August 2004
08/31/04 First Shining Force PS2 Details Revealed
08/31/04 Microsoft Announces TGS Line-Up
08/31/04 Namco Announces TGS Line-Up
08/30/04 Virtua Fighter Cyber Generation First Day Sales Revealed
08/30/04 NIS America Ships Phantom Brave
08/30/04 New Fire Emblem: Seima no Kouseki Details Revealed
08/29/04 Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Gallery Update
08/29/04 Marvelous Interactive Announces New Harvest Moon Title
08/29/04 Blizzard and FilePlanet Team Up for World of Warcraft Stress Test
08/29/04 Newest Dorikore Additions Announced
08/28/04 Namco Opens English Baten Kaitos Website
08/27/04 Suikoden IV Sells 180,000 Copies in Japan
08/27/04 Dokapon The World Heading for November Release
08/27/04 Gyakuten Saiban 3 Budget Re-release Announced
08/27/04 FFXI Chains of Promathia to Feature Bahamut
08/27/04 Nintendo Announces Q4 Software Lineup
08/26/04 Phantom Brave English Screen Shot Update
08/26/04 Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories Release Date Announced
08/26/04 Jade Empire Preview
08/25/04 Sword of Mana Editor Reviews
08/25/04 Magna Carta PS2 Delayed Until November
08/25/04 Tengai Makyou 3 Release Date, Campaign Announced
08/25/04 Fable Goes Gold
08/25/04 Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Editor Review
08/25/04 Sega Talks Sakura Taisen Monogatari Teitohen
08/24/04 TalesWeaver Screen Shot Update
08/24/04 Dragon Quest VIII Gallery Update
08/24/04 Sony Computer Entertainment Announces Prelimary TGS Exhibition List
08/24/04 Star Wars Galaxies Goes Japan
08/24/04 Apocripha/0 Release Pushed Back
08/24/04 Atlus Reveals Shin Megami Tensei Online Beta Details
08/24/04 Nihon Falcom Announces Calendar and Demo CD Promotion
08/24/04 Shenmue Online Gallery Debut
08/23/04 Wild ARMs Alter Code: F Preview Update
08/22/04 GameStop Offering Star Ocean Poster
08/22/04 Atelier Iris ~Eternal Mana~ Coming to the US?
08/21/04 Even More Dragon Quest VIII Details Announced
08/21/04 NCsoft Preview and Gallery Update
08/21/04 Xenosaga: Pied Piper Gallery Debut
08/21/04 The Roots Gallery Update
08/21/04 Konami Pushes Back Suikoden IV US Release
08/20/04 New Dragon Quest VIII Details Revealed
08/19/04 Atlus Preview Trio + Media
08/18/04 Final Fantasy I and II Advance to Get Name Change for European Release
08/18/04 Koei Opens Nobunaga's Ambition Online Test World to PS2 Users
08/18/04 Sega Announes PC Version of Sakura Taisen 4
08/16/04 Newest Square Enix Trademark Surfaces
08/16/04 Love Songs Adv Futaba Riho 14sai: Natsu Details Revealed
08/15/04 Xuse Announces Eien no Aselia for PS2
08/14/04 Full Metal Alchemist Festival Announced
08/14/04 Alchemist Announces Katakamuna
08/14/04 Princess Soft Announces Final Approach
08/14/04 LucasArts Commences Major Restructuring
08/14/04 Square Enix Announces Front Mission Online Beta Test Details
08/12/04 Final Fantasy XII Preview Update
08/12/04 Neverwinter Nights Expansions See Mac Release
08/12/04 Square Enix Appoints New President of American Operations
08/12/04 Kouichi Sugiyama Completes Dragon Quest VIII Composition
08/12/04 Anarchy Online: Alien Invasion Gone Gold
08/12/04 Hironobu Sakaguchi Talks Mist Walker
08/12/04 Square Enix Registers Dawn of Souls Trademark
08/12/04 US Team Surprises Competition at Ragnarok Online Championship
08/12/04 First Bits of Final Fantasy XII Music Revealed
08/12/04 Producer Talks Suikoden IV
08/12/04 Baten Kaitos Media Update
08/11/04 Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana Import Review
08/10/04 New Tales of Symphonia Images
08/10/04 Xenosaga Episode II Gets US Release Date
08/10/04 The Future is Coming
08/08/04 Tales of Symphonia Editor Review
08/08/04 Red Announces New Kita He Sequel Details
08/06/04 Final Fantasy XI European Release Details Revealed
08/06/04 Tomy Announces Ichigo 100% Game Adaption
08/06/04 Square Enix Announces Egg Monster Competition
08/06/04 SOE Announces EverQuest II Sweepstakes
08/06/04 City of Heroes Reaches Userbase of 180,000
08/06/04 New Tales of Symphonia PS2 Details Revealed
08/06/04 Sega Announces Fourth New Shining Force Title
08/05/04 First Tokyo Game Show Exhibition List Surfaces
08/05/04 Fire Emblem GC Release Date Update
08/04/04 Banpresto Announces New Super Robot Taisen Games for GC, GBA
08/04/04 Sakura Taisen V Episode 0 Soundtrack Announced
08/04/04 Square Enix Opens Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII Website
08/04/04 Shenmue Goes Online
08/03/04 Midway Announces Shadow Hearts Covenant Pre-Order Campaign
08/02/04 Memories Off: Sore kara Heading for PC Release
08/02/04 Zelda: The Minish Cap Release Details
08/02/04 Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest to Hit EZ Web
08/02/04 Nintendo DS Line-Up Announced
08/01/04 Dragon Quest VIII Screen Shots
08/01/04 New Final Fantasy XII Media


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