April 2003
04/30/03 Hardware, Innovation and Music
04/30/03 Lost Kingdoms II Sweepstakes
04/30/03 Square Enix USA Announces E3 Line-up
04/30/03 .hack Shipments Reach One Million Units
04/30/03 EverQuest Goes Mobile Episode III
04/30/03 12 Kokuki Goes PS2 Adventure
04/30/03 The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Review
04/30/03 First Look at Castlevania on PS2
04/29/03 Nihon Falcom Announces Arcturus
04/28/03 Phantasy Star Online Episode III Announced
04/27/03 FFXI: Vision of Jiraat Tops Japanese Sales Charts
04/27/03 Mythica for PC Announced
04/27/03 Square Music Live Event Held in Tokyo
04/27/03 Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow Video Available
04/26/03 Asheron's Call 2 Review
04/26/03 NEC Interchannel Announces New Adventure Title
04/26/03 Golden Sun Review & Screenshots
04/26/03 Konami Announces New PS2 Adventure Title
04/25/03 Square Enix Chairman Speaks
04/25/03 Nobunaga's Ambition Online Release Details
04/25/03 Nintendo of America Confirms Three Square Enix Titles
04/24/03 SCE Posts Financial Results
04/23/03 NCSoft Announces Guild Wars
04/23/03 Anarchy Online Receives Major Update
04/23/03 EVE Burst Error Plus Release Details
04/23/03 Dark Chronicle Sequel Announced
04/23/03 Sega To Decide About Merger Next Month
04/22/03 Return of Editorials
04/22/03 Nihon Falcom To Offer XP-Compatible Software
04/21/03 Private Nurse Maria And Others Heading For PS2
04/21/03 New Final Fantasy XI Details
04/20/03 Skies of Arcadia Legends Media
04/19/03 Final Fantasy XI: Vision of Jiraat First Day Sales
04/19/03 Green Green Fan Event Held in Tokyo
04/19/03 Sequel to Shin Megami Tensei Devil Children Announced
04/19/03 The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon Media Update
04/19/03 DemiKids Light & Dark Gallery
04/18/03 Capcom Halts Development of 18 Titles
04/18/03 Pirates of the Caribbean Media Update
04/17/03 Two More Star Ocean: Till the End of Time CDs Coming
04/17/03 Todai To Offer Game-Related Course
04/17/03 Arc The Lad Seiren No Tasogare OST Details
04/17/03 .hack Vol.4 Tops Japanese Sales Charts
04/17/03 Ragnorak Online Reaches 200,000 Subscribers in Japan
04/17/03 Blue Sky Blue Heading For Dreamcast
04/17/03 Endless Ages Release Details
04/17/03 SOE Announces EverQuest-Based Strategy Title
04/17/03 Shining Force II Goes Palm
04/17/03 PSO Episode I and II for Xbox Ships to Stores
04/17/03 Nobunaga's Ambition Online Preview & Gallery
04/17/03 Dark Age Of Camelot Expansion Announced
04/17/03 New Continent Unlocked In Dark Ages
04/17/03 Namco Proposing Merger with Sega
04/16/03 Arc The Lad: Twilight of Spirits Delayed
04/16/03 Lufia: The Ruins of Lore Delayed
04/16/03 Famitsu Rates Fire Emblem, Yumeria and More
04/16/03 Yu-Gi-Oh Series Reached Sales of 5.9 Million Last Year
04/16/03 Hanjuku Eiyuu Tai 3D Limited Edition Details
04/15/03 Nintendo Opens Mother 1 and 2 Official Website
04/15/03 New Dark Ages Continent Available
04/15/03 Anarchy Online: Shadowlands Media Update
04/15/03 Final Fantasy X-2 Breaks Two Million Mark
04/14/03 Mother 1 and 2 GBA-Bound
04/14/03 New Details Regarding FFXI Public Beta Test
04/13/03 Hanjuku Hero VS 3D Receives Definite Release Date
04/12/03 Square Enix Taking Apps For Final Fantasy XI Public Beta
04/12/03 Japanese Sales Charts Update
04/12/03 Namco to Hold Yumeria Release Events
04/12/03 New Gladius Media
04/12/03 Nintendo Analysts Meeting Report
04/12/03 Viorate no Atelier Pre-Order Campaign Announced
04/12/03 Creator's Talk - Part 3
04/11/03 Priest US-Bound
04/10/03 Broccoli Announces PS2 Line-up
04/10/03 Viorate no Atelier Premium Box Announced
04/10/03 Lineage Goes Premium in Japan
04/09/03 Producer Talks Tales of Symphonia
04/09/03 Ys I and II Eternal Story for PS2 Pushed Back
04/09/03 Final Fantasy Origins Editor Review
04/08/03 Square Enix Broadband Unit Up For Sale Again
04/08/03 Tales of Symphonia Website Opens
04/08/03 Final Fantasy Origins Ships
04/08/03 Official Castlevania: Aria Of Sorrow Website Opens
04/07/03 2nd Super Robot Taisen Alpha Breaks 500,000 Mark
04/07/03 Nintendo Posts Financial Results
04/07/03 Anarchy Online: Shadowlands Preview and Gallery Update
04/06/03 Square Enix Hiring Call
04/05/03 Original Square Enix Title Confirmed For 2004
04/05/03 Japanese Release Date Updates
04/05/03 New Fire Emblem Character Classes Announced
04/05/03 Namco Unveils Tales of Symphonia
04/05/03 2nd Super Robot Taisen Alpha Tops Japanese Sales Charts
04/05/03 Offical Pirates of the Caribbean Site Goes Live
04/04/03 Dark Cloud 2 Editor Review and Gallery Update
04/03/03 Nobunaga's Ambition Online Release Date Set
04/03/03 Tonkin House Announces D->A
04/03/03 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Preview and Gallery Update
04/02/03 Nintendo and From Software To Cooperate
04/02/03 Ys I Goes Mobile
04/02/03 Tir Na Nog IV Announced
04/01/03 Atlus USA Announces DemiKids: Light And Dark
04/01/03 Square Enix Announces Tactical Quest
04/01/03 Square Enix President Talks Future
04/01/03 Europe To Receive Huge Zelda: Wind Waker Bundle


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