August 2003
08/31/03 Weekly Japanese Sales Charts Update
08/31/03 Now Hiring: Media Staff
08/30/03 Kingdom Hearts II Heading for A Late 2004 Release
08/30/03 New Tales of Symphonia Details and Media
08/30/03 Wild ARMs Alter Code: F Revealed
08/29/03 EverQuest II Wins ECTS Award
08/29/03 Yasunori Mitsuda Comments on Possible New Chrono Title
08/29/03 SCEA's Kaz Hirai, Others Promoted
08/29/03 New Drakengard Trailer
08/28/03 Sega To Shut Down PSO DC Servers In September
08/28/03 Number of Star Wars Galaxies Subscriptions Exceeds 275,000
08/27/03 Yet Another Wild ARMS Announced
08/27/03 New Wild ARMS Alter Code: F Details Announced
08/27/03 Cross Gate Receives Second Expansion
08/27/03 Marvelous Interactive Announces New PS2 Title
08/27/03 Funcom Offers Shadowlands Movies
08/27/03 Atlus Announces Kowloon Youma Gakuen Ki
08/27/03 Taking Matters into My Own Hands
08/26/03 NCSoft Announces Taiwanese Joint Venture
08/26/03 Atlus USA Ships Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
08/26/03 SCEA Comments on Network Adaptor, FFXI
08/26/03 Games Convention 2003 Figures Released
08/26/03 Anarchy Online: Shadowlands Media Tour
08/26/03 EverQuest: Evolution Release Info and Media
08/25/03 New Boktai Screen Shots
08/25/03 Final Fantasy X-2 Gallery & Info Update
08/24/03 Weekly Japanese Sales Charts Update
08/24/03 Disney Confirms Kingdom Hearts II Is In Development
08/24/03 New Baten Kaitos Information and Media
08/24/03 Kumi Kouda To Perform English Version of FFX-2 Main Themes
08/23/03 Hudson Announces TGS 2003 LineUp
08/23/03 Natsuiro Release Details Announced
08/23/03 Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader Ships
08/23/03 Front Mission PSOne Remake to Ship in Late October
08/23/03 Oriental Blue Receives Definite Release Date
08/23/03 Charara Delays Two DC Titles
08/23/03 EA Announces Ultima X: Odyssey
08/22/03 Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark Official Site Launch
08/20/03 Nintendo of Europe Updates Release Schedule
08/20/03 Weekly Famitsu Review Scores
08/20/03 New Super Robot Taisen PS2 Installment Details
08/20/03 Shin Megami Tensei Preview
08/20/03 Sword of Mana Preview
08/19/03 Neverwinter Nights Expansion Receives Release Date
08/19/03 SOE Promotes Star Wars Galaxies Director
08/19/03 HuneX Release Schedule Updated
08/18/03 Shinyaku Seiken Densetsu Event Announced
08/18/03 GameArts Hiring Drive
08/17/03 Weekly Japanese Sales Charts Update
08/17/03 Golden Sun II: The Lost Age Editor Review
08/16/03 New Drag-on Dragoon Information
08/15/03 SCEJ Opens Wild ARMs Alter Code: F Website
08/15/03 Arc The Lad: Twilight of Spirits Heading for Europe
08/15/03 Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Breaks Platinum Mark
08/14/03 Shadowlands Pushed Back to Early September
08/14/03 Tales of Symphonia OST Details
08/13/03 Lime Iro Senkitan Jun Heading For PS2
08/13/03 Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Sales
08/12/03 Sudeki Pushed Back
08/12/03 Uchuu no Stellvia Goes Adventure
08/12/03 New Idea Factory Title Announced
08/12/03 Final Fantasy XI PC Receives Official Release Date
08/12/03 Fire Emblem: The Flaming Sword Import Review
08/11/03 Final Fantasy XI for Windows Exposed!
08/11/03 Shin Megami Tensei NINE Online For Xbox Cancelled
08/11/03 .hack//MUTATION Editor Review
08/10/03 Weekly Japanese Sales Charts Update
08/09/03 Preliminary TGS 2003 Line-Up
08/09/03 Square Enix Releases Annual Report
08/09/03 Kid Announces Tenma For PlayStation 2
08/08/03 Sega Announces Tokyo Game Show Line-Up
08/08/03 August 7th Sales from Japan
08/07/03 Nintendo Strategy Meeting Report
08/07/03 Konami Posts First Quarter Results
08/07/03 Koei Posts Impressive Financial Data
08/07/03 Rhapsody of Zephyr Goes PS2
08/07/03 Namco Posts 1st Quarter Profit
08/07/03 Square Enix Producers Talk FF:CC and FFX-2
08/07/03 Tengai Makyou GBA Title Announced
08/06/03 Future Plans for Front Mission Announced
08/05/03 Nintendo Reports Quarterly Results
08/04/03 Alchemist Announces New Title
08/04/03 Weekly Japanese Sales Charts Update
08/04/03 Lost Passage PS2 Receives Definite Release Date
08/02/03 Front Mission PSOne Remake Announced
08/02/03 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Sets Sales Record
08/01/03 NCSoft Reports Financial Results
08/01/03 Dragon Quest VIII & True Fantasy Live Online Media
08/01/03 Level 5 Shows Teaser for New RPG
08/01/03 Toshirou Tsuchida Talks Front Mission
08/01/03 Heroes! Pirates! Arts & Crafts!
08/01/03 Disgaea: Hour of Darkness Preview
08/01/03 Dragon Empires Goes Live
08/01/03 Kingdom Hearts Snags Another Award


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