November 2003
11/29/03 Final Fantasy Series Scenario Writer Leaves Square Enix
11/29/03 DigiCube Files for Bankruptcy
11/28/03 Sony Computer Entertainment Becomes Full Subsidiary of Sony
11/28/03 Namco Trademark Registration Update from Japan
11/28/03 Phantasy Star PS2 Remake US-Bound
11/28/03 Dokapan DX Is Heading for PS2
11/27/03 Weekly Famitsu Rates Baten Kaitos
11/27/03 Kaze no Uta, Lien Get Delayed Once Again
11/27/03 JUMP Festa Line-Up Announced
11/26/03 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Editor Review
11/26/03 Square Enix Opens Kingdom Hearts: Chains of Memories Site
11/25/03 Sega To Offer Sakura Taisen 3 PC Download Service
11/25/03 Star Ocean: Till The End of Time Directors Cut To Ship In Late January
11/24/03 New Front Mission 4 Details
11/23/03 RPGFan, ATI and Funcom Present The Radeon 9800XT Shadow Challenge
11/23/03 Phantasy Star Online Reaches Userbase of 600,000 Worldwide
11/21/03 Funcom Announces Anarchy Online Classic and Deluxe Downloads
11/21/03 Main Theme for Full Metal Alchemist Announced
11/20/03 Square Enix President Talks about FFXII, PSP
11/20/03 Basiscape Founded by Sakimoto, Iwata, Namiki
11/20/03 Square Enix Releases Half Year Sales Figures
11/20/03 PlayOnline Reaches Userbase of 400,000
11/20/03 LucasArts Ships PC Version of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
11/19/03 Final Fantasy XII Soundtrack Details
11/19/03 Final Fantasy XI Editor Review
11/19/03 Final Fantasy XII Presentation Report
11/18/03 Square Enix USA Ships Final Fantasy X-2
11/18/03 Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Breaks 1.5 Million Barrier
11/18/03 Koei Strategy Meeting Report
11/18/03 Final Fantasy Goes America Online Radio@ Network
11/17/03 Even More Wild ARMs Alter Code: F Media
11/17/03 Baten Kaitos - Preview and Media update
11/17/03 First Dragon Quest V PS2 Media Released
11/16/03 Stars Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic Sweepstakes Announced
11/16/03 New Dragon Quest V PS2 Details
11/15/03 Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles US Packaging Revealed
11/14/03 Capcom Details 2003 Sales Projections
11/14/03 November 13th First Day Sales From Japan
11/14/03 Trademark Registration Update
11/14/03 Broccoli Announces Galaxy Angel Moonlit Lovers PS2 Details
11/14/03 Phantom Brave Pre-Order Campaign, Limited Edition Announced
11/13/03 Hori Announces Front Mission, Growlanser Memory Cards
11/13/03 Nintendo Posts Red Numbers for 1st Half of FY2003/2004
11/13/03 First Final Fantasy XII Screens Revealed
11/12/03 Chunsoft Reveals 20th Anniversary PS2 Title
11/12/03 Sega Releases 1st Half Financial Results
11/12/03 Final Fantasy XI Desktop Theme for Windows XP Available
11/12/03 Harvest Moon Goes Girls
11/12/03 Disgaea: Hour of Darkness Editor Review
11/11/03 Fufuta Heading For PS2, DC
11/11/03 The Matrix Online Details Announced
11/10/03 Chunsoft Reveals First Details Regarding GC RPG
11/10/03 Konami Reports First Half Financial Results
11/10/03 Roommate Asami Gets Dorikore Re-Release
11/10/03 Square Enix Opens Full Metal Alchemist Website
11/10/03 Wizardry Empire III Pushed Back
11/10/03 Square Enix Announces Cross Gate Power-Up Kit 2 OST
11/09/03 Funcom Talks About Future Of Shadowlands
11/08/03 Super Robot Taisen Impact 2 Heading for March 2004 Release
11/07/03 English Fire Emblem Site Launches
11/07/03 Fan Bag Popolocrois Museum 2 Announced
11/07/03 Zelda Bonus Disc To Be Available Outside GC Bundle In US, Japan
11/07/03 Nexon Updates Dark Ages
11/07/03 October 6th Sales from Japan
11/07/03 Alchemist Announces Sales Promotion for Wind, Shokora
11/07/03 Gladius Editor Review
11/06/03 Morrowind: GOTY Edition Ships With NDL Engine Inside
11/06/03 Nyko Releases iType2 Controller for PS2
11/06/03 Nihon Falcom Announces Falcom Special Box 2004
11/06/03 Generation of Chaos 4 Heading for a Spring 2004 Release
11/05/03 Bandai Projects Record Profit for FY 2003/2004
11/05/03 Famitsu Rates Busin 0 Wizardry Alternative Neo, Sister Princess Add-on Disc
11/05/03 Final Fantasy X-2 International + Last Mission To Ship in February 2004
11/05/03 Bandai Announces Second Inuyasha RPG
11/05/03 Sakura Taisen Dinner Show 2003 Details Announced
11/04/03 Square Enix Sends Many PSOne Titles to Greatest Hits Factory
11/03/03 European Mario Kart GC Bundle To Include Zelda Bonus Disc
11/03/03 Gakuen Toshi Varanoir GameCube-Bound
11/03/03 Final Fantasy X-2 Media Update
11/01/03 New Pictures & Info for Mario & Luigi


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