September 2004
09/30/04 Kid Announces Memories Off: After Rain for PS2
09/30/04 GN Software Reveals New Version of Izumo
09/30/04 Girls Bravo Goes PS2
09/28/04 Square Enix, Namco, Sega and Taito Join Forces in China
09/28/04 Gravity Updates Ragnarok Online
09/28/04 EverQuest II Fan Faire Details Announced
09/28/04 To Heart 2 PS2 Pushed Back Until November
09/28/04 Arc The Lad Generation Online and Team Mode Confirmed
09/26/04 TGS: Hudson Opens Rengoku: The Tower of Purgatory Website
09/26/04 TGS: Bandai Opens Gagharv Trilogy Website
09/26/04 TGS: Now Productions Announces Higanshima
09/26/04 TGS: Tengai Makyou III Release Details Announced
09/26/04 TGS: Square Enix Announces Front Mission Mobile
09/26/04 TGS: New Sakura Taisen V Information Revealed
09/25/04 TGS: First Tenchi no Mon Details Revealed
09/25/04 TGS: Sakura Taisen V Show Report
09/25/04 TGS: Shining Series Event Report
09/25/04 Ys VI PS2 Gets Japanese Release Date
09/24/04 New Fire Emblem: Seima no Kouseki Details Revealed
09/24/04 Shining Tears US-Bound
09/24/04 TGS: Square Enix Press Conference Report
09/24/04 TGS: The Debut of Shenmue Online
09/24/04 Gravity Announces TGS Line-Up
09/22/04 New Shining Force PS2 Details
09/22/04 Earth and Beyond Shuts Down
09/22/04 Tales of Eternia PSP Details Revealed
09/22/04 Tales of Rebirth Theme Song Details Announced
09/21/04 Final Fantasy XI: Chains of Promathia Ships
09/21/04 Tecmo Announces Monster Farm: Jamboree for DS
09/21/04 Tales of Rebirth Release Date Announced
09/21/04 New PSP Software List Released
09/21/04 Final Fantasy II Goes Mobile
09/21/04 New Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song Details
09/20/04 Radiata Stories TGS Special Version Announced
09/20/04 Complete TGS 2004 Exhibition List
09/19/04 New Dragon Quest VIII Details Revealed
09/19/04 Rocket Opens Devil Children Messiah Raiser Website
09/19/04 Fable Editor Review
09/19/04 Atlus Opens Digital Devil Saga 2 Website
09/19/04 Konami Announces Tokimemo for Cellphones
09/17/04 Sega Sammy Considering Mergers and Acquisitions
09/17/04 Square Enix Opens Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song Website
09/17/04 Namco Establishes Sound Label
09/17/04 Sony Online Entertainment Ships Omens of War
09/17/04 Matrix Online Receives Official Release Date
09/17/04 Seal of Evil Goes Gold
09/17/04 Capcom Opens Official Rockman EXE 5 Website
09/15/04 Lord of the Rings: The Third Age Community Day
09/15/04 Square Enix Opens Fantasy Earth Website
09/15/04 Square Enix to Re-Publish Three More Soundtracks
09/15/04 Atlus Announces Digital Devil Saga Sequel
09/15/04 Square Enix Triple Punch Revealed
09/14/04 Dragon Quest VIII Release Date Confirmed
09/14/04 Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII Registers 200,000 Users on Day One
09/14/04 Konami Announces TGS Line-Up
09/14/04 Michael Soft Announces New Wizardry Title for PS2
09/14/04 Isao Reveals MMOG PC Bundle
09/14/04 Hudson's TGS 2004 Line-Up Announced
09/13/04 Stars Wars Knights of the Old Republic II to Ship in December
09/13/04 Atlus Opens Official Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne Website
09/13/04 Dragon Quest VIII To Be Playable at TGS
09/13/04 Magna Carta PS2 Heading for Late November Release
09/13/04 Chunsoft Announces Fuurai no Shiren Extra
09/13/04 Square Enix Opens Radiata Stories Website
09/12/04 TalesWeaver Gallery Update
09/11/04 D3 Publisher, Taito, Jaleco, Others Announce TGS Line-Up
09/11/04 Sony Computer Entertainment Announces PS2, PSP Line-Up for TGS
09/11/04 Bethesda Reveals The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
09/11/04 Shining Tears Development Completed
09/10/04 Atlus Announces TGS 2004 Line-Up
09/10/04 Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Preview
09/10/04 Atelier Iris Heading for 2005 Release
09/10/04 Star Wars Galaxies Expansion Pre-Order Campaign Announced
09/10/04 Square Enix Registers Quadruple Trademark
09/10/04 New Tales of the World Title in the Works at Namco
09/10/04 Additional Radiata Stories Information Released
09/10/04 NIS' Debut Year To Be a Successful One
09/10/04 Atlus Opens Official Stella Deus Website
09/08/04 Shadow Hearts: Covenant Goes Gold
09/08/04 Square Enix Announces New Additions to TGS Line-Up
09/08/04 Ys III PS2 Gets New Release Date
09/08/04 Atlus Announces Two New PS2 Titles
09/08/04 Japanese Release Date Update
09/08/04 Eien no Aselia PS2 Gets Name Change
09/07/04 Akitoshi Kawazu hints at Presentation of New Title at TGS
09/06/04 Princess Soft Announces Natsuiro: Hoshikuzu no Memory for PS2
09/06/04 Square Enix Reports Problems with Before Crisis Final Fantasy VII Beta
09/06/04 Ys III PS2 Pushed Back
09/04/04 Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne Receives M Rating
09/04/04 Codemasters Cancels Dragon Empires
09/03/04 Square Enix Announces TGS Line-Up
09/03/04 Sega Announces TGS Line-Up
09/03/04 New Images for Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII
09/03/04 Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Editor Review
09/02/04 Newest tri-Ace Title Revealed
09/02/04 Knights of the Old Republic for Mac Goes Gold
09/02/04 Tales of Rebirth & Symphonia Gallery Update


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