April 2005
04/30/05 Square Enix Releases Grandia III Trailer
04/30/05 Dungeon Lords Goes Gold
04/30/05 Newest Nihon Falcom Title Revealed
04/30/05 Nihon Falcom Announces Ys: Felghana no Chikai Pre-Order Campaign
04/30/05 Square Enix Opens Fullmetal Alchemist 3 Website
04/30/05 First-ever Playable UMD Demo Announced
04/29/05 Sakura Taisen V Limited Edition Details Revealed
04/29/05 Konami Opens Twelve Website
04/29/05 Generation of Chaos V Announced for PS2
04/29/05 Square Enix Releases More Friends: Music From Final Fantasy Concert Details
04/28/05 Got Games Releases Heretic Kingdoms Patch
04/28/05 Konami Registers "Suikoden Tactics" Trademark
04/28/05 Koei Announces E3 Line-Up
04/28/05 Everquest II Editor Review
04/27/05 Hiroshi Yamauchi Retires
04/27/05 Namco Announces Hellgate: London
04/26/05 Konami Announces PSP Strategy RPG
04/26/05 Taito Sees Major Decline in Profit
04/26/05 Atlus USA Ships Stella Deus
04/26/05 Konami Announces Electronic Entertainment Expo 2005 Lineup
04/26/05 Funcom Displays E3 2005 Lineup
04/26/05 Akella's E3 Lineup
04/26/05 Atlus E3 Lineup Revealed
04/26/05 Square Enix Announces E3 2005 Line-Up
04/24/05 Two New Shining Force Galleries
04/24/05 New Sakura Taisen V Details Announced
04/23/05 Japanese Sales Figure Update
04/22/05 Guild Wars Goes Gold
04/22/05 Turbine to Cooperate with Shanda in China
04/22/05 Sting Announces Baroque Online
04/22/05 Gungho Announces New Online RPG
04/22/05 SOE Announces Official Online Game Auction Website
04/21/05 Falcom Soundtracks Update
04/21/05 Funcom Announces New Online Action RPG
04/18/05 Release of Bell Isle Delayed
04/18/05 Konami Looking for Tokimemo Online Limited Edition Content Suggestions
04/18/05 Hackers Attack Square Enix
04/17/05 First 3rd Super Robot Taisen Alpha Details Announced
04/17/05 Tenchi no Mon to be Available in Japan by July
04/16/05 New Sakura Taisen V Information Revealed
04/16/05 Bandai Announces Gundam RPG
04/16/05 Murakami Fond Acquires 5% Stake in Square Enix
04/16/05 Square Enix Announces PlayOnline Festa 2005
04/16/05 Namco Announces New Namco x Capcom Details
04/16/05 Koei Announces New Nobunaga's Ambition Title
04/16/05 New Tales of Legendia Details Announced
04/15/05 Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade Gallery Update
04/15/05 Castlevania DS Gallery Debut
04/13/05 Sakura Taisen V Heading for July Release in Japan
04/13/05 Hudson President Talks Konami Deal
04/12/05 Tales of Legendia and Tales of Rebirth Previews
04/12/05 Nihon Falcom Announces Sorcerian Online
04/12/05 Square Enix Announces Free PlayOnline Campaign
04/12/05 NCsoft Opens Official Online Store
04/12/05 Nintendo Announces Fire Emblem GC Sales Target
04/12/05 Microsoft Ships Jade Empire
04/12/05 Development of Makai Wars Put on Hold
04/12/05 Tales of Legendia Confirmed for US Release
04/12/05 Phantom Kingdom Arranged Album, Digital Artbook In the Works
04/12/05 Musashiden II: Blade Master Heading for July Release in Japan
04/12/05 Nintendo Loses Court Battle Against Enterbrain
04/11/05 Hudson Becomes Konami Subsidiary
04/11/05 Kadokawa Shoten Bringing Canvas 2 to PS2
04/10/05 RIFTS: Promise of Power Website Goes Live
04/10/05 Fantasy Earth Gallery Update
04/10/05 A Massive Gallery for a Massive Game
04/10/05 Nintendo of Japan Updates Fire Emblem Site
04/09/05 Stella Deus: The Gate of Eternity Official Website Live
04/08/05 Phantasy Star Universe Headed for US, Europe Release
04/08/05 Official Grandia III Website Goes Live
04/08/05 Enterbrain Chief Talks Mergers
04/08/05 GN Software Announces Angel's Feather Gaiden for PS2
04/08/05 tri-Crescendo Hiring for Next-Gen RPG Project
04/08/05 Square Enix, GameArts Talk Grandia III
04/08/05 Nintendo Readies First World Store
04/06/05 Square Enix Opens Website for Final Fantasy VII Movie Sequel
04/06/05 Square Enix Opens Official Dirge of Cerberus Website
04/06/05 RPGFan Exclusive Interview Feature, Part 8 of 8
04/05/05 Fire Emblem: Souen no Kiseki Pre-Order Campaign Announced
04/05/05 Iris no Atelier: Eternal Mana 2 Release Details Announced
04/05/05 Interchannel Announces Lamune for PS2
04/05/05 Shadow Hearts From the New World Gallery
04/05/05 Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga Review, DDS2 Preview
04/04/05 Square Enix Releases New Code Age Commanders Info
04/03/05 Eien no Aselia PS2 Pushed Back
04/03/05 New Grandia III Details Announced
04/02/05 Six PS2 Soundtracks Reviewed
04/01/05 Suikoden IV Editor Review
04/01/05 More Elder Scrolls IV Screen Shots
04/01/05 Stella Deus Gallery Update
04/01/05 Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade Top-Seller at EBGames and GameStop
04/01/05 Koei Announces Colosseum: Road To Freedom
04/01/05 Still Life Gold
04/01/05 Bethesda Searching For Level Designer
04/01/05 X-Men Legends N-Gage Demo Available
04/01/05 John Carmack Announces Doom RPG
04/01/05 Koei Announces Romance of the Three Kingdoms X
04/01/05 Dwango Acquires Chun Soft


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