August 2005
08/31/05 New Londonian Gothics Details Announced
08/31/05 Spectral Force Goes Mobile
08/31/05 Shin Megami Tensei Mastermind Working on Original PSP RPG
08/31/05 SCE Announces TGS 2005 Line-Up
08/31/05 1-up Interviews Yoshinori Kitase on Compilation of FFVII
08/31/05 Romancing SaGa Recieves US Release Date
08/31/05 Hellgate: London Gallery Update
08/30/05 Chulip Preview and Gallery Debut
08/30/05 Idea Factory Announces New Adventure Adaption of Popular Manga
08/30/05 Another Mind Review and Gallery
08/29/05 World of Warcraft Breaks 4 Million Subscribers
08/29/05 Square Enix Announces Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Main Theme
08/28/05 New Devil Summoner Kuzuha Raidou Details Revealed
08/28/05 New Kingdom Hearts II Details Announced
08/28/05 Princess Soft Announces Rune Princess Details
08/28/05 Devil Summoner: Kuzuha Raidou Gallery Debut
08/28/05 Final Fantasy XII Gallery Update
08/27/05 Princess Soft Announces New PS2 Adventure
08/27/05 Idea Factory Confirms Development of Spectral Souls 3
08/27/05 More Code Age Commanders Pre-Order Goodies Announced
08/27/05 Bandai Opens Eiyuu Densetsu V PSP Website
08/27/05 Falcom Announces Xanadu Next
08/27/05 Grandia III, Legend of Heroes III, and Suikoden IV Reader Reviews
08/26/05 Fan Art Updated!
08/26/05 Romance of Three Kingdom VI Goes PSP
08/26/05 Turbine To Close Santa Monica Studio
08/26/05 Dreamfall: The Longest Journey In 2006
08/26/05 Bandai Namco Creates New Logos
08/25/05 SOE Brings Toontown Online To Retail
08/25/05 Sony Pictures Announces US Advent Children Delay
08/25/05 Asheron's Call 2 Gets The Axe
08/24/05 Auto Assault Drives Into 2006
08/24/05 Rifts: Promise of Power Gallery Update
08/24/05 Tecmo Confirms PS3 Development
08/24/05 Langrisser III Release Details Announced
08/24/05 Tenchi no Mon Opens in the US
08/24/05 Magna Carta Box Set Announced
08/23/05 New Final Fantasy X/X-2 Ultimate Box Details Announced
08/22/05 Fable: The Lost Chapters Goes Gold
08/22/05 Mario and Luigi 2 Gets Name And Release Date
08/22/05 Square Enix Acquires Taito
08/21/05 Soundtracks Update: Recent Releases
08/21/05 Rhapsodia Gallery Debut
08/20/05 RPG Maker 3 Gallery Update
08/19/05 Rifts: Promise of Power Preview
08/19/05 Shadow Hearts Arrange Album Announced
08/19/05 Marvelous Interactive Announces New Frontier Stories Details
08/19/05 FFVII Advent Children Goes Big Screen
08/18/05 Radiata Stories Hands-On Preview
08/18/05 Jade Empire Review
08/18/05 Re-Submit Your Reader Reviews!
08/18/05 THQ Announces New Broken Sword Title
08/18/05 Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King Gallery Debut
08/17/05 Ys: The Ark of Napishtim PSP Set For 2006
08/16/05 Sigma Star Saga Ships
08/16/05 The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Delayed
08/16/05 Square Enix Ships Final Fantasy XI: The Vana'Diel Collection
08/16/05 The Adventure Company Ships VOYAGE
08/16/05 Enterbrain Announces RPG Maker XP US Release
08/15/05 GN Software Announces New Izumo 2, I/O Details
08/15/05 Dark Age of Camelot Roundtable Heads to Las Vegas
08/15/05 First Details on Mario & Luigi 2 DS
08/15/05 Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Soundtrack Announced
08/15/05 Sakura Taisen 5 Editor Review
08/15/05 New Fan Art Submission Email
08/14/05 Changes Abrew at RPGFan
08/13/05 "Re" Soundtracks Update
08/13/05 Sakura Taisen 1 and 2 to Come to PSP in One Set
08/12/05 Capcom Announces Mega Man Battle Network 6
08/12/05 Sakura Taisen 1 and 2 Go PSP
08/12/05 Ys: The Oath in Felghana Import Editor Review
08/11/05 Square Enix Sees Better than Expected Results
08/11/05 Atelier Iris ~Eternal Mana~ To Hit European Shores
08/10/05 Initial TGS 2005 Exhibition List Announced
08/10/05 Dungeons and Dragons Online: Stormreach Delayed
08/09/05 Square Enix Appoints New US COO
08/09/05 Dungeon Explorer and Salad Adventure Go Mobile
08/09/05 Sega Announces RF Online Beta Details
08/09/05 Square Enix Offering Code Age Commanders Trailer
08/09/05 Namco Sets Sales Target for Tales of Legendia
08/09/05 Sega Sammy Reports First Quarter Results
08/09/05 Namco Announces First Quarter Financial Results
08/09/05 Banpresto Ups Forecast
08/07/05 New Grandia III Preview
08/06/05 Rogue Galaxy Website Goes Live
08/05/05 RPGFan Previews Extravaganza!
08/05/05 Tales of the Abyss Website Goes Live
08/05/05 Tales of Legendia Pre-Order Campaign Announced
08/05/05 Super Robot Taisen J Release Date Announced
08/05/05 Neverland and Marvelous Interactive Announce Frontier Stories
08/04/05 Pictures Update: Digital Devil Saga 2 and Magna Carta
08/03/05 Banpresto Announces New Super Robot Taisen GBA Title
08/03/05 First Tengai Makyou ZIRIA Remake Details Announced
08/03/05 Square Enix Announces Online Magazine
08/03/05 Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest Going Mulitplatform?
08/02/05 New Baten Kaitos Editor Review
08/02/05 Lost In Blue Preview
08/02/05 Makai Kingdom Heading for Late October Release in Europe
08/02/05 Grandia III Promotional Event Announced
08/02/05 Riviera: The Promised Land Editor Review and Arrange Soundtrack Review
08/02/05 Summer of Falcom Music Pt. 3
08/02/05 World of Mana Website Goes Live
08/01/05 Blizzard Shuts Down Blizzard North
08/01/05 Yasumi Matsuno Steps Down as FFXII Producer


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