June 2003
06/30/03 New Dorikore Budget Titles Announced
06/30/03 Snow Receives Definite Release Date
06/30/03 Sakura Taisen Atsuki Chishio Ni Trading Cards Announced
06/30/03 EverQuest Online Adventures Editor Review
06/29/03 Weekly Japanese Sales Charts Update
06/28/03 A Blizzard Unleashed!
06/28/03 June Soundtracks Update
06/28/03 Fresh Front Mission News
06/27/03 Shinyaku Seiken Densetsu Release Details
06/27/03 Okamoto Founds New Development Studio
06/27/03 Hanjuku Hero VS 3D and Viorate no Atelier Sales
06/27/03 Kita He for PS2 Pushed Back
06/27/03 Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos Editor Review
06/27/03 Interlude PS2-Bound
06/27/03 Monolith Soft Is Hiring Again
06/27/03 Hanjuku Hero Tai 3D Release Event Report
06/27/03 City of Heroes Contest Announced
06/25/03 New Drag-on Dragoon Details
06/25/03 Major Final Fantasy XI Update Announced
06/25/03 The Facts Behind Nobunaga's Ambition Online's Launch
06/24/03 New Final Fantasy XI PC Beta Test Opportunity Announced
06/24/03 Ragnarok Online Attacked By Hackers
06/24/03 Square Enix Shareholders Meeting Report
06/24/03 FF Crystal Chronicles Limited Edition GameCube Announced
06/24/03 Tokitmeki Memorial Goes PSOne Books
06/24/03 Microsoft Announces Japanese Releases
06/24/03 EverQuest Ships For Mac
06/22/03 Weekly Japanese Sales Charts Update
06/22/03 Shinyaku Seiken Densetsu To Hit Japan in August
06/22/03 SOE Announces Champions of Norrath
06/22/03 Video Game Music Symphony Concert in Germany Announced
06/21/03 Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Memory Card Announced
06/21/03 Official Shadow Hearts 2 Website Goes Live
06/20/03 Final Fantasy X-2 Vocal Collection Announced
06/20/03 Koei Adds Fourth World To Nobunaga's Ambition Online
06/20/03 Progress and Rebuttals
06/19/03 Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Receives Japanese Release Date
06/19/03 Shadowlands Beta Goes Public
06/19/03 Weekly Famitsu Review Scores
06/19/03 Final Fantasy III Remake, Shin Megami Tensei NINE Status Updates
06/19/03 Jorudan Announces Retro Adventure
06/19/03 Star Wars Galaxies Release Details Announced
06/19/03 Morrowind Summit Reaches New Milestone
06/19/03 Ys VI Receives Subtitle and Release Date
06/18/03 Shadowlands Pre-Order Apartment Screenshots
06/18/03 Shadow Hearts 2 Details Announced
06/17/03 Suikoden III Availability Information
06/17/03 Magic Pengel Goes Gold
06/17/03 New EverQuest Expansion Announced
06/17/03 UNLIMITED Saga Editor Review
06/16/03 Xenosaga Episode II Subtitle Unveiled
06/16/03 Atari To Publish UNLIMITED:SaGa in Europe
06/16/03 7th CESA Game Awards Details Announced
06/15/03 Weekly Japanese Sales Charts Update
06/15/03 Fable Screenshots
06/14/03 The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon Editor Review
06/14/03 Sudeki Screenshots
06/14/03 Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits Screenshots
06/14/03 Sakura Taisen Shop Celebrates 5th Anniversary
06/14/03 Tengai Makyou II First Print Goodies Announced
06/14/03 Love Adventure Goes PocketPC
06/13/03 Creator's Talk - Part 5
06/13/03 Tengai Makyou II Pre-Order Campaign Annonced
06/13/03 New Release Dates from Japan
06/13/03 Arkane Studios To Talk Arx Fatalis For Xbox
06/12/03 Square Enix USA Opens Official FFXI Website
06/12/03 Boktai To Receive Very Special Bundle Treatment
06/12/03 PS2 BB Unit Goes on Sale in Japan
06/12/03 Nobuo Uematsu Comments on Final Fantasy XII
06/12/03 New FF Crystal Chronicles Details
06/12/03 GameArts Comments on Possibility of Grandia Sequel
06/12/03 New Tengai Makyou III Info
06/10/03 New Nobunaga's Ambition Online Details Announced
06/10/03 Dreamcast Online Services To End This Month
06/10/03 Shadow Hearts 2 Announced
06/09/03 Sales Projections For Tales of Symphonia, Tengai Makyou II Announced
06/09/03 Capcom Release Schedule Announced
06/08/03 Pokemon Tops Japanese Charts Again
06/08/03 Phantasy Star: Generation 1 Gallery
06/07/03 Phantasy Star Remake Release Date Announced
06/07/03 PSO Episode III Beta Testing To Begin In July
06/06/03 The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon Is Heading For Europe
06/06/03 A New Race Is Added To Darkfall
06/06/03 Art and Death
06/06/03 Tales Titles For GC, GBA Receive Release Dates
06/06/03 Ys I and II Eternal Story PS2 Set For August Release
06/06/03 FF Crystal Chronicles Release Details Announced
06/06/03 Square Enix Announces New Generation World Hobby Fair Line-Up
06/04/03 A Tale In The Desert Status Update
06/04/03 Tengai Makyou II and III Details Announced
06/04/03 Kaoru Nanami To Perform Private Nurse Maria Main Theme
06/04/03 Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits Hands-on Impressions & Gallery
06/04/03 Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Preview
06/04/03 Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance Editor Review
06/04/03 RPGFan Store Working... Again
06/03/03 New Addition To D3's Simple 2000 Series
06/03/03 Capcom To Publish Prince of Qin in Japan
06/03/03 Yu Suzuki Comments on Shenmue 3
06/02/03 Sega Management Re-Shuffle Continues
06/02/03 Tengai Makyou II For PS2 Receives Release Date
06/02/03 Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Delayed Again
06/02/03 RPGFan's E3 2003 Gallery & Impressions
06/01/03 New Tales of Symphonia Character Revealed
06/01/03 Weekly Japanese Sales Update
06/01/03 Ragnarok Online Goes Commercial
06/01/03 Lufia: The Ruins of Lore Editor Review


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