May 2004
05/31/04 Atari Announces Voice Actors for Forgotten Realms - Demon Stone
05/31/04 Funcom Releases E3 Anarchy Online Alien Invasion Trailer
05/31/04 Konami Releases E3 Trailers
05/31/04 First Konohana 4 Details Revealed
05/31/04 Tomy Announces Naruto RPG
05/30/04 Huge Xenosaga Episode II Update
05/30/04 Princess Soft Announces Love Doll: Lovely Idol for PS2
05/30/04 Atlus Announces Original PS2 Strategy RPG
05/29/04 Taito Inks Cooperation Agreement with Nihon Falcom
05/28/04 Mega Man X Command Mission - Preview
05/28/04 Ys Series Goes PS2
05/28/04 Two Final Fantasy XI Editor Reviews
05/27/04 Yasumi Matsuno Talks Final Fantasy XII
05/26/04 Funcom Media Update
05/26/04 Microsoft Xbox Triple Media Update
05/26/04 Kouichi Sugiyama Founds Sugi Label
05/26/04 Gravity Announces International Ragnarok Tournament
05/26/04 Koei Outlines Vision 2006
05/26/04 Brownie Brown Comments on Nintendo DS
05/26/04 Toontown Online Launches in the UK
05/26/04 Soundtracks Update: Mana and More!
05/24/04 Hayari Gari Main Theme Details Announced
05/24/04 Paper Mario Sequels Gets Japanese Title, Release Date
05/24/04 Square Enix to Offer Dragon Quest Songs for Cellphones
05/24/04 Team Entertainment Announces PSO Premium Arrange Album
05/25/04 Disgaea Goes Cellphone
05/24/04 Return of the Mailbag
05/23/04 Square Enix Opens Official Front Mission Online Website
05/23/04 HuneX Announces Two New PS2 Adventures
05/23/04 Message Boards Return
05/22/04 Square Enix Talks Future
05/22/04 E3: Zelda: Four Swords Adventures Gallery Update
05/22/04 E3: The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap Gallery
05/22/04 E3: The Legend of Zelda Gallery
05/21/04 E3: Wild ARMs Alter Code: F Interview
05/21/04 Namco Relases FY2003/2004 Results, Talks Current FY Plans
05/21/04 Square Enix Releases FY2003/2004 Figures
05/20/04 GameArts Joins Forces with GungHo Online Entertainment
05/19/04 Sega and Sammy Announce Major Corporate Changes
05/19/04 Square Enix 2004 Press Conference & Concert
05/19/04 Kid Announces Monochrome for PS2
05/19/04 NEC Interchannel Announces Newest PlayStation 2 Adventure Remake
05/19/04 Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life for Girls GC Details, Release Date Announced
05/19/04 New TokiMemo Game in Development
05/19/04 Final Fantasy I and II Advance to Ship on July 15th
05/19/04 Konami Posts Fiscal Year 2003/2004 Results
05/18/04 E3: KOEI Shows Online, Mobile Games
05/17/04 Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Editor Review
05/17/04 Overdue Soundtracks Update
05/16/04 E3: Mutable Realms' Wish
05/16/04 E3: Jade Empire
05/16/04 E3: Beast Deity Impressions
05/16/04 E3: Agetec Interview
05/15/04 Experiencing Technical Difficulties
05/12/04 E3: Anarchy Online: Alien Invasion details.
05/12/04 E3: First PSP Titles Announced
05/12/04 E3: Bethesda Talks about the Newest Elder Scrolls Addition
05/12/04 E3: Sega unveils new Phantasy Star title
05/12/04 E3: Funcom Launches Official Dreamfall Website
05/11/04 E3: Nintendo Lineup Details (GameCube, GBA)
05/11/04 E3: Nintendo DS RPGs
05/11/04 Sudeki - Preview
05/11/04 Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Gallery Update
05/11/04 Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines Media
05/11/04 E3: Samurai Legend Musashi Surfaces At E3
05/11/04 E3: First Before Crisis - Final Fantasy VII Details Revealed
05/11/04 E3: Square Enix to Release Nintendo DS Launch Title
05/11/04 E3: Square Enix to bring EverQuest II to Japan
05/11/04 Hudson Posts Results for Fiscal Year 2003/2004
05/11/04 Bandai Reports Another Successful Year
05/10/04 E3: Matrix Online to be Co-Published by Sega
05/10/04 Atlus Posts Fiscal Year 2003/2004 Results
05/10/04 Banpresto Releases Financial Figures and Talks Future
05/09/04 New EverQuest Expansion Pack Announced
05/08/04 Square Enix's Plans for New Handheld Platforms
05/07/04 Sega and Koei Announce E3 Line-Ups
05/07/04 Mythic Entertainment Reveals E3 Line-Up
05/07/04 Ragnarok Online Expansion Goes Live
05/07/04 Sega Announces Interactive Neon Genesis Evangelion DVD
05/06/04 Final Fantasy XII Pushed Back
05/06/04 Square Enix Soundtracks Go Back on Sale
05/06/04 Microsoft Announces E3 Line-Up
05/05/04 Knights of the Old Republic Sequel to Debut at E3
05/05/04 SOE Announces Champions of Norrath Sequel
05/05/04 LucasArts Appoints New President
05/05/04 Namco Announces E3 Line-Up
05/05/04 Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Confirmed for European Release
05/04/04 Mastiff Ships La Pucelle: Tactics
05/04/04 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Heading for a Mac Release
05/04/04 The Elder Scrolls Travels: Shadowkey Announced for N-Gage
05/04/04 The Matrix Online Beta Test Sign Up Begins
05/03/04 Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Media Update
05/03/04 Square Enix USA Announces E3 Line-Up
05/03/04 Final Fantasy XI: Chains of Promathia Media
05/03/04 Full Metal Alchemist PS2 Heading for US Release
05/03/04 Dragon Claw Studio Releases New FaitH Update
05/02/04 Friends: Seishun no Kagayaki PS2-Bound
05/02/04 New Xenosaga Episode II Details Revealed
05/01/04 First Shining Tears Details Surface
05/01/04 Atlus USA to Publish Phantom Brave
05/01/04 Star Wars Galaxies Price Drop, Starters Help Announced


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