June 2005
06/29/05 FFVII: Advent Children UMD Release Details Announced
06/29/05 The Quest For Antonia Reaches Over One Million Votes
06/29/05 SOE Releases Newest EQ2 Adventure Pack
06/29/05 DreamCatcher Releases Dungeon Lords v1.3 Patch, Free Online Guide
06/29/05 Voice Actor Confirms Xenosaga Episode III Development
06/28/05 Atlus Ships Riviera: The Promised Land To Retail
06/28/05 Atelier Iris ~Eternal Mana~ Editor Review and Soundtrack Reviews
06/27/05 Summer of Falcom Music Pt. 1
06/25/05 Funcom Celebrates Anarchy Online's Fourth Anniversary
06/25/05 Koei Announces Nobunaga's Ambition for PSP
06/24/05 RPGFan's Games of E3 2005
06/23/05 Fire Emblem: Souen no Kiseki Import Editor Review
06/23/05 Dungeon Lords Editor Review
06/22/05 Princess Crown PSP to be Available in September
06/22/05 Japanese PlayStation 2 Release Date Update
06/22/05 Koei Announces Management Re-Shuffle
06/22/05 Blizzard Confirms WoW Expansion
06/21/05 Grandia III Main Theme Announced
06/21/05 Sega Releases Cellphone-Based Love Adventure
06/21/05 Sega Announces New MMORPG RF Online
06/20/05 Square Enix Annual Stockholder Meeting Report
06/19/05 New Grandia III Details Revealed
06/19/05 Gundam True Odyssey Details Released
06/19/05 New Tales of Legendia Details Revealed
06/19/05 NIS Soundtracks Update!
06/18/05 Koei Announces Romance of the Three Kingdoms DS
06/18/05 Gust and Nippon Ichi Team Up for UMD Disc Project
06/18/05 New Square Enix Party 2005 Details Announced
06/18/05 Capcom Opens Official Websites for Trio of PSP Remakes
06/18/05 Genesis Sound Compilation Announced
06/18/05 Sony Online Entertainment Acquires The Matrix Online
06/16/05 Japanese Developers Talk Next-Gen Consoles
06/16/05 New Grandia III Details Revealed
06/15/05 Rockman Dash 2 Heading for PSP Release
06/15/05 Akitoshi Kawazu Talks Future
06/15/05 Dear Friends: Music From Final Fantasy Goes To Atlanta
06/15/05 Sakura Taisen V Playable Across Japan
06/14/05 Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song Strategy Guide Announced
06/14/05 MMORPG Soundtracks Update
06/14/05 Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones Editor Review
06/14/05 Arc The Lad: End of Darkness Preview
06/14/05 Rhapsodia Teaser Website Goes Live
06/13/05 Musashiden II: Blademaster Pre-Order Campaign Announced
06/12/05 Utawareru Mono Heading for PS2 Release
06/11/05 More Lunar: Dragon Song Details Announced
06/11/05 Aquaplus Announces PSP Triple Threat
06/11/05 Jack Sparrow, Liz Swan Confirmed to Appear in Kingdom Hearts II
06/11/05 Suikoden Goes Strategy RPG
06/11/05 Musashiden II Blademaster OST Info Announced
06/11/05 Idea Factory Announces Second PSP Title
06/11/05 Square Enix to Hold Drag-on Dragoon 2 Promotional Events in Japan
06/11/05 Granado Espada Event Held in Tokyo
06/11/05 Iris no Atelier: Eternal Mana Goes Budget Release
06/11/05 More Lost in Blue Details Announced
06/11/05 Lunar: Dragon Song Teaser Site Goes Live
06/11/05 Chocolate: maid cafe curio PS2 Release Details Announced
06/10/05 Square Enix Producer Joins Aquaplus
06/10/05 Square Enix Producers Talk Final Fantasy, New MMORPG
06/09/05 SOE Announces The Splitpaw Saga Ready For Pre-Order
06/09/05 GameArts Confirmed to be Lunar DS Developer
06/09/05 Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Limited Edition Announced
06/07/05 Idea Factory Confirms PS3 Development
06/07/05 New Grandia III Details Announced
06/07/05 Lamune PS2 Release Details Announced
06/07/05 Dragon Force PS2 Delayed Until Mid-August in Japan
06/07/05 Still Life Available for Xbox
06/06/05 Square Enix Launches Hanjuku Hero Mobile
06/06/05 Kid Announces White Princess The Second for PS2
06/06/05 Tokyo Majin Gakuen Gaihoujou Chikazeroku Goes Budget Release
06/04/05 New Lunar DS Information Released
06/04/05 Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII Website Goes Live
06/04/05 Capcom Announces Breath of Fire III Remake for PSP
06/02/05 Namco Celebrates 50th Anniversary of its Foundation
06/01/05 Square Enix Party 2005 Line-Up Announced
06/01/05 Massive Promotion Campaign for New Shadow Hearts Begins in Japan
06/01/05 Konami to Ship Twelve in Late August


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