September 2003
09/30/03 Front Mission 4 and History To Ship This Year
09/30/03 Suikoden IV Media Update
09/30/03 Anarchy Online: Shadowlands Sweepstakes Winners
09/29/03 Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Screens
09/29/03 First Hi-Res Screen of Kingdom Hearts II
09/29/03 FFVII: Advent Children Staff Details
09/29/03 Tengai Makyou 2 OST Release Pushed Back
09/28/03 TGS 2003 Draws 150,000 Visitors
09/28/03 Weekly Japanese Sales Charts Update
09/28/03 TGS - PSO Episode I and II Goes PC
09/28/03 New Final Fantasy XI US Information
09/28/03 Anarcy Online: Shadowlands Available For Download
09/28/03 TGS - New Tales Title in the Works
09/27/03 TGS - From Software Announces New Titles
09/27/03 TGS - Square Enix Announces Front Mission History
09/27/03 New Jade Empire Details
09/27/03 66 Exclusive Hi-Res Final Fantasy XI: Rise of the Zilart Screens
09/27/03 Suikoden IV Heads To North America
09/26/03 TGS - Two New Final Fantasy X-2 International Screens
09/26/03 TGS - Shadow Hearts II Screen Shots
09/26/03 TGS - First Look At Ambrosia Odyssey
09/26/03 TGS - New Sakura Taisen Media
09/26/03 Rockman.EXE 4 Screen Shots
09/26/03 MonolithSoft Releases Baten Kaitos Video
09/26/03 Kingdom Hearts Goes Greatest Hits; More Sequel Details
09/26/03 TGS - Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green Release Details
09/26/03 TGS - New Sakura Taisen Details Announced
09/26/03 TGS - Final Fantasy XII Media Update
09/26/03 TGS - Square Enix Talks Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
09/26/03 TGS - The Future of PlayOnline
09/26/03 TGS - ChunSoft Announces Three Anniversary Titles
09/26/03 TGS - Sega Reveals Sakura Taisen Monogatari
09/26/03 TGS - Final Fantasy XII Event Announced
09/26/03 TGS - Star Ocean: Till The End of Time Director's Cut Announced
09/26/03 TGS - Square Enix Announces Two New MMORPGs
09/25/03 Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Import Editor Review
09/25/03 Square Enix Takes FF and DQ Handheld
09/25/03 Gyakuten Saiban 3 Receives Release Date
09/25/03 Mega Man X Command Mission Screen Shots
09/25/03 Microsoft Hires Maruyama, Fisher
09/25/03 SOE Announces Voice Cast for Lords of EverQuest
09/25/03 ChunSoft To Announce Three 20th Anniversary Titles
09/25/03 New Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Details
09/25/03 Onimusha Tactics - Preview
09/25/03 First Kingdom Hearts II and KH: Chain of Memories Details
09/25/03 Capcom Announces Mega Man X Command Mission
09/25/03 Square Enix Announces Three Major Titles
09/25/03 Nintendo Drops Price of GameCube Console
09/24/03 Drag-on Dragoon OST Announced
09/24/03 New EVE Title in Development
09/24/03 True Fantasy Live Online Pushed Back
09/24/03 FFX-2 International + Last Mission to be on Display at TGS
09/24/03 Definite Names for Two New Sega Development Studios Announced
09/24/03 Koei Ships Dynasty Tactics 2
09/24/03 Kid Announces Remember11
09/24/03 Front Mission Pre-Order Campaign Announced
09/24/03 New Nippon Ichi Software Title in the Works
09/24/03 Atlus Announces Shin Megami Tensei 3 Nocturne Maniacs
09/23/03 Konami and Langer Juice Announce Boktai Promotion
09/23/03 Shadow Hearts II TGS Special Announced
09/23/03 EA To Publish Final Fantasy X-2 in Europe
09/23/03 Final Fantasy Concerts Announced for Early 2004
09/23/03 Square Enix Shares Reach 15 Month High
09/21/03 Shadowbane Expansion Coming This Winter
09/21/03 Alchemist Announces First PS2 Title
09/21/03 Weekly Japanese Sales Charts Update
