May 2003
05/31/03 Square Enix Opens UNLIMITED:SaGa Website
05/31/03 Pirates of the Caribbean Narrator Announced
05/31/03 Anarchy Online: Shadowlands Gallery Update
05/31/03 Another Soundtracks Update!
05/30/03 Megaman Battle Network 3 Media Update
05/30/03 Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Goes Gold
05/30/03 Namco Talks Next Year's Line-Up
05/30/03 New Ys I and II Eternal Story PS2 Details
05/30/03 Success To Merge With Sun
05/30/03 Onimusha Tactics Media Update
05/30/03 Custom Robo Media Update
05/30/03 Dragon Empires Preview
05/29/03 Square Enix Strategy Meeting Report
05/28/03 Sakura Taisen 5 Details
05/28/03 New Xenosaga Episode II Details
05/28/03 WellMADE Announces New Adventure
05/28/03 To Heart 2 Heading For PS2
05/28/03 Creativity and Linearity
05/27/03 Fire Emblem Hands-On Impressions & Gallery
05/27/03 Sega Aiming To Improve Its Stance In The US
05/27/03 Snow Heading for Dreamcast
05/26/03 Nobunaga's Ambition Online Beta Testers To Receive Reward
05/26/03 Sakura Taisen Song Show Summer Performance Announced
05/26/03 New Disgaea: Hour of Darkness Screens!
05/25/03 Weekly Japanese Sales Charts Update
05/25/03 Phantasy Star Online Episode III Media Update
05/25/03 Massive Harvest Moon Media Update
05/24/03 CIMA: The Enemy Media Update
05/24/03 Sequel to Zelda: The Wind Waker Confirmed
05/24/03 Game-Related Studio Workshops To be Offered by AICA
05/24/03 FF Crystal Chronicles OST Release Date Announced
05/24/03 Monolith Management Re-Shuffle
05/24/03 Shining Soul English Media Update
05/24/03 Shining Soul II Packaging & Wallpaper
05/24/03 Activision Ships Lost Kingdoms II
05/23/03 Online Version of Shin Megami Tensei NINE Delayed Indefinitely
05/23/03 Star Wars Galaxies For PS2 And Xbox Put On Hold
05/23/03 The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon Goes Gold
05/23/03 Post-E3: Tales of Symphonia Gallery Update
05/23/03 Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Preview
05/23/03 Post-E3: The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Gallery
05/23/03 Post-E3: Mario & Luigi Gallery Added
05/22/03 Square Enix President Talks Financial Results
05/21/03 Post-E3: RPGFan Talks To Mythic Entertainment
05/21/03 Xenosaga Episode I Reloaded and Episode II Announced
05/21/03 Koei Posts Strong Financial Results
05/21/03 Namco Posts Financial Results
05/21/03 Sunrise Announces RPG
05/21/03 True Fantasy Live Online Details
05/21/03 Lost Kingdoms II Sweepstakes Winners
05/20/03 Yasunori Mitsuda Tribute Album Gets Re-Released
05/20/03 Post-E3: Castlevania: Lament of Innocence Media
05/20/03 Creator's Talk - Part 4
05/19/03 Sega Announces Restructuring
05/19/03 Hisao Oguchi Becomes New Sega President
05/18/03 Post-E3: Dark Age of Camelot: Trials of Atlantis Screens
05/18/03 Post-E3: Square Enix Media Update
05/18/03 Post-E3: Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow Screens
05/18/03 Post-E3: Boktai Media Update
05/18/03 Post-E3: Pirates of the Caribbean Screen Shots
05/18/03 Post-E3: World of Warcraft Media Update
05/18/03 Weekly Japanese Sales Charts Update
05/18/03 Post-E3: Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne Remains In Limbo
05/18/03 Lost Kingdoms II Sweepstakes Extended
05/17/03 E3: Knights of the Old Republic Information
05/17/03 E3: RPGFan Speaks with Codemasters
05/17/03 E3: RPGFan Speaks with Bioware
05/17/03 Square Enix Opens FF Crystal Chronicles Website
05/17/03 E3: SOE All Access Subscription Announced
05/16/03 PlayOnline Celebrates First Birthday
05/16/03 E3: SOE To Offer Incentives To EverQuest Players
05/16/03 Square and Enix Characters To Appear In Hanjuku Hero VS 3D
05/16/03 E3: Dungeons And Dragons Goes Online
