March 2004
03/31/04 April Foolishness
03/31/04 Tengai Makyou III Becomes PlayStation 2 Exclusive
03/31/04 Index Acquires Majority Stake in NEC Interchannel
03/31/04 Capcom Slips Back into the Red
03/31/04 Capcom Establishes New Subsidiary
03/31/04 Escape to Vana'diel Contest Extension
03/29/04 Dark Chronicle Arrange Album Announced
03/29/04 Kid Announces Memories Off - Sore kara Release Details
03/29/04 Dragon Quest V PS2 Tops Japanese Sales Charts
03/28/04 Final Fantasy XI Conflict Announced
03/28/04 Alchemist Announces Newest PS2 Project
03/28/04 Inu Yasha: The Secret of the Cursed Mask Heading for a US Release
03/27/04 Namco Reveals Xenosaga Episode II Premium Box
03/26/04 New Suikoden IV Details
03/26/04 NCSoft Announces Lineage II Beta Test Details
03/26/04 Dragon Quest V PS2 Sells 720,000 Copies in Japan
03/26/04 Digital Devil Saga Heading for June Release
03/26/04 Capcom Shuts Down Tokyo-based Development Studios
03/26/04 Suikoden IV - Preview
03/25/04 New Iris no Atelier Details Announced
03/25/04 Chunsoft Reveals Homeland for GameCube
03/25/04 Knights of the Old Republic Snags Three GDC Choice Awards
03/25/04 Eiji Aonuma Talks Wind Waker Sequel
03/24/04 Takashi Nakada Becomes New Banpresto President
03/24/04 Legend of Heroes VI Receives New Definite Release Date
03/24/04 Square Enix Enters Korean Mobile Phone Market
03/24/04 New PSO Episode I and II PC Beta Test Details Announced
03/24/04 Growlanser Generations Enters Final Approval Stage
03/24/04 Patishie Na Nyanko Heading for Console Release
03/24/04 Zelda: Legend of the Four Swords+ Bound for June US Release
03/24/04 Deus Ex: Invisible War Japan-bound
03/24/04 Generation of Chaos Soundtrack Announced
03/24/04 Aoi Namida Release Details Announced
03/23/04 SCEA Launches PS2 Harddisk, Final Fantasy XI
03/23/04 Legend of Heroes VI Pushed Back
03/23/04 Gas Powered Games and EA Team Up for New PC Title
03/23/04 Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits Editor Review
03/22/04 New Xenosaga Episode II Tidbits Released
03/22/04 Enterbrain Announces RPG Maker XP
03/22/04 War of Genesis III Part 1 Artwork
03/22/04 The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords + Gallery
03/21/04 Skies of Arcadia PC-Bound
03/21/04 Champions of Norrath Editor Review
03/21/04 Deus Ex II: Invisible War Editor Review
03/21/04 Star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic 2 Announced
03/20/04 Kokoro no Tobira PS2 Receives Definite Release Date
03/20/04 Producer Talks Mega Man X Command Mission
03/20/04 New 3 Nen B Gumi Kinpachi Sensei Details Announced
03/19/04 Symphonic Game Concert 2004 Announced
03/19/04 Namco and Flagship Studios Sign Publishing Deal
03/19/04 March 18th Japanese Sales Performances
03/19/04 D.C.P.S. - Da Capo Plus Situation PC Release Date Announced
03/19/04 Atari Announces Forgotten Realms for PS2
03/19/04 SCEA Announces Final Fantasy XI Marketing Campaign
03/18/04 Xenosaga Episode II Release Date Announced
03/18/04 Square Enix Acquires UIEvolution
03/17/04 Microsoft Announces New PC MMORPG
03/17/04 Sakura Taisen Fan Club To Close Doors in Two Months
03/17/04 Kingdom Hearts Reaches Worldwide Sales of Four Million Copies
03/17/04 Atlus Announces Tensei Gakuen Gensou Roku for PlayStation 2
03/17/04 RPGFan and SCEA presents Escape to Vana'diel: A Final Fantasy XI Giveaway
03/16/04 Take Two To Publish Drakengard In Europe and Australia
03/16/04 New Fire Emblem Title To Be Revealed In April
