May 2005
05/31/05 Climax Hiring for New Project
05/31/05 Realize Confirmed for PS2 Release
05/30/05 Memories Off #5 Togireta Film Announced for PS2
05/30/05 Xenosaga: Episode II Editor Review and Soundtrack Review
05/30/05 Still Life Editor Review
05/30/05 The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Preview
05/29/05 Princess Soft Announces Hatsukoi for PS2
05/28/05 Panther Software Cancels Kana for Xbox
05/28/05 Arc The Lad Generation Online Service to End Next Month
05/28/05 New Tales of Legendia Details Revealed
05/28/05 Bioware Working on Two Xbox 360 Titles
05/28/05 New Generation of Chaos V Details Announced
05/25/05 Grandia III Pre-Order Campaign Announced
05/25/05 Square Enix President Talks Future
05/24/05 Square Enix Talks Financials
05/24/05 Dungeon Lords Contest
05/24/05 Two Summon Night Exthesis Promotional Campaigns Announced
05/23/05 Post-E3: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Preview
05/22/05 Gundam SEED Goes Strategy RPG
05/22/05 Producer Talks Final Fantasy XI
05/22/05 E3: World of Mana Concept Art
05/22/05 E3: Mageknight: Apocalypse Gallery Debuts
05/22/05 E3: Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Media
05/22/05 E3: Hellgate: London Media
05/22/05 E3: More Romancing Saga Minstrel Song Pics
05/22/05 E3: Mario and Luigi 2 Gallery
05/22/05 E3: Agetec Talks Games
05/22/05 Square Enix Updates Code Age Website
05/20/05 E3: RPGFan Talks Shop With SOE
05/20/05 E3: Some Meager Front Mission Online Details
05/20/05 E3: RPGFan Takes A Look At Dragon Quest VIII
05/20/05 E3: Square Enix Presents Kingdom Hearts II
05/20/05 E3: Square Enix Presents Romancing SaGa
05/20/05 E3: New Mage Knight: Apocalypse Details
05/20/05 E3: Konami Talks Future of Ys
05/20/05 E3: Atlus presents Riviera: The Promised Land
05/20/05 E3: On City of Villains
05/20/05 E3: New Content for Guild Wars
05/20/05 E3: Square Enix Reveals Radiata Stories Particulars
05/19/05 E3: Imaginary Numbers Shows A Real Game
05/19/05 E3: NetDevil presents Auto Assault
05/19/05 E3: Tabula Rasa Restructured
05/19/05 E3: Bandai Reveals .hack//G.U.
05/19/05 E3: RPGFan Chats With The FMA2 Team
05/19/05 E3: Atlus Shows Off PS2 Titles
05/19/05 E3: Natsume Reveals New Games
05/19/05 E3: Bethesda Shows off Oblivion
05/19/05 E3: Nokia Shows Off Rifts... and a glimpse at something new.
05/18/05 E3: Some NIS America News
05/18/05 E3: Akella Shows a Slew at E3
05/18/05 E3: NIS America to release Generations of Chaos
05/18/05 E3: Mythic to Release Darkness Rising
05/18/05 E3: Mythic Entertainment Announces Warhammer Online
05/18/05 Pre-E3: Square Enix Meets the Press
05/17/05 Pre-E3: Nintendo's New RPG Titles
05/17/05 Pre-E3: RPGFan's E3 Blog
05/16/05 Nintendo Announces New Pokemon for GC
05/16/05 FFVII: Advent Children to be Available by Mid-September in the US
05/16/05 Zill O'll Infinite Heading for June Release
05/16/05 Square-Enix Pledges Xbox 360 Support
05/16/05 Pre-E3: Final Fantasy Goes PS3
05/16/05 Atelier Iris ~Eternal Mana~ Pushed Back A Month
05/16/05 Pre-E3: Bethesda Announces Oblivion For Xbox 360
05/16/05 Pre-E3: Bandai Announces .hack//G.U.
