July 2005
07/31/05 Square Enix Party 2005 Day 2 Report
07/30/05 Angela Aki to Perform Final Fantasy XII Main Theme
07/30/05 Final Fantasy XII Gets Dated
07/30/05 New Kingdom Hearts II Details Revealed
07/30/05 Dirge of Cerberus: FFVII Goes Online
07/30/05 Square Enix Party 2005: Final Fantasy XII Play Report
07/30/05 Idea Factory Establishes New Brand
07/30/05 Square Enix to Open Official Merchandise Shop
07/30/05 Idea Factory Opens Official Rebirth Moon Website
07/28/05 Hikaru Utada to Perform Kingdom Hearts II Main Theme
07/28/05 Namco Announces Tales of the Abyss
07/27/05 SOE Announces Quest For Antonia Finalists
07/27/05 Comic Party PSP Release Details Announced
07/26/05 Makai Kingdom: Chronicles of the Sacred Tome Editor Review and Arrange Soundtrack Review
07/26/05 Atelier Soundtracks Update
07/26/05 Square Enix to offer All-In-One FFXI DVD
07/26/05 Tengai Makyou ZIRIA Confirmed to be Remake
07/26/05 EA Announces Lord of the Rings: Tactics
07/25/05 New Xbox 360 RPGs Announced
07/25/05 eM: eNCHANT arM Website Goes Live
07/23/05 Namco Announces PSP Action RPG
07/23/05 Official Devil Summoner PSP Website Goes Live
07/23/05 Endless Saga Confirmed To Be MMORPG
07/22/05 Taito Releases New Langrisser III PS2 Details
07/22/05 Code Age Commanders Release Details Announced
07/21/05 PlayStation Meeting 2005 Report
07/21/05 Rogue Galaxy Teaser Site Goes Live
07/20/05 Level 5 PS2 RPG Named
07/20/05 Tales of Eternia Online Beta Test To Begin Next Week
07/20/05 Interchannel Brings Clannad to PS2
07/20/05 Tecmo Announces Monster Farm 5 for PS2, New PC MMORPG
07/20/05 SOE's Station Exchange Officially Launches
07/19/05 Dungeon Siege II Golden
07/18/05 Lunar Soundtracks Extravaganza!
07/18/05 Asheron's Call Expansion Hits Store Shelves
07/18/05 Radiata Stories Release Date Announced
07/17/05 Gladiator: Road to Freedom Remix Announced
07/17/05 New Grandia III Details Revealed
07/17/05 Sakura Taisen Tokyo Walking Tour Announced
07/17/05 Ys: The Ark of Napishtim PSP Preview
07/16/05 Two PSOne Atelier Games Heading for PS2 Re-release
07/16/05 Atlus Opens Official Princess Crown Website
07/15/05 Bandai Sends Two RPGs Across the Pacific
07/14/05 New Fuuraiki 2 Details Announced
07/14/05 Marvel Announces MMORPG Exclusively For Xbox 360
07/14/05 Mythic Encourages Players To "Come Back to Camelot"
07/14/05 Imperator Hits The Bench
07/13/05 Lunar: Dragon Song Official Website Goes Live
07/13/05 Shin Megami Tensei Online IMAGINE Co-Developer Revealed
07/13/05 Square Enix To Cancel Depth Fantasia
07/13/05 Japanese Sales for First Half of 2005 Announced
07/12/05 Summer of Falcom Music Pt. 2
07/12/05 Fullmetal Alchemist 2: Curse of the Crimson Elixir Editor Review
07/11/05 First Langrisser III PS2 Details Announced
07/11/05 Ys II Goes Mobile
07/11/05 Nintendo Offers Pre-Order Incentive For Pokemon XD
07/11/05 Colosseum: Road To Freedom Goes Gold
07/11/05 Rhapsodia To Ship With Suikoden Arrange Soundtrack
07/11/05 Bandai Announces Gallery Fake for PSP
07/09/05 Grandia III preview
07/09/05 Dungeon Lords Contest Winners
07/09/05 Fable: The Lost Chapters Heading For Xbox Release
07/08/05 Kadokawa Shoten Announces New DaCapo Game
07/08/05 Memories Off #5 Release Details Announced
07/08/05 Devil Summoner PS2 Website Goes Live
07/08/05 Sakura Taisen V Release Event Report
07/07/05 Rhapsodia Heading for Late September Release
07/07/05 SCE Announces Re-Organization and Management Re-Shuffle
07/07/05 Iris no Atelier: Eternal Mana Re-Release Announced
07/07/05 The Adventure Company Releases ECHO: Secrets of the Lost Cavern
07/07/05 Warner Brothers Interactive Announces Justice League of America RPG
07/07/05 Makai Kingdom Preview
07/06/05 TGS 2005 Details Announced
07/06/05 New Devil Summoner Game in Development for PS2
07/06/05 Director and Producer Talk Sakura Taisen V
07/05/05 New Final Fantasy XI Arranged Album Announced
07/04/05 Lunar Genesis Website Goes Live
07/03/05 3rd Super Robot Taisen Alpha Hit By Another Delay
07/03/05 Japanese Sales Chart Update
07/03/05 Mixed Bag o' Soundtrack Reviews
07/02/05 AIR PS2 to See Budget Re-Release
07/02/05 .hack//Fragment Goes Online
07/02/05 Square Enix Announces Own Budget Series
07/02/05 Aruze Announces Shadow Hearts From the New World Sweepstakes
07/01/05 Technical Issues Resolved
07/01/05 Experiencing Technical Difficulties


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