05/16/03 E3: World of Warcraft Coming To Mac
05/16/03 E3: RPGFan takes a walk with Priest
05/16/03 E3: The Shadowlands invade LA
05/15/03 E3: Growlanser A Possible Compilation
05/15/03 .hacking E3
05/15/03 E3: Boktai US Release Details Announced
05/15/03 E3: Sony Handheld Announced, SCE's Online Strategy
05/15/03 E3: RPGFan speaks with Sony Computer Entertainment
05/15/03 Galaxy Angel Sequels Announced
05/14/03 E3: Square Enix's Large E3 Roster
05/14/03 E3: RPGFan and Bethesda
05/14/03 E3: Nintendo Lineup Details
05/14/03 E3: Atlus Talks About Their Past, Present and Future
05/14/03 E3: RPGFan Talks To Natsume
05/14/03 E3: North American Publisher of Final Fantasy XI for PS2 Announced
05/14/03 Super Robot Taisen D for GBA Announced
05/14/03 E3: SOE Line-Up Announced
05/14/03 E3: Dungeon Siege II to Debut at E3
05/14/03 Tengai Makyou II and III Heading For PS2, GC
05/14/03 E3: Final Fantasy XI To Be Available In Early 2004
05/14/03 E3: Castlevania: Lament of Innocence Details Announced
05/12/03 Capcom Looks Ahead
05/12/03 Boktai Receives Japanese Release Date
05/10/03 The Progress Police
05/10/03 Weekly Japanese Sales Charts Update
05/10/03 Arcturus First Print Goodie Announced
05/10/03 D.C.P.S Goes PlayStation 2
05/10/03 Super Robot Taisen Compact 3 for WSC Announced
05/10/03 FF XI Vision of Jiraat OST Announced
05/10/03 UNLIMITED: SaGa Heading For Korea
05/09/03 Namco Unveils E3 Line-Up
05/09/03 Square Enix Posts First Joint Financial Data
05/09/03 New FF Crystal Chronicles Details
05/09/03 Square Enix Strategy Meeting Announced
05/09/03 True Fantasy Live Online Comfirmed for US Release
05/09/03 Morrowind For Xbox Receives Expansion
05/09/03 NCSoft Announces E3 Special Events
05/09/03 EverQuest Online Adventures Expansion Announced
05/08/03 Sega Upgrades Financial Data
05/08/03 Nobunaga's Ambition Online Receives Definite Release Date
05/08/03 Summon Night 3 Receives Definite Release Date
05/08/03 Lynda Carter To Star in Bloodmoon
05/08/03 Konohana Merchandise At Discounted Prices Available
05/08/03 Neocron begins 10-day free trial.
05/08/03 Sega, Sammy Merger Falls Through
05/07/03 New Projects From Japan
05/07/03 Hanjuku Eiyuu Tai 3D Promotion Announced
05/07/03 Bandai Posts Strong Financial Data
05/07/03 EVE Online: The Second Genesis Ships To Stores
05/07/03 Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow Ships
05/06/03 Fire Emblem Melodies Available For Download
05/06/03 Kid Announces Close To For PS2
05/06/03 E3Insider Announced
05/06/03 Lineage II To be Scored by Hollywood Composer
05/06/03 New EverQuest Server Deployed
05/06/03 Japanese Rune II Release Details
05/06/03 Mother 1 and 2 Pre-Order Campaign Announced
05/06/03 Tenshi No Kakera Announced
05/06/03 Iris and Erde Are Heading For Dreamcast
05/06/03 A Tale in the Desert Video Interview Series Announced
05/05/03 Dark Age of Camelot Receives New Expansion
05/05/03 Newest Additions to PS2 Budget Series Announced
05/05/03 Kana for Xbox Delayed
05/04/03 UNLIMITED:SaGa Gallery Update
05/04/03 Final Fantasy X-2 Import Review
05/03/03 Phantasy Star Online Episode III Logo Revealed
05/03/03 Weekly Japanese Sales Charts Update
05/03/03 Mythica Trailer Available Via Official Website
05/03/03 New Game Master Position Available At Square Enix
05/03/03 Two Dragon Quest Concerts Announced
05/03/03 FF Crystal Chronicles Site Update
05/03/03 New Atlus Takara Merger Details
05/03/03 My Merry Maybe Heading for DC
05/02/03 Soundtrack Reviews Abound
05/02/03 Namco To Sega: Eight More Days
05/02/03 Makai Tenshou Coming to PS2 This Summer
05/02/03 Mobile Yuuji Horii Playhouse Opens Its Doors
05/02/03 Zelda: The Wind Waker Sells 800,000 Copies


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