January 2005
01/31/05 Tenchi no Mon Website Goes Live
01/31/05 Enterbrain Announces To Heart 2 Strategy Guide
01/31/05 AIA Award Nominees Announced
01/30/05 Fire Emblem: Souen no Kiseki Gallery Update
01/30/05 New Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Screens
01/30/05 Another Code Gallery Debut
01/30/05 Tales of Rebirth Import Review
01/30/05 Tales of Symphonia Editor Review
01/29/05 Soundtracks Update Featuring Stella Deus
01/29/05 Konami Gamers' Day Report
01/29/05 Sega Opens Official Dragon Force PS2 Website
01/29/05 Gust Opens Official Iris no Atelier: Eternal Mana 2 Website
01/29/05 Namco x Capcom Press Conference Report
01/29/05 Idea Factory Announces Spectral Force Chronicle
01/29/05 Datam Polystar Announces Northwind for PS2
01/28/05 Konami to Publish Atlus Games in Japan
01/28/05 Takara President Satou to Step Down in March
01/28/05 Love Doll: Lovely Idol Release Details Announced
01/28/05 Romancing SaGa Main Theme to be Available in April
01/28/05 Release of Phantasy Star 2 Gets Pushed Back
01/28/05 Square Enix Reports 3rd Quarter Results
01/28/05 Konami Reveals Newest Round of Financial Numbers
01/26/05 Tantra Gallery Update
01/26/05 Monolith Soft Announces Namco Vs. Capcom
01/26/05 Dragon Force PS2 Heading for Late April Release in Japan
01/26/05 Nippon Ichi Announces New Phantom Kingdom Details, Pre-Order Campaign
01/26/05 Nippon Ichi Announces New Adventure Title
01/26/05 GungHo Reveals MMORPG Developed by GameArts
01/26/05 Namco to Bring Arc The Lad Generation to US Shores
01/25/05 Tales of Eternia PSP Media Update
01/25/05 Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade Screen Shots
01/25/05 Dragon Quest VIII Reviews
01/25/05 Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls Editor Review
01/24/05 The Black Mages Kanagawa Concert Report
01/24/05 Square Enix Announces Final Fantasy XI Entry Disc 2005
01/24/05 Radiata Stories Pre-Order Details Revealed
01/24/05 Kouji Igarashi Talks New Castlevania PS2
01/24/05 Champions: Return to Arms Goes Gold
01/23/05 Belle Isle Details Announced
01/23/05 Bethesda Softworks Announces Hiring Call
01/23/05 New Romancing SaGa PS2 Details Revealed
01/23/05 SCE Announces New Wild ARMS: The Fourth Detonator Details
01/23/05 Even More Hanjuku Eiyuu 4 Revealed
01/23/05 Nexon Prepares Mabinogi for Japanese Beta Test
01/23/05 Genki Reveals First Nintendo DS Title
01/23/05 Ys VI PSP Gets New Release Date
01/23/05 First Shadow Hearts II: Director's Cut Details Announced
01/23/05 Sotsugyou: Next Graduation to Debut in Japan
01/22/05 Baten Kaitos Editor Review and Reader Review
01/22/05 Final Fantasy XI: Chains of Promathia Media Tour, Editor Review, and Soundtrack Review
01/21/05 Sega Announces Management Restructuring Plans for US, Europe
01/21/05 Hanjuku Eiyuu 4 Composers Revealed
01/21/05 Trickster Goes Live in Japan
01/21/05 First Iris no Atelier: Eternal Mana 2 Details Revealed
01/21/05 Namco Announces Original GBA RPG
01/21/05 Everquest II Contest Winners
01/21/05 Nihon Falcom Announces Ys VI Vocal Arrange Album
01/21/05 Dear Friends: Music from Final Fantasy Goes Bay Area
01/21/05 Square Enix Ships Fullmetal Alchemist
01/19/05 SOE to Publish Turbine Entertainment Games
01/19/05 Jade Empire Gets Limited Edition Treatment
01/19/05 Gust Announces Iris no Atelier: Eternal Mana Sequel
01/19/05 Koei Readying Nobunaga's Ambition Online for Asian Expansion
01/19/05 Namco Announces Tales of Rebirth OST, Strategy Guide