03/15/04 New Final Fantasy XII Trailer Available
03/15/04 Koei Downgrades Projections for Current Fiscal Year
03/15/04 Final Fantasy Orchestra Concert Tour Commences in Japan
03/14/04 Dragon Quest V (PS2) Screen Shot Update
03/14/04 Xenosaga Episode II Gallery Update
03/13/04 Newest Dragon Quest V PS2 Details
03/13/04 Metal Wolf REV PS2 Details Announced
03/13/04 Alchemic And watAgame Team Up For Cellphone Based MMORPG
03/12/04 Uchuu no Stellvia Goes GameBoy Advance
03/12/04 SCEA Vice President to Deliver Keynote Speech at GDC
03/12/04 Sakura Taisen Monogatari Memory Card Announced
03/12/04 Gung Ho Announces Site Renewal
03/12/04 Generation of Chaos IV Pre-Order Campaign Details Announced
03/12/04 Princess Soft Announces Two New Titles
03/12/04 Lost Dungeons of Norrath Available in Japanese
03/12/04 Square Enix to Exhibit Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children at E3
03/12/04 Mega House to Release Game Sound Museum - Famicom Version Next Month
03/12/04 Memories Off Goes SuperLite Series
03/12/04 Wellmade to Bring Natsu Shoujo to PS2
03/12/04 Nobuo Uematsu Talks Music and Concerts
03/12/04 Funcom Teams Up with Alienware
03/12/04 Into the Pixel Exhibition at E3 Announced
03/11/04 Princess Soft Announces F - Fanatic Details
03/10/04 Namco Scales Down US Operations
03/10/04 Tales of Symphonia NA Date Set, Gallery Update
03/10/04 Dragon Quest Spring Meeting 2004 Report
03/10/04 EverQuest Designer Joins Sigil Games Online
03/10/04 Growlanser Generations Deluxe Pack Details
03/10/04 Now Hiring: Reviewers & Previewers
03/10/04 Front Mission 4 Demo Available
03/10/04 Bioware Releases new Content for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
03/09/04 New Xenosaga Episode II Details Announced
03/09/04 D.C.P.S. - Da Capo Plus Situation Heading for a PC Release
03/09/04 First Utau: Tumbling Dice DC Details Announced
03/08/04 War of Genesis III Part 2 Wallpaper
03/07/04 DICE 2004 Award Winners Announced
03/06/04 Final Fantasy X-2 Snags AIAS Award
03/06/04 Sony Computer Entertainment America Releases Online-Related Study
03/06/04 New Batch of Dragon Quest V PS2 Details
03/05/04 Lineage II: The Chaotic Chronicle - Preview
03/05/04 Beyond Divinity Demo Available
03/05/04 Square Enix Announces Dear Friends Concert Ticket Pricing
03/05/04 Dragon Quest VIII Subtitle Unveiled
03/05/04 Black/Matrix OO Gets Delayed Again
03/05/04 Fable Multiplayer Mode Canned
03/05/04 Deep Thoughts
03/04/04 Dragon Quest VIII Character Info Released
03/04/04 Iris no Atelier: Eternal Mana Release Date Announced
03/04/04 Nintendo Talks Zelda: Wind Waker Sequel
03/03/04 Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II Editor Review
03/03/04 Yu-Gi-Oh: The Falsebound Kingdom Editor Review
03/03/04 Tengai Makyou III Heading for October Release in Japan
03/03/04 Drakengard Ships To Retail Store Shelves
03/03/04 Sega of America Ships Phantasy Star Online Episode III
03/03/04 D.I.C.E. Summit Details Announced
03/03/04 Syberia II Has Gone Gold
03/02/04 True Fantasy Live Online Delayed Again
03/02/04 Drakengard Editor Review
03/02/04 A Look Back: Racing Lagoon
03/01/04 Official PSO Episode III Website Opens
03/01/04 Japanese Sales Charts Update
03/01/04 Sister Princess 2 Joins PSOne Books Series
03/01/04 Kokoro no Tobira, Princess Maker PS2 Delayed
03/01/04 Sony Computer Entertainment Sets Up New Asian Division


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