July 2004
07/31/04 Final Fantasy VII Advent Children on Display at Venice Film Festival
07/30/04 Warthog Announces Fallen Kingdoms
07/30/04 SOE Aims at Growing Asia Pacific Market
07/29/04 Square Enix Release First Quarter Financial Results
07/29/04 Recent Trademark Filings in Japan Revealed
07/29/04 Konami Releases First Quarter Financial Results
07/29/04 Square Enix Releases Nintendo DS Software Questionnaire
07/29/04 SOE Ships EverQuest Classic
07/29/04 NCsoft Launches Lineage Expansion Pack
07/28/04 First Waga Tatsu wo Miyo Details Revealed
07/28/04 Ubi Soft Posts Solid First Quarter Results
07/28/04 La Pucelle To See Re-Release in Japan
07/28/04 Atlus Announces Nintendo DS Support
07/28/04 Kita He Diamond Dust and Kiss is Beginning Announced
07/28/04 First Arc The Lad Generation Details Announced
07/26/04 Sony Computer Entertainment Announces New RPG
07/26/04 Mist Walker Vice President Announced
07/26/04 Square Enix Details Cellphone Plans
07/24/04 New Fire Emblem GBA to Ship this Fall
07/24/04 Suigetsu PS2 and DC Release Date Announced
07/24/04 Princess Soft Announces Sorairo no Organ for PS2
07/23/04 EA Posts Solid Numbers for the First Quarter of FY2004/2005
07/23/04 First Shin Megami Tensei Online Imagine Details Surface
07/22/04 Hironobu Sakaguchi Founds New Company
07/22/04 Atlus Announces Shin Megami Tensei Online Imagine for PC
07/22/04 Final Fantasy VII Advent Children - Media update
07/22/04 Tales of Rebirth - Media update
07/21/04 Front Mission Online Beta Test Details Announced
07/21/04 To Heart 2 PS2 Release Details Revealed
07/20/04 Square Enix Confirms New Final Fantasy VII Project
07/20/04 Second Super Robot Taisen Alpha, Wild ARMs AC:F Go Budget Series Release
07/20/04 Square Enix Opens Redesigned Final Fantasy XII Website
07/19/04 Pretty, Simple, and Fast-Paced
07/18/04 Japanese Sales Charts Update
07/18/04 Square Enix Europe's New Boss Talks Future
07/18/04 Ouji Hiroi Outlines Sakura Taisen Future
07/18/04 Final Fantasy XI Vana'diel Clock US-Bound
07/16/04 New Dragon Quest VIII Details Revealed
07/16/04 Microsoft Announces Fable Pre-Order Campaign
07/16/04 Phantom Brave Pre-Order Campaign Commences in the US
07/15/04 Sudeki Goes Gold
07/15/04 Ragnarok Online US Champions Crowned
07/15/04 Sega Talks Sakura Taisen Monogatari Teitohen
07/15/04 Cyber Connect 2 Announces Development Status, Tokyo Conference
07/15/04 Konami Confirms Tokimemo Girl's Side 2
07/15/04 Namco Announces Xenosaga Pied Piper
07/13/04 First Rengoku: Tower of Purgatory Details Revealed
07/12/04 Square Enix Confirms August Release for Star Ocean: Till the End of Time
07/12/04 Baten Kaitos Gets Official US Release Date
07/12/04 Fallout 3 To Be Published By Bethesda Softworks.
07/12/04 Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Hands-on Impressions & Media Update
07/12/04 PlayStation Meeting 2004 Report
07/11/04 Tengai Makyou II Goes Budget Re-Release
07/11/04 Japanese Sales Update
07/11/04 To Heart 2 PS2 Release Details
07/09/04 Final Fantasy XI Chains of Promothia Release Details Announced
07/09/04 Full Metal Alchemist 2 Heading for an August Release in Japan
07/08/04 Ouji Hiroi Talks Tengai Makyou III
07/08/04 Ys III PS2 Heading for Late September Release in Japan
07/08/04 Dungeon Siege II Delayed
07/08/04 Third Famicom Mini Series Announced
07/07/04 Ubi Soft To Publish Final Fantasy XI in Europe
07/07/04 New Final Fantasy I and II Advance Release Date Set
07/05/04 New Dragon Quest VIII Details Revealed
07/04/04 Final Fantasy I & II Advance Indefinitely Delayed
07/04/04 Square Enix Considering Xbox 2 Development
07/04/04 Funcom Announces AO: Alien Invasion Pre-Order Campaign
07/04/04 NCsoft Updates City of Heroes
07/03/04 Square Enix Hiring Developers for New Seiken Densetsu Project
07/03/04 Square Enix Re-Shuffles Management
07/02/04 World of Warcraft European Closed Beta Test Details Revealed
07/02/04 Konami Ships Yu-Gi-Oh!: Reshef of Destruction and Joey The Passion
07/02/04 NCsoft Releases First Lineage II Update
07/01/04 Tales of Symphonia PS2 Pre-Order Campaign Announced
07/01/04 Arika Announces The Nightmare of Druaga Trials
07/01/04 EA Ends Ultima X: Odyssey Development
07/01/04 Dark Age of Camelot Platinum Edition Released, Offers Trial
07/01/04 The Phantom's Future
07/01/04 Ys VI Goes Mobile in Japan
07/01/04 Sega's Shareholders Pave Way for Merger with Sammy


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