June 2004
06/30/04 LucasArts to Reward Star Wars Galaxies Users
06/30/04 Suigetsu Heading for PlayStation 2 and Dreamcast Release
06/28/04 Sony Computer Entertainment Opens Arc The Lad Generation Website
06/28/04 La Pucelle: Tactics Editor Review
06/27/04 Sega Announces Sakura Taisen V Episode 0 Pre-Order Campaign
06/27/04 Koei Announces Angelique Etoile for PS2
06/27/04 Dragon Claw Studio Launches New Era on FaitH Battle Server
06/26/04 New Sakura Taisen V Episode 0 Details Revealed
06/26/04 US Ragnarok Championship Finalists Announced
06/24/04 Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon Review
06/23/04 Konami Announces Suikoden III, Tokimemo 3 Budget Releases
06/21/04 Success to Release SuperLite 2000 Version of Ever 17
06/21/04 Square Enix USA, Europe Names to be Changed
06/21/04 Riviera for GBA Announced
06/21/04 New Arc The Lad Installment Revealed for PS2
06/21/04 Front Mission 4 Editor Review
06/20/04 Status of Square Enix Vice President Changed
06/20/04 Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne Goes Budget Release
06/19/04 Austin Game Conference Details Announced
06/19/04 Sony Online Entertainment Hosts First EverQuest Guild Summit
06/19/04 Nintendo Announces Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen Pre-Order Campaign
06/19/04 Warhammer Online Job Classes Revealed
06/19/04 DoubleJump to Publish Official Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne Strategy Guide
06/17/04 Microsoft Announces Three RPGs For The Japanese Market
06/17/04 Kadokawa Shoten Announces Demon Bane PS2 Release Details
06/17/04 Fire Emblem: Seima no Kouseki Website Goes Live
06/17/04 World of Warcraft Beta Sees Addition of PvP Feature
06/17/04 Dragon Quest VIII Heading for Winter Release in Japan
06/17/04 Square Enix to Re-Release FFVIII and FFIX Ultimania Strategy Guides
06/16/04 E3 2004: Editor Impressions
06/15/04 Square Enix USA Ships Front Mission 4
06/14/04 World Hobby Fair Line-Up of Games Announced
06/14/04 Square Enix Opens Full Metal Alchemist 2 Website
06/12/04 Nintendo Announces New Fire Emblem GBA Title
06/12/04 SpeedTree RT Powers Warhammer Online
06/12/04 Square Enix Releases Final Fantasy XI Survey
06/11/04 Super Robot Taisen MX Sales Reach 450,000 Copies
06/11/04 Gust To Release Budget Version of Violet no Atelier
06/11/04 Atlus USA Ships Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon
06/10/04 Virtua Quest Delayed in Japan
06/10/04 Square Enix Announces Second Round of Soundtrack Re-Releases
06/10/04 New Tales of Rebirth Details Revealed
06/10/04 Final Fantasy XII Media Update
06/09/04 Might and Magic Creator Joins NCsoft
06/09/04 New Full Metal Alchemist Title in Development for PS2
06/07/04 Nihon Falcom and Aruze to Cooperate on Network Business
06/07/04 CyberConnect2 Announces New RPG Project
06/06/04 Never 7 - The End of Infinity Joins SuperLite 2000 Series
06/06/04 Magna Carta PS2 Release Details
06/06/04 Atlus Signs Etro Anime for Digital Devil Saga OST
06/05/04 Phantasy Star Trilogy on PS2 In North America
06/05/04 Front Mission 4 Media Update
06/04/04 New Final Fantasy XII Character Revealed
06/04/04 Hori Announces Vana'diel Clock
06/04/04 Soundtrack Singles Update!
06/03/04 Everquest Franchise Media Update
06/03/04 Bothec Releases Ys I Complete Edition for Cellphones in Japan
06/03/04 Konohana 4 Release Date Announced
06/03/04 Super Robot Taisen MX Sells 380,000 Copies Upon Release
06/03/04 True Fantasy Live Online Cancelled
06/02/04 Sega Announces New Virtua Quest Details
06/02/04 Final Fantasy XI - Chains of Promathia Details Revealed
06/01/04 Namco Celebrates 50th Anniversary in Style


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