga To Be Re-Released In Japan
03/06/03 Funcom Announces Extended Trial for The Notum Wars
03/06/03 New Square Merchandise Available
03/05/03 Konami Posts Financial Results for 2003
03/05/03 Famitsu Rates Final Fantasy X-2
03/04/03 Asheron's Call 2: Fallen Kings Celebrates 100 Days Online
03/04/03 Nobunaga's Ambition Online Beta 2 Pushed Back
03/04/03 Enix Announces New Cell-Phone RPG
03/03/03 Enix Plans New Star Ocean 3 Distribution
03/03/03 UNLIMITED:SaGa Gallery Update
03/02/03 Creator's Talk - Part 1
03/02/03 New Quests, Items Added to EverQuest Online Adventures
03/01/03 New Final Fantasy X-2 Details Revealed
03/01/03 Newest Sales Numbers From Japan
03/01/03 Princess Holiday Receives Release Date


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