October 2003
10/31/03 English Final Fantasy X-2 Website Goes Live
10/31/03 Atlus Brings Shining Soul II to the US
10/31/03 Dungeon Siege Movie Details Announced
10/31/03 October 30th Sales From Japan
10/31/03 Final Fantasy XII Pushed Back
10/31/03 Update on Trademark Registration
10/31/03 Dungeons and Dragons: Heroes Editor Review
10/31/03 Final Fantasy VII Piano Collections Details
10/30/03 Morrowind Game of the Year Edition to be Available Early Next Week
10/30/03 Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire Break The 5 Million Mark In Japan
10/30/03 PC Final Fantasy XI Ships
10/30/03 CESA Game Award Winners Announced
10/29/03 PS2 Dragon Quest V First Screens, New Details
10/29/03 Full Metal Alchemist Release Date Set
10/29/03 PlaneShift Reaches Installed Userbase of 100,000
10/29/03 CIMA: The Enemy - Preview
10/29/03 Square Enix to Cooperate with Intel on PC and Mobile Devices Content
10/29/03 Square Enix Begins Accepting Final Fantasy XII Presentation Applications
10/29/03 Ken Kutaragi Becomes Sony COO
10/29/03 PS2 Dragon Quest V In The Works
10/28/03 La Pucelle Media Update
10/28/03 Chunsoft to Reveal Third 20th Anniversary Title in Two Weeks
10/28/03 Tetsuya Nomura Talks Kingdom Hearts
10/28/03 Nintendo of Europe To Bundle GBA SP and Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire
10/27/03 Nihon Falcom Enters Stock Market And Discusses Online Plans
10/27/03 Nemuranai Tairiku Cronous Makes Its Online Debut
10/27/03 Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark Preview
10/27/03 Anarchy Online: Shadowlands Editor Review
10/26/03 Depth Fantasia All-In-One Pack Announced
10/26/03 PS2 Rhapsody of Zephyr Release Date, Details Announced
10/26/03 Post-TGS Square Enix Media Update (Part 3)
10/26/03 New Feature for Final Fantasy X-2 Announced
10/25/03 Princess Soft Delays Three Titles Until Next Year
10/25/03 True Fantasy Live Online Beta To Commence Soon
10/25/03 Anarchy Online Trial To Include Shadowlands
10/25/03 Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna Goes Gold
10/24/03 Square Enix and Monolith Soft Talk Current Projects
10/24/03 Upcoming Dark Age of Camelot Expansion Powered by Gamebryo
10/23/03 New Baten Kaitos Details
10/22/03 North American Monthly Sales Chart
10/22/03 La Pucelle US-Bound
10/22/03 Sakura Taisen Art on Exhibit in Japan
10/22/03 Famitsu Rates Da Capo and Kita He.
10/22/03 Square Enix USA Launches New Final Fantasy XI Website
10/21/03 Funcom Names New Anarchy Online Assitant Game Director
10/21/03 New Square Enix Merchandise Available
10/20/03 Another Gladius Media Update
10/20/03 Music and White Shirts
10/20/03 New Popolocrois Tsuki no Oteki no Bouken Details Announced
10/20/03 Tecmo Raises Full Year Profit Expectations
10/20/03 New Fable & True Fantasy Live Online Media
10/19/03 Special Edition Zelda GameCube Bundles Announced
10/19/03 Tengai Makyou II OST DelayedTengai Makyou II OST Delayed
10/19/03 Square Enix Registers Four New Trademarks
10/19/03 Phantom Brave Official Site Opens
10/18/03 New Media For Mario & Luigi
10/17/03 Gladius Media Blowout
10/17/03 Square Enix Offers New Star Ocean 3: DC Cellphone Service
10/17/03 The Black Mages to Perform at University Festival
10/16/03 New Baten Kaitos Details Announced
10/16/03 Weekly Japanese Sales Charts Update
10/16/03 PSOI&II Plus Preorders To Ship With Trilogy Box
10/16/03 Sega Posts Strong Half Year Results
10/16/03 DC Adventures Get Pushed Back
10/16/03 Nintendo Acquires 2.6% Stake in Bandai
10/16/03 Baten Kaitos Preorders To Ship With Retro RPG
10/16/03 Star Ocean 3: Director's Cut Tidbits
10/15/03 Takara Announces Acquisition of Atlus
10/15/03 Famitsu Rates Oriental Blue, Shadow Tower Abyss, Front Mission, Others
10/15/03 Hari no Bara Pushed Back
10/14/03 TIGRAF 2003 Line-Up Announced
10/13/03 Final Fantasy XI: Rise of the Zilart Media Tour & Impressions
10/12/03 Suisui Sweet Heading for PS2 Release
10/12/03 New Dating Sim Compilation Soundtrack Announced
10/12/03 Nintendo Tops Half Year Sales Charts
10/12/03 Final Fantasy XI PC To Ship On October 28th
10/12/03 Phantom Brave Release Info
10/10/03 Wild ARMs Alter Code: F New Playable Characters Info
10/10/03 Xenosaga Episode I Reloaded Delayed
10/10/03 Soundtracks Strike Back
10/10/03 PlayStation 2 and PlayStation RPGs Re-released
10/10/03 Wild Arms Alter Code: F Bonus Disc Contents
10/10/03 Growlanser IV Limited Edition Info
10/10/03 Weekly Japanese Sales Charts Update
10/09/03 Gladius Has Gone Gold
10/09/03 Atlus Ships DemiKids: Light and Dark Versions
10/07/03 Fire Emblem Content On New GameCube Demo Disc
10/07/03 New Kingdom Hearts Games Sites Open
10/06/03 Post-TGS Square Enix Media Update (Part 2)
10/06/03 MonolithSoft Releases New Baten Kaitos Trailer
10/05/03 Front Mission History, Star Ocean 3: Director's Cut Release Dates Set
10/05/03 Harvest Moon GBA For Girl Announced
10/05/03 Big Post-TGS Square Enix Media Update (Part 1)
10/04/03 New Kingdom Hearts II Details
10/04/03 New Star Ocean: Till The End of Time Director's Cut Details
10/03/03 Nippon Ichi Software Unveils Phantom Brave
10/02/03 New Final Fantasy Concert Tour Announced
10/02/03 Front Mission 4 Release Date Set
10/02/03 Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Editor Reviews
10/02/03 Growlanser Collection To Release in Japan
10/02/03 Ragnarok Online Breaks Record In Taiwan
10/02/03 FFX-2 & Drakengard Media
10/01/03 InXile Entertainment Announces The Bard's Tale
10/01/03 Second Hagane no Renkinjutsushi Title in the Works
10/01/03 New Sakura Taisen V: Episode 0 Details Available
10/01/03 More Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Details
10/01/03 New Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Details Revealed
10/01/03 New Kingdom Hearts II Details


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