February 2004
02/29/04 Konami Announces Fresh Suikoden IV Details
02/28/04 New Wish Website Goes Live
02/28/04 Game Developers Choice Award Nominees Announced
02/28/04 Interlude Heading for a PC Release
02/28/04 Kid Announces New Memories Off Title
02/27/04 Idea Factory Announces New Love Adventure Title
02/27/04 Square Enix President Talks Final Fantasy XII, Dragon Quest VIII
02/26/04 Phantasy Star Online Episode III: C.A.R.D Revolution - Preview
02/26/04 Nihon Falcom to Enter Chinese Cellphone Market
02/26/04 Aruze Reports Shadow Hearts II Save Data Bug
02/26/04 Ubi Soft Opts Out of Matrix Online Publishing Deal
02/26/04 Final Fantasy XII Media Update
02/25/04 Magna Carta Goes Worldwide
02/25/04 FFVII Piano and More Reviewed
02/25/04 Final Fantasy XI Receives Major Update
02/25/04 Tokyo Game Show 2004 Details Announced
02/25/04 Princess Soft Announces 3LDK for PS2
02/25/04 Drakengard Media Update
02/25/04 New media for La Pucelle: Tactics
02/25/04 Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Screen Shots
02/24/04 PSO Episode I and II Heading for a March Beta Test on the PC
02/24/04 Square Enix Announces Original Dragon Quest V PS2 Feature
02/24/04 Front Mission Project Status Report
02/23/04 Square Enix Announces Star Ocean: Till The End of Time DC for US Release
02/23/04 Final Fantasy i and Dragon Quest i Service To Start Next Week
02/23/04 Japanese Sales Charts Update
02/23/04 Atlus Abandons Development of Newest Devil Children Title
02/23/04 Full Metal Alchemist GBA to See A Late March Release
02/22/04 Xenosaga Freaks Details Announced
02/22/04 Atlus to Discontinue Production of Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne Maniacs
02/21/04 February 19th Sales Figures
02/21/04 New Dragon Quest V PS2 Information Announced
02/20/04 Fresh Xenosaga Episode II Details And Media
02/20/04 Atlus Announces Digital Devil Saga Event
02/20/04 Danny Elfman to Score Fable Main Theme
02/20/04 Funcom Announces Dreamfall Details
02/19/04 Youichi Wada Talks Square Enix
02/19/04 Analysts Predict Big Year for Namco
02/19/04 New Free Dark Age of Camelot Expansion Announced
02/18/04 Square Enix Announces Final Fantasy Concert In US
02/18/04 Disgaea: Hour of Darkness Europe-Bound
02/18/04 La Pucelle: Tactics Gets US Date
02/18/04 Xenosaga Episode II Heading for a June Release in Japan
02/18/04 Shining Force: Resurrection of Dark Dragon Preview
02/17/04 Sammy President Becomes Sega Chairman
02/16/04 Fuurai no Shiren Gaiden to See Budget Re-Release
02/16/04 Super Robot Taisen MX Pushed Back
02/15/04 New Dragon Quest V PS2 Details Announced
02/15/04 Saiyuuki Reload Heading for PS2 Release
02/14/04 Konami Announces Sequel To Boktai: The Sun Is In Your Hand
02/13/04 304 New Final Fantasy XI Pictures
02/13/04 Wild ARMs Alter Code: F - Preview
02/13/04 Busin 0 Soundtrack Announced
02/13/04 A3 Heading for Japan
02/13/04 Capcom Posts Financial Results
02/13/04 Final Fantasy X-2 International + Last Mission OST Release Details
02/13/04 Funcom Announces New Anarchy Online Expansion Pack
02/12/04 Square Enix USA Registers New Trademark
02/12/04 Namco Posts Quarterly Financial Results
02/11/04 NCSoft Announces North American Pre-Order Campaigns
02/11/04 Anarchy Online Developers Live Chat Announced
02/11/04 Xenosaga Episode II - Preview
02/10/04 Alchemic Dreams Opens Official Website
02/10/04 Square Enix Mobile Goes AT&T
02/10/04 Nihon Falcom Posts Solid Financial Results
02/10/04 SOE Ships Champions of Norrath
02/09/04 Generation of Chaos IV Limited Edition DVD Details Announced
02/09/04 Star Ocean OST Heading for March Release
02/08/04 Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim Artwork Update
02/08/04 Namco sends Tales of Symphonia, Baten Kaitos to Europe
02/08/04 Square Enix to Strengthen Chinese Operations
02/08/04 Atlus Opens Digital Devil Saga Website
02/08/04 More Media: Final Fantasy XI PS2
02/08/04 Iris no Atelier - Eternal Mana Media
02/08/04 X-Men Legends Gallery Update
02/08/04 Shinten Makai Generation of Chaos IV Gallery Debut
02/07/04 New Dragon Quest V PS2 Details Announced
02/06/04 Monolith Soft Starts Hiring Drive
02/06/04 Front Mission 4 Heading for a June US Release
02/06/04 Drakengard Playable Demo Available At Retailers
02/05/04 SCE Announces Super Robot Taisen MX PS2 Memory Card
02/05/04 Koei Releases Another Impressive Set of Financial Results
02/05/04 Sega Releases Quarterly Results
02/04/04 Atlus To Release Digital Devil Saga in Japan this Summer
02/04/04 Koei Teams Up With Nvidia For PC Online Games
02/04/04 Shining Soul II English Screens & Packaging
02/03/04 Fire Emblem To Reach Australian Shores
02/02/04 World of Warcraft Beta Signups Begin
02/02/04 OneUp Studios to release Sega soundtrack in March?
02/02/04 Full Metal Alchemist GBA Release Details Announced
02/02/04 Acclaim to Release Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II in Europe This Week
02/02/04 Wanadoo to Bring Dark Age of Camelot: Trials of Atlantis to Europe
02/02/04 Mega Man Battle Network 4 Red Sun and Blue Moon Heading for a US Release
02/02/04 Discover the Sword of Mana Contest Winners
02/02/04 Square Enix Talks Final Fantasy XI and XII
02/01/04 New Mega Man X Command Mission Details & Media


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Retro Encounter 180: Kingdom Hearts III Spoilercast

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