April 2004
04/30/04 Front Mission 4 - Preview
04/30/04 NCSoft Launches Lineage II and City of Heroes
04/30/04 Funcom Announcs Anarchy Online Spring Campaign
04/29/04 New Sakura Taisen Monogatari: Mysterious Paris Media
04/29/04 The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures Gallery Update
04/29/04 Spectral Force: Radical Elements Media Update
04/29/04 New TalesWeaver Gallery Additions
04/29/04 Square Enix USA Confirms Final Fantasy XI: Chains of Promathia US Release
04/28/04 Xenosaga Episode II Soundtrack Announced
04/28/04 Midway to Publish Shadow Hearts II in the US
04/28/04 Funcom Secures Outside Investment
04/28/04 EverQuest II Beta Test to Commence in June
04/27/04 New Front Mission Online Details Revealed
04/27/04 Ambrosia Odyssey Update
04/27/04 Final Fantasy XI: The Chains of Promathia Heading For Fall Release in Japan
04/27/04 Shining Force PS2 & Shining Tears Details
04/27/04 EA Announces Lord of the Rings: The Third Age
04/27/04 Sony Computer Entertainment Releases Financial FY2003/2004 Results
04/27/04 Wild ARMs Alter Code: F Heading for a US Release
04/27/04 Front Mission Online Site to Go Live Soon
04/27/04 Nippon Ichi Announces Hayari Gami for PS2, Gallery Added
04/24/04 Two New Shining Titles Announced
04/24/04 New Super Robot Taisen MX Details Revealed
04/24/04 Fresh Final Fantasy XII Details
04/24/04 Suikoden IV Battle System Details Revealed
04/23/04 Hodgepodge
04/23/04 Final Fantasy XI April Patch Goes Live
04/23/04 Spectral Force Radical Elements Heading for August Release
04/23/04 More Titles Bound for E3
04/23/04 Lucas Arts Announces Star Wars Galaxies Expansion
04/22/04 Suikoden IV First Print and Limited Edition Announced
04/21/04 Auron To Appear In Kingdom Hearts II
04/21/04 PSO Blue Burst PC To Be Released In Late May
04/21/04 Playable Version of Guild Wars to Debut at E3
04/21/04 Atlus USA Ships Shining Soul II
04/21/04 Final Fantasy X-2 Hits South Korea
04/21/04 New Fire Emblem: Souen no Kiseki Details Revealed
04/20/04 New Xenosaga Episode II Gameplay Details, Media Update
04/20/04 Phantom Brave Drama CD Announced
04/20/04 Atlus Announes Shin Megami Tensei if... Hazama File
04/19/04 Square Enix Talks Final Fantasy I and II Advance
04/19/04 Final Fantasy Song Book Concert Announced
04/19/04 Xenosaga Episode II Kinpachi Sensei Memory Cards Announced
04/18/04 Yet More Paper Mario 2 Screens
04/16/04 Namco Opens New Xenosaga Website
04/16/04 Fire Emblem: Souen no Kiseki Media Update
04/16/04 Suikoden IV Heading for August Release in Japan
04/16/04 Square Enix Releases Projections for Fiscal Years 2003/2004
04/16/04 Fresh Tales of Rebirth Details Revealed
04/16/04 Mythic Confirms New Dark Age of Camelot Expansion
04/16/04 Razor Wax Announes Darkfall Feature
04/15/04 New Final Fantasy XII Playable Character Revealed
04/15/04 New Asheron's Call Expansion Announced
04/15/04 Virtua Fighter Cyber Generation Main Theme Details Announced
04/14/04 Final Fantasy XI Heading for a 2004 Release in the UK
04/14/04 Square Enix Expands European Operations
04/14/04 Luc Vanhal Quits Vivendi Universal Games USA
04/13/04 True Fantasy Live Online Beta Test Delayed
04/13/04 Nihon Falcom Announces Legend of Heroes VI Pre-Order Campaign
04/13/04 The Matrix Online to Feature AOL Instant Messenger Support
04/13/04 Lineage II and City of Heroes Go Gold
04/12/04 Escape to Vana'diel: A Final Fantasy XI Giveaway Winners
04/12/04 Namco Opens Tales of Rebirth, Tales of Symphonia PS2 Websites
04/12/04 Square Enix Opens Final Fantasy I and II Advance Website
04/11/04 Konohana 4 Announced
04/11/04 First Preliminary E3 Exhibition List
04/11/04 Silver Style Entertainment Releases New The Fall Movies
04/11/04 Banpresto Announces Summon Night Kraftnot Monogatari 2 for GBA
04/11/04 Konami Updates Official Suikoden IV Website
04/10/04 Deus Ex: Invisible War OST Available
04/09/04 La Pucelle: Tactics - Preview
04/09/04 First Tales of Rebirth Details Revealed
04/09/04 Final Fantasy I and II GBA-Bound
04/09/04 John Riccitiello Leaves Electronic Arts
04/08/04 Namco Announces Two New Tales Installments
04/08/04 Dragon Quest V Shipment Tops 1.5 Million Units
04/08/04 King's Field for Cell Phones Announced
04/08/04 Final Fantasy X-2 Ultimania Goes Back on Sale in Japan
04/08/04 Strugarden Media Update
04/08/04 Darkfall Online Gallery Update
04/08/04 Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst Media
04/08/04 Xenosaga Episode I Soundtrack Re-Release
04/06/04 La Pucelle: Tactics Has Gone Gold
04/06/04 Matrix Revolutions DVD to Contain The Matrix Online Feature
04/06/04 Square Enix Announces Delay in Front Mission Campaign
04/06/04 Bethesda Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Elder Scrolls Series
04/06/04 New Homeland Details Revealed
04/06/04 New Paper Mario 2 Details Announced
04/05/04 Official Fire Emblem: Souen no Kiseki Website Opens
04/05/04 Hudson Announces Mobile Tengai Makyou
04/05/04 Newest Anarchy Online Content Patch Announced
04/04/04 Black Matrix OO Delayed Until May
04/04/04 Sega Announces Official Title for PSO Episode I and II for PC
04/04/04 Sammy Announces New Strugarden Details
04/03/04 New Iris no Atelier Details Announced
04/03/04 Fresh Xenosaga Episode II Details
04/02/04 The Legend of Zelda Coming to GBA
04/02/04 Pokémon Fire Red & Leaf Green Get US Release
04/02/04 Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne Maniacs US-Bound
04/02/04 New Tales Installment to be Announced in Two Weeks
04/02/04 Nippon Ichi Expands to US, Europe
04/02/04 Hudson Announces Tengai Makyou III Main Theme
04/02/04 Nintendo Announces First Fire Emblem for GameCube
04/02/04 Torneko 3 GBA Remake Announced
04/02/04 EverQuest II to Feature Voice Acting for NPCs
04/02/04 Front Mission 4 Media Update
04/02/04 Nintendo Announces Paper Mario 2 + Images
04/02/04 New Final Fantasy XII Wallpaper
04/01/04 Dragon Claw Launches New FaitH Server
04/01/04 Nihon Falcom Announces Legend of Heroes VI First Print Goodies
04/01/04 Tales of Phantasia Goes Anime
04/01/04 One Up Studios Readies The Very Best of Sega Album
04/01/04 Razor Wax Opens New Darkfall Website
04/01/04 Nintendo Lowers 2003/2004 Profit Outlook


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