December 2004
12/30/04 Yasunori Mitsuda Talks Future
12/30/04 Starfish Announces Kono Hareta Sora no Shita de
12/30/04 Ys VI PSP Pushed Back
12/30/04 E-Mail Issues Resolved
12/30/04 Holiday Soundtracks Update
12/29/04 E-Mail Issues
12/29/04 Final Fantasy I + II Sweepstakes Winners Contacted By Email
12/28/04 Shin Megami Tensei Producer Sets Up New Company
12/28/04 Sega Announces New Shining Force Neo Details
12/28/04 New Drakengard 2 Details Released
12/28/04 Spectral Souls II Pushed Back
12/28/04 Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne Maniacs to Go Back on Sale in Japan
12/28/04 Ys VI (PS2) Gallery Update
12/26/04 Nippon Ichi Software Announces Marl's Kingdom for Cellphones
12/26/04 New Radiata Stories Details Revealed
12/26/04 Enterbrain Announces Tear Ring Saga 2
12/25/04 Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Reader Review
12/24/04 Sega Direct Offering Sakura Taisen 3 Merchandise
12/24/04 Konami Announces Ys VI PS2 Release Details
12/24/04 Square Enix Releases New Fantasy Earth Details
12/24/04 Girls Bravo R15 Gets Release Date, Pre-order Campaign
12/23/04 Sega Announces Shining Force Neo Main Theme Details
12/23/04 Team Entertainment Releases tri-Ace Arrange Album
12/22/04 Square Enix Opens Drag-on Dragoon 2 Website
12/21/04 New Kessen III Screen Shots
12/21/04 New Tales of Eternia Online Media
12/21/04 NIS America to Open Online Store in February
12/21/04 Chun Soft Renews Homeland Website
12/21/04 Wizardry X Pushed Back Indefinitely
12/21/04 Sony Computer Entertainment Opens Tenchi no Mon Website
12/21/04 Wild ARMs: The Fourth Detonator Gets Dated
12/21/04 Everquest II Contest
12/20/04 EA Acquires 20% Stake in Ubi Soft
12/20/04 New Spectral Souls II Pre-Order Campaign Announced
12/20/04 Ruin Explorer DX Announced
12/20/04 Brownie Brown Working on Numerous Titles for 2005 Release
12/20/04 Namco Ships 600,000 Copies of Tales of Rebirth on Day One
12/19/04 New Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song Details Announced
12/19/04 Gravity Introduces Divorce, Plastic Surgeries to Ragnarok Online
12/19/04 Sega President Oguchi Talks Shenmue Online and More
12/19/04 To Heart 2 PS2 Pre-Orders Exceed 100,000 Copies in Japan
12/19/04 Media-Kite Announces Phantasy Star IV, Shining Force PC Ports
12/19/04 Square Enix Enters Agreement with Chinese University
12/19/04 D3 Publisher Sets Up European Subsidiary
12/19/04 Namco Announces Newest Tales Installment
12/19/04 Virtual Island in MMORPG Sells for $26,000 US
12/18/04 Final Fantasy X-2 Editor Review
12/18/04 CIMA: The Enemy Editor Review
12/18/04 Sword of Mana Reader Review
12/18/04 First Drakengard 2 Details Released
12/18/04 Fire Emblem GC Heading for April 2005 Release in Japan
12/18/04 Square Enix Announces Brave Fencer Musashi Sequel in Japan
12/18/04 Atlus Announces Stella Deus, Deluxe Digital Devil Saga, DDS2
12/17/04 Princess Crown Maker Founds Vanillaware
12/17/04 Konami Announces Re-integration of Three Subsidiaries
12/17/04 GDC 2005 Speakers Announced
12/16/04 Import Retro Review: Never 7: The End of Infinity
12/16/04 The Bard's Tale Editor Review
12/16/04 FunCom Offers Anarchy Online For Free
12/15/04 Drakengard 2 Announced
12/15/04 Legend of Heroes III Goes Mobile
12/15/04 Pokemon Goes GameCube... Again
12/15/04 New Free Trial for Star Wars Galaxies: Jump to Lightspeed Announced
12/15/04 Spiderweb Software Announces Geneforge 3
12/14/04 Tantra Gallery Debut
12/14/04 Dear Friends: Music From Final Fantasy To Hit Chicago
12/14/04 New Matrix Online Media
12/13/04 Retro Review: Stupid Invaders
12/13/04 Matrix Online To Miss January Release Date
12/13/04 Fire Emblem Reader Review
12/13/04 Tenchi no Mon Developer Named
12/13/04 Square Enix Ships Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
12/13/04 Xenosaga Episode II Pre-Order Campaign Announced
12/13/04 Funcom Announces Anarchy Online Christmas Offer, Charity Program
12/13/04 Matrix Online Pre-Order Campaign Announced
12/12/04 Mega Cyber Announces Action RPG for Nintendo DS
12/12/04 First Egg Monster Hero Details Revealed
12/12/04 Kid Opens Official Mabino X Style Website
12/12/04 Gravity and Tokyopop Team Up for Ragnarok Online Promotion
12/11/04 Radiata Stories Composer Named
12/11/04 Sega Announces Shining Force Neo
12/11/04 Atlus Announces Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner 2 Pre-order Campaign
12/11/04 Soundtracks Second Look: Xenogears
12/10/04 Gung Ho Holds Tantra Event in Tokyo
12/10/04 Final Fantasy XI December Patch Released
12/10/04 Retro Import Review: Persona 2: Innocent Sin
12/10/04 Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Review
12/09/04 Tengai Makyou III Heading for April Release
12/09/04 Ys VI PSP Details Revealed
12/09/04 Kid Announces Memories Off: After Rain Details
12/08/04 Knights of the Old Republic II Hits Retail Store Shelves
12/08/04 Hudson Projects Loss, Announces Restructuring
12/07/04 The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age Review
12/06/04 RPGFan and Nintendo Present: Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls Sweepstakes
12/06/04 Big Tales of Rebirth Media Update
12/05/04 Sakura Taisen 3 PS2 to Feature Data Link, Downloadable Content
12/05/04 First Wild ARMS: The Fourth Detonator Details Revealed
12/04/04 LotR: Fellowship of the Ring Reader Review
12/04/04 DemiKids: Shin Megami Tensei Reviews
12/03/04 Knights of the Old Republic II Xbox Goes Gold
12/03/04 New Tales of Rebirth Details Revealed
12/03/04 Official Mistwalker Website Debuts
12/03/04 World of Warcraft Becomes Fastest-Selling PC Title Ever
12/03/04 Artoon Hiring Staff for New Generation RPG
12/01/04 Got Games Ships Konung 2
12/01/04 Square Enix Offering Radiata Stories Trailer
12/01/04 Sourcenext to Re-Release Nobunaga's Ambition, Other Koei Titles
12/01/04 Xenosaga, Baten Kaitos DS-Bound
12/01/04 GungHo Opens Official Tantra Website
12/01/04 Climax to Merge Three UK Studios
12/01/04 Dragon Quest VIII Bonus DVD to Include Code Age Teaser


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