February 2005
02/28/05 The Adventure Company Ships The Moment of Silence
02/28/05 Square Enix Establishes Square Enix China
02/28/05 Tooru Katamoto Becomes Sammy President
02/28/05 Haruka Naru Toki no Naka de PS2 Bundle Announced
02/28/05 Square Enix President Speaks At Online Game Conference
02/26/05 New Tales of Legendia Details Released
02/26/05 Gust Commences Iris no Atelier 2 Sweepstakes Campaign
02/26/05 Dragon Force PS2 Gallery
02/25/05 Hironobu Sakaguchi Confirms Two Xenon RPGs
02/25/05 Next Eiyuu Densetsu to be Available for PSP in May
02/24/05 Nintendo Announces Two May GBA Release Dates
02/23/05 Ys VI for PS2 Hits Retail Stores
02/23/05 Koei Ships Kessen III
02/23/05 Hoshigari Empusa Goes PSP
02/23/05 Success Announces Metal Saga for PS2
02/23/05 Koei Reveals Two Haruka Naru Toki no Naka de Titles for PSP
02/23/05 Famitsu Reviews Tales of Eternia PSP, New Harvest Moon
02/23/05 Tokimeki Memorial Goes MMO
02/23/05 Atlus USA Brings Riviera GBA Stateside
02/23/05 Heretic Kingdoms Announced for US Release
02/23/05 Koei Readies Unchartered Waters for Launch
02/23/05 RPGFan's Exclusive Interview Series, Part 2 of 5
02/22/05 New Fire Emblem GC Details Revealed
02/22/05 Shoujo Yoshitsuneden 2 Heading for May Release in Japan
02/22/05 Square Enix Aims Big for New Fiscal Year
02/22/05 Nihon Falcom Announces Newest Ys Title
02/21/05 Square Enix Announces Mysterious Event
02/21/05 Radiata Stories OST Details Announced
02/20/05 Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne Editor Review
02/20/05 New Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song Details Revealed
02/20/05 New Wild ARMS: The Fourth Detonator Details Announced
02/19/05 Ys 6: The Ark of Napishtim Preview
02/18/05 NCSoft's Auto Assault Begins Beta Test Signups
02/18/05 Sony Online Entertainment and Pizza Hut Offer EQ2 Players In-Game Ordering
02/18/05 First Tales of Legendia Details Announced
02/18/05 Sega Announces Sakura Taisen 3 Promotional Campaign in Japan
02/18/05 Namco Releases Official Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 3 Strategy Guide
02/18/05 Spectral Souls Budget Re-release Announced
02/18/05 Sony Online Entertainment Ships Newest EverQuest Expansion
02/18/05 The Moment of Silence Goes Gold
02/18/05 Camelot Working on RPG for Next Generation Consoles
02/18/05 Wizardry Summoner Announced for PS2
02/17/05 Youichi Wada Talks Status of Final Fantasy XII
02/17/05 Remember 11: The Age of Infinity Budget Re-release Announced
02/17/05 Hanjuku Eiyuu 4 Heading for Late May Release in Japan
02/16/05 Namco Announces Tales of Legendia for PS2
02/16/05 Newest Souren Game for PS2 Announced
02/16/05 Generation of Chaos IV: Another Side Pushed Back Until March
02/16/05 Ys III PS2 Limited Edition Announced
02/16/05 Koei Announces Creation of French Subsidiary
02/16/05 Koei Establishes Development Studio Singapore
02/16/05 SCE Reports Popolocrois PSP Bug
02/16/05 Guild Wars Heading for Late April Release in US, Europe
02/15/05 RPGFan's Exclusive Interview 2005 Feature, Part 1 of 5
02/14/05 New Character Designer to be in Charge of Next Tales Game
02/14/05 New Uematsu Fan Club Member Registration Commences
02/14/05 Namco Posts Third Quarter Results
02/12/05 Level 5's Next RPG Confirmed to be PS2 Title
02/12/05 Chunsoft Announces Homeland Release Details
02/12/05 Super Robot Taisen Thanksgiving Festival Report
02/12/05 Idea Factory Thanksgiving Festival Report
02/12/05 Sony Online Entertainment Talks Past, Present and Future
02/12/05 Stella Deus: The Gate of Eternity Preview
02/11/05 Namco x Capcom Gallery Debut
02/11/05 Champions: Return to Arms Gallery Unveiling
02/11/05 Newest Shining Title to be Revealed Soon
02/11/05 Sting Announces New Original Fantasy Game
02/09/05 Soundtracks "Oldschool" Update
02/08/05 Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 3 Gallery Addition
02/08/05 CESA Announces First Tokyo Game Show 2005 Details
02/08/05 Huge Radiata Stories Gallery Update
02/08/05 Kessen III Has Gone Gold
02/08/05 New Tear Ring Saga 2 Details Surface
02/08/05 Banpresto Announces 3rd Super Robot Taisen Alpha
02/08/05 Bandai Releases Financial Results for First Three Quarters of FY2004/05
02/08/05 D3 Publisher Announces PS2 RPG Aimed at Girls
02/07/05 Champions: Return to Arms Ships to Retail
02/07/05 Square Enix Opens Official Drakengard 2 Website
02/07/05 Nokia Ships X-Men: Legends for N-Gage
02/07/05 Square Enix Confirms Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song Release Date
02/07/05 New Wild ARMS: The Fourth Detonator Details Revealed
02/07/05 Capcom Confirms US Release for Mega Man Battle Network 5
02/06/05 Capcom Announces Gyakuten Saiban DS for US Release
02/06/05 Higanshima Gets Dated
02/06/05 Final Fantasy II Cellphone Bundle Goes on Sale in Japan
02/06/05 NIS America Announces Makai Kingdom
02/04/05 Eiyuu Densetsu: Gagharv Triology Main Theme Single Announced
02/04/05 Koei Releases Newest Financial Numbers
02/04/05 SOE Launches New EverQuest II Update
02/04/05 Weekly Famitsu Rates Five
02/04/05 Sega Sammy Holdings Releases Quarterly Financial Results
02/04/05 New Drakengard Sequel Details Released
02/04/05 Konami Announces Rosen Maiden for Cellphones
02/03/05 The Adventure Company Announces The Moment of Silence
02/03/05 Take-Two to Co-Publish The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
02/03/05 Sony Online Entertainment Forms New Development Studio
02/03/05 Samurai Legend Musashi Heading for a March Release in the US
02/03/05 Bandai Announces New Adventure Games for Cellphones
02/03/05 The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap Editor Review
02/02/05 Fantasy Earth Gallery Update
02/02/05 Namco Registers New Tales Trademark
02/02/05 Hironobu Sakaguchi Announces Simulation RPG for DS
02/02/05 Ys VI PS2 Release Details Announced
02/02/05 Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Sells One Million Copies


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