05/16/05 Pre-E3: Square Enix Conference Report
05/15/05 New Sakura Taisen V Information Revealed
05/14/05 Hudson to Move Headquarters to Tokyo
05/14/05 Capcom Brings Megaman Battle Network 5 to DS
05/14/05 NCsoft Announces New Lineage II Expansion
05/14/05 Yaru Dora PSP Releases Delayed
05/14/05 Complete E3 Exhibition List
05/13/05 Grandia III Gallery
05/13/05 Soundtracks Update
05/13/05 Square Enix Announces FFVII: Dirge of Cerberus Genre
05/13/05 First Xbox 360 RPGs Revealed
05/13/05 FunCom Opens Chinese Office
05/13/05 NCsoft Acquires Unreal Engine 3 License
05/13/05 Takara Tomy Merger Announced
05/12/05 Even More Budget Releases Announced for July
05/12/05 Tales of Legendia Gallery Update
05/12/05 First Details on Tengai Makyou for PSP and DS
05/12/05 Takara Posts Financial Results
05/12/05 Connect Technologies Acquires 12% Stake in GameArts
05/12/05 Tomy and Takara Talk Merger
05/12/05 Fullmetal Alchemist 3 Theme Song Announced
05/12/05 Namco Announces E3 Line-Up
05/11/05 Wada Talks Square Enix Support for WiFi Service
05/11/05 Auto Assault Pre-Order Campaign Announced
05/11/05 Square Enix Offers Code Age Trailer
05/11/05 Imperator Preview
05/10/05 Grandia III Heading for August Release
05/10/05 New Information on Tales of Legendia Revealed
05/10/05 New Shadow Hearts From The New World Info Released
05/10/05 Tales Games, Magna Carta Go Budget Series Re-release in Japan
05/10/05 Bandai Releases Financial Results for FY2004/05
05/10/05 Banpresto Post Stronger Than Expected Results
05/10/05 Square Enix Releases Sixteen Game OSTs on iTunes
05/09/05 Castlevania DS and Curse of Darkness Previews
05/09/05 Castlevania DS and Curse of Darkness Previews
05/09/05 Ys Sweepstakes Winners Announced
05/09/05 Atlus Posts Another Round of Red Numbers
05/09/05 Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children to Ship in September
05/09/05 Generation of Chaos V Confirmed for July Release
05/09/05 Atelier Iris ~Eternal Mana~ Preview
05/08/05 PS2 Version of Miko Mai: Eien no Omoi Announced
05/07/05 Sakura Taisen V - Saraba Itoshiki Hito yo Gallery Addition
05/06/05 Funcom Confirms New Anarchy Online Expansion Pack
05/06/05 Agetec Announces E3 Line-Up
05/05/05 SOE Expands EverQuest II
05/05/05 DreamCatcher Ships Dungeon Lords
05/05/05 New Series of Videogame Concerts Announced
05/05/05 Tetsuya Nomura Talks Current Projects
05/05/05 NCsoft Announces E3 2005 Line-Up
05/05/05 Phantasy Star Universe Gallery Unveiling
05/03/05 More Namco x Capcom Images
05/03/05 Iris no Atelier: Eternal Mana 2 Goes Gold
05/02/05 Toriyama Teams up with Sakaguchi on Xbox 360 RPG
05/02/05 Kid Announces Love Adventure for PSP
05/02/05 Official Kingdom Hearts 2 Website Goes Live
05/02/05 New Namco - Bandai Merger Details Revealed
05/02/05 Bandai and Namco to Merge
05/01/05 Hori Announces Sakura Taisen 5 PS2 Memory Cards
05/01/05 Games Convention 2005 Symphony Concert Details Announced
05/01/05 Neopets Invade PSP
05/01/05 Hammer and Sickle Announced for the PC platform
05/01/05 UbiSoft Runs Polls About the Title of New Lunar


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