09/20/03 Capcom Announces Gyakuten Saiban 3
09/20/03 Square Enix Talks Current Status
09/19/03 Working Designs Announces Growlanser Generations
09/19/03 Square Enix To Sell FFVIII Merchandise At TGS
09/19/03 New Wild ARMS Alter Code: F Details
09/19/03 Shining Force Coming to Game Boy Advance
09/19/03 42 New Wild ARMs Alter Code: F Images
09/19/03 First JUMP Festa Details Announced
09/19/03 Phantasy Star Collection Editor Review
09/19/03 Final Fantasy X-2: Full Throttle
09/18/03 Sega To Hold Sakura Taisen Presentation At TGS
09/18/03 Kenshin Dragon Quest Pre-Orders Reach 300,000
09/17/03 Atlus USA Ships Shining Soul
09/17/03 AO: Shadowlands Launches Successfully
09/17/03 SCEA Announces PS2 Hard Drive Details
09/17/03 New Popolocrois Title in the Works
09/17/03 New FFX-2 International and Last Mission Details
09/17/03 Famitsu Rates Six
09/16/03 Kid To Announce Newest Project This Month
09/16/03 Oriental Blue Pre-Order Campaign Announced
09/15/03 Banpresto Announces New GBA RPG
09/15/03 Weekly Japanese Sales Charts Update
09/14/03 Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town - Preview First Look
09/13/03 First (Clear) Look at Front Mission 4
09/13/03 Square Enix Adds Front Mission 4 to TGS Line-Up
09/12/03 Drag-on Dragoon First Day Sales
09/12/03 Microsoft Announces TGS 2003 Line-Up
09/12/03 Dark Age of Camelot: Shrouded Isles Editor Review
09/12/03 Tales of Symphonia OST Announced
09/11/03 Suikoden IV Gallery Debut
09/11/03 New Suikoden IV Details
09/11/03 EverQuest: Lost Dungeons of Norrath Gallery Update
09/10/03 Takara To Take Over Broccoli Later This Year
09/10/03 Princess Soft Announces Wish
09/10/03 Kid Announces Angel's Feather For PS2
09/10/03 UNLIMITED:SaGa Collectors Box Announced
09/10/03 Monolith Soft Announces TGS 2003 Line-Up
09/10/03 Sony Computer Entertainment Announces TGS Line-Up
09/10/03 New Front Mission 4 Details
09/10/03 First Genso Suikoden 4 Details Announced
09/10/03 Developer of Hagane no Renkinjutsushi Named
09/10/03 Final Fantasy X-2 Goes International
09/09/03 Hagane no Renkinjutsushi Goes PS2
09/09/03 SOE Ships EverQuest: Lost Dungeons of Norrath
09/09/03 Baten Kaitos Preview, Media Update, New Info
09/09/03 Numb To the Very Core
09/09/03 Suikoden 4 Announced
09/09/03 Mario & Luigi Gains Subtitle, Box Art
09/08/03 Anarchy Online: Shadowlands Sweepstakes
09/08/03 Square Enix Announces TGS 2003 Line-Up
09/07/03 Weekly Japanese Sales Charts Update
09/06/03 Two More PS2 RPGs Get Budget Series Treatment
09/06/03 Disgaea: Hour of Darkness Editor Review
09/06/03 Shin Megami Tensei NINE Goes Budget Series Re-Release
09/04/03 Dragon Quest VIII Preview
09/04/03 Magic Pengel: The Quest for Color Editor Review
09/04/03 Front Mission 4 for PS2 Announced
09/04/03 Japanese Release Date Update
09/03/03 Two New Pokemon Titles in the Works
09/03/03 Famitsu Weighs in on Drag-on Dragoon, Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life
09/03/03 Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Popular; Delayed
09/02/03 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Editor Review
09/02/03 Square Enix USA Sets Official Final Fantasy X-2 Release Date
09/02/03 Sega Announces PSO Episode I & II Plus for GC
09/02/03 Ever17 - the out of infinity Premium Edition Heading for PS2
09/02/03 New True Fantasy Live Online Details
09/02/03 Tales of Symphonia and Shinyaku Seiken Densetsu Sales Performance
09/02/03 Sony Computer Entertainment CTO Okamoto Resigns


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