01/19/05 Sega Confirms Development of Seven Online Games
01/19/05 Newest Tokimeki Memorial Installment Heading for March Release
01/19/05 Square Enix Shows Off New Final Fantasy XI Area
01/19/05 Sega Announces PSO: Blue Burst Episode IV
01/19/05 Nintendo Releases Another Code Trailer Movie
01/18/05 Samurai Legend Musashi Preview
01/18/05 Soraya Saga Stops Working on Xenosaga
01/18/05 Atelier-Sai To Release Ys Figure Collection
01/18/05 The Nightmare of Druaga Soundtrack Announced
01/17/05 Wild ARMs: The 4th Detonator Preview
01/16/05 New Shining Force Neo Story Details Announced
01/16/05 New Radiata Stories Details Released
01/16/05 Square Enix Releases New Musashi Samurai Legend Details
01/14/05 Star Wars Galaxies Added to Station Access Line Up
01/14/05 Asia Online Game Conference Details Announced
01/14/05 Dragon Quest IV, Star Ocean 2 Re-releases Announced
01/14/05 Code Age Resurfaces in Comic Form
01/14/05 More Tear Ring Saga PS2 Details Revealed
01/14/05 IDV Reports Two New Customers for SpeedTreeRT
01/14/05 Harvest Moon GC and DS Details Revealed
01/14/05 Lien for DC Cancelled
01/13/05 First Tear Ring Saga Sequel Details Revealed
01/13/05 GameOn Announces Red Stone Launch Details
01/12/05 Front Mission 4 Reader Review
01/12/05 Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter Editor Review
01/12/05 The Road to Dragon Quest VIII Presentation Report
01/12/05 RPGFan's Look at the International CES 2005
01/12/05 Square Enix Confirms Dragon Quest VIII US Release
01/11/05 Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst US-Bound
01/11/05 SOE Announces Newest EverQuest Expansion
01/11/05 Hudson Adds VS Mode to Mobile Tengai Makyou
01/11/05 World of Warcraft Sells 600,00 Copies Worldwide
01/11/05 Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel Preview
01/10/05 Ys III PS2 Heading for Late March Release
01/10/05 Mutable Realms Cancels Wish
01/09/05 Dragon Quest Special Concert Report
01/09/05 Tales of Eternia PSP Heading for March Release
01/08/05 Sony Computer Entertainment Opens Popolocrois PSP Website
01/08/05 New Round of Budget Series Re-Releases Announced in Japan
01/08/05 The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Gallery Update
01/07/05 Square Enix Opens Front Mission Mobile Website
01/07/05 CES 2005: Sony Online Entertainment Announces New Everquest II Strategy
01/06/05 Tengai Makyo II: Manji Maru Editor Review
01/06/05 Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Editor Review
01/06/05 Virtua Quest Preview
01/06/05 EVE Burst Error Plus Heading for Budget Re-release
01/06/05 Namco Delays Beta Test, Release Date of TOE Online
01/06/05 Square Enix Re-releases Three More Soundtracks
01/06/05 SOE Announces Untold Legends for PSP
01/06/05 Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Reader Review
01/05/05 Disgaea: Hour of Darkness Reader Review
01/05/05 Marvelous Announces Lunar for DS
01/05/05 Development of True Fantasy Live Online to Resume?
01/05/05 Sony Computer Entertainment Announces Compilation Album
01/04/05 Ninety New Fantasy Earth Images
01/04/05 Peter Molyneux Receives Order of the British Empire
01/02/05 Koji Igarashi Talks Castlevania DS
01/02/05 Hudson Announces Tengai Makyou III Limited Edition, New Game Details
01/02/05 New Kingdom Hearts II Details Revealed
01/01/05 Second Digital Devil Saga - Avatar Tuner 2 Pre-Order Campaign Announced
01/01/05 New Soundtrack Reviews for a New Year
01/01/05 RPGFan's Games of 